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Paris – France

Also considered as the fashion capital of the globe, this town is trendy and also the sixth richest economy of the globe. Capital of France, this town could be a primary rail, highway as well as air-transport hub that is served by two international airports.

ParisThe economy of Paris extends beyond its general body limits. This is often France’s premier place of economy-activities that serves a GDP of $669.2 billion. There are variety of gorgeous sights set here and this town covers a fine area of 105.4 square kilometers.

London – England

The city of London doesn’t want any introduction. It is an epitome to a fashionable and a luxurious mode. Everything during this town is elegant and up-to-date. A major economic hub of England, the people here are rich and also the town encounters a value of $731.2 billion.

With a population of 8,173,194, London covers an area of 1,570 square kilometers.
With a population of 8,173,194, London covers a area of 1,570 sq. kilometers.

Chicago – USA

The commercial zone of the u. s., Chicago is that the eighth richest town of the globe in step with the reports. It’s the third largest town of the u. s. covering a area of 606.1 sq. kilometers.

ChicagoThis town is without doubt a global hub sure activities like finance, industry, commerce, technology and transportation. The busiest airport of the globe, O’Hare International field is found here. The GDP recorded is $524.6 billion.

Tokyo – Japan

Tokyo is that the most populated area in the world and is unarguably the richest town of the globe. It’s encountered a gingatic GDP of $1,210 billion. It is formally better-known and governed as the ‘metropolitan prefecture’ of Japan.

This town has a total GDP of $1,520 billion and is that the major international finance center of the globe. The world’s largest investment banks, transportation, publishing, electronics and broadcasting industries are set here.

New York – USA

The Empire Estate is that the second largest economy of the globe with the economic activities carried within the spheres of Wall Street, Silicon Alley, Microelectronic hardware and photographic processing, media and entertainment, tourism, export, etc.

New YorkThe total GDP of town is $1,210 billion. It’s conjointly one among the foremost inhabited cities ofthe globe with a population of 8,244,910. The lifestyle here is plush.

Image by Javier Vieras,Giuseppe Milo,aurélien.,Adriano Under Creative Common License.