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5 Most Interesting Outdoor Activities You Can Check Out in The UK

Travel Blog - Ross French - August 9, 2017

When you think about visiting the UK you might think only about exploring London, the museums, and other historic sites. However, you’ll probably never imagine taking part in any outdoor activities. Well to change your mind, here are some great outdoor activities the UK has available for visitors to take part in, whether it’s your honeymoon or a family break.

White Water Rafting

Wales has an amazing landscape and rushing rivers that perfectly suit outdoor activities in the UK including the adventurous activity of White water rafting. Tour operators offer trips and tours for those of varying levels of ability and offer all the safety equipment and advice required for your activity. Navigate your way through rapids, drops and ledges as you make your heart-pumping way down the river.


Stretching coastlines, rocky mountains and sprawling green valleys are some of the reasons the UK is the perfect for a hiking break. Good trails are well signposted and are graded from beginner’s routes to more difficult ones. Whether you only have a few hours to spare or a few weeks, there are trails to suit your needs. Popular activities include walking the South West Coastal Road in Cornwall and climbing the mountain Ben Nevis in Scotland. Check with local guides who can advise you on the right kind of route to be taken for your ability.

Photo from pixabay.com


Another fun filled family activity that can be enjoyed in the UK is cycling and mountain biking. In many holiday parks, you can take part in a family cycling activity or take cycling tours over a variety of routes across the country. The great thing about cycling is that you don’t need much equipment or a lot of experience. You can hire your bikes and helmets and go at your own pace.

Horse riding

The UK countryside dwellers as known as horse lovers and there are many opportunities for visitors to share in this passion and have a go at horse riding. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family and you can also learn how to look after the horses too. Qualified instructors will lead your group through the forest, along the beach or whichever terrain the tour has to offer. Safety instructions will be given and equipment provided so you will have both a safe and enjoyable ride.


The Peak district is a great destination to try an underground activity called caving. It’s not an easy thing to do especially if you are afraid of the dark or small places. However, for adventure seekers it is an exciting thing to do. Abseil down rock formations pass underground waterfalls and pools and watch out for drops and holes in the cave floor. Not for the faint hearted but a great achievement on completing the course and navigating it to the end.

These are just a few of the great outdoor activities that the UK has available to do on your visit. It might not have the activities that some European Ski resorts have to offer, but there are many different things to try. Once you have discovered the great UK outdoors, there are endless possibilities for you to enjoy your time in the countryside.


Featured Photo from pixabay.com

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What Are the Best Ways to Record Your Holiday?

Travel Tips - Ross French - August 9, 2017


You are sat on the beach with the hot sun and the clear sea. You don’t want ever to forget your amazing holiday, but how do you record your adventures so that you and others can enjoy them?

With today’s technology, there are many ways you can record your holiday and not only let others see it but keep it forever. Here are some of the ways you can use your camera or your mobile, to capture those holiday moments.


If you are going to be cataloging your holiday, you will need a few things to help you. A tripod can come in handy if you want to take a still image, or if you want to be in the shot as well.

Although there are some that don’t like the selfie stick, it can be a good way to get those shots you might not otherwise manage, just make sure your phone is nice and secure.

Cameras are great for high-quality photos; however, most mobile phones are now capable of good resolution. It is important to make sure you have enough storage on your phone or camera for the whole trip.


It might sound a little old fashioned, but sometimes it is nice to have the photos in an album or special book to look at later. There is something about having them there in front of you that makes them more special than just looking at them on a screen.

If you want to get especially organized, you can even make a book cover using software like Adobe Spark. You can then choose your favorite picture and use it on the front of the album.

Animated Montage

Another good way of recording your trip is to use software to make an animated montage. In many cases, it will allow you to use both photos and video and display them in a rolling movie.

These are a good idea to send to family members so that they can see the best parts of your holiday without having to sit through all the photos.


More people are choosing to upload their holiday snaps to social media sites like Facebook. For some, it has become the only catalog for their adventures rather than having lots of photos or CDs at home.

This can cause an issue if something goes wrong and you don’t have a copy of them elsewhere, but it is a great wayto share them with friends and family.

Action Cams

A particular favorite for those who enjoy the adventure holidays, action cams are strapped to your helmet or on a selfie stickto capture the action as it happens. There is now a wide range of these cameras that are usually shock proof and water resistant.

You can upload them to your social media, or broadcast them live through Facebook or Periscope.

There has never been so many and easy ways to capture and revisit all the special moments from your holiday.

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