3 unique brewery tours you can do with your friends

You may never have thought about going on a brewery tour. You may be thinking that it’s better just to go to a bar and enjoy the drink, rather than take a look at how it’s made. The thing about a brewery tour is that it’s something different. You don’t miss out either because you still get to taste the beers on offer.

If you’re organizing a special event, such as birthday celebration, an organized brewery tour is a great choice. You can all enjoy a few drinks and the whole group will tend to stay together, which often doesn’t happen on a normal bar hoping night. We’ve identified three brewery tours you may want to look at for some inspiration.

The Atxcursions Brewery Tour in Austin TexasAtxcursions Brewery Tour in Austin Texas

The Atxcursions Brewery Tour in Austin Texas gives those taking part the opportunity to sample the beer available at three separate micro-breweries in the area. Everything is organized for you, from all your transport to a food option, at The Salt Lick BBQ if you want it. Take a look at this link for more information about what this brewery tour has to offer you and your friends.

Leinenkugel Brewing Company in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

If you want some history with your alcohol then a visit to Leinenkugel Brewing Company is a good idea. The company is still family owned, and has been since it was founded, in 1867. The tour of this brewery includes lots of information about the family, as well as their beers. Visitors also get to try some of the beers on offer, including the Summer Shandy which seems to be something of a favorite. After taking a look at what goes on in the brewery you can buy a souvenir of the visit at the onsite store.

Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, New York

Many people travel to New York and don’t leave Manhattan. That’s a bad idea as you miss so much of the history and vitality of the rest of the city. New York is a popular destination for groups on a bachelor or bachelorette party event. If you’re ever involved with one of these trips you should suggest paying a visit to Brooklyn Brewery.

The borough used to be a hive of activity in the brewing industry, back in its history. The thriving brewing trade existed a long time ago, and it disappeared altogether in the 1970s. Now the brewing trade is making a comeback in the area, and Brooklyn Brewery is leading the way. There are a range of tours available for visitors to see how the brewery produces its beers. Some of the tours involve food, others don’t. There’s something for everyone who wants to tour Brooklyn Brewery. Just like there’s something for everyone in the three brewery tours we have looked at here.

Written by Ross French