Planning for a family beach vacation? If this is the first time you will be traveling with your family, here are some packing tips to help you have a fun, stress-free trip.Family Beach Vacation


When traveling with family, it can be pretty hectic to keep a track of everything that you would require. As with most things, if you have a proper plan in place, packing your bags will be easier and less stressful. And you can use the time at the beach to unwind and relax – instead of wasting time at stores buying items you forgot at home.

While your overall family beach vacation packing list can vary depending on your destination, mode of transportation and the activities planned, here is a basic packing list for first time travelers.

Packing for infants

Packing for infants requires the most planning and attention. Diapers, formula, bottles and baby wipes are necessities that you just cannot leave your home without. Also, of course are important your baby’s favorite blanket, pacifier, towel, utensils, clothes and baby powder among other things.

Packing for school-age kids

The key to packing for a toddler is to carry most things that will keep them engaged and happy throughout their journey. Don’t forget to pack their favorite toys, snacks and story books. The kids can help you with packing. In fact, assigning them this responsibility will help build their excitement for the family beach vacation and also enable them to pick up important organizational skills early on.

packing list for first time travelers

Packing for teenagers

Teenagers are independent and mostly won’t need any supervising as they pack what will keep them entertained during the vacation.

Family beach vacation packing for mom & dad

Mom’s packing list can be as vast as the baby’s. Apart from clothes and other necessities, make sure to carry makeup essentials, perfume, a flat-iron, hairspray and nail care supplies.

Dad may look like he has the simplest packing list in the family. However, he would need to ensure that he doesn’t overlook important items such as hand sanitizer, flashlight and bug repellant among others.

package list

Final words

To start with, make a list for every member in the family of all the items they would need while on the family beach vacation. It’s a good idea to begin making the list at least a couple of weeks before you depart for your vacation so that you can add items that come to your mind at the last moment. Finally, try to finish your packing a day or two before your trip. The less rushed your packing, the less likely that you will forget something important.

Before you start following your packing list for first time travelers, remember to pack the most important items you would need for the trip – your tickets, ids, passes and any other documents pertaining to the places that you are planning to visit. If you’re going abroad, make sure to carry a global phone, a cell phone battery, outlet converter and some toilet paper.

You may not need ALL of these things mentioned in the packing list for first time travelers for your family beach vacation. Pick and choose the ones that work best for your family and get set to have the beach vacation of your dreams.