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A cruise vacation can be one of the most pleasurable, relaxing and luxurious experience you’ll ever get to enjoy in your entire life. The luxurious sea-view suites, the endless entertainment, gourmet food and on the house drinks and the wonderful service surely make for a brilliant vacation. So if you haven’t yet experienced a cruise trip yet, maybe it’s time to book yourself a cruise trip. Yes, they can be expensive, but if you look out for good cruise offers , you can find many options which will suit your budget while providing you with the ultimate luxury vacation experience. However, for all you first-time cruisers, there are a few things which you should keep in mind before you set sail. Just remember these few things, and you can be sure that your voyage into the sea will be the most memorable experience of your lifetime. Continue Reading

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During the 1990s, the famous American writer David Foster Wallace found the cruise industry guilty of having ‘nearly lethal comforts’. Travellers around the world have been writing off cruises for being ‘too mainstream’ and the epitome of crass tourism. However, the modern cruise industry has changed a lot and emerged as one of the most luxurious yet culturally enriching vacation experiences. The 21st century cruises are much more than only buffets, silly pool games and beaches. Nowadays, whether you are travelling cross country on a mega cruise or sailing off into the sea on a yacht, you will surely have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself into the unique, local cultures of the places you are visiting. Here are 5 reasons why you must try going on a cruise holiday for your next trip. Continue Reading

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Spas have been serving as relaxing getaways for holiday seekers since ages. Roman soldiers, Royals, native people – all of them used to journey to bathe in the warm water springs which were famous for their healing properties. Although the modern spa is different, still they promise the same (if not more) amount of relaxation and rejuvenation through alternative therapies, healthy diets and holistic activities. A lot of people every year travel to various spa resorts to achieve a renewed sense of purpose. So if you are feeling tired of your mundane and monotonous daily life, then here are three reasons why you should go and stay in a spa hotel during your next trip.

Relax and Rejuvenate1. Relax and Rejuvenate

The main reason for staying in a spa hotel is relaxation, and you will not be disappointed in any way if you choose to do so. There are a lot of spa treatments and therapies on offer in most of the spa hotels. You can also get some massages for the ultimate relaxing experience. Ask for exercise classes on offer to take part in holistic activities like yoga or Pilates. These exercises and therapies will not only relax your body, but they will also rejuvenate you soul. Relax by the pool, have some drink at the in-house bar and have some delicious gourmet food. Along with the peaceful nature, all of these facilities and the luxurious rooms will surely turn your vacation into the ultimate relaxing experience.

Become Healthy2. Become Healthy

None of us likes to admit it, but most of us do not lead a healthy lifestyle. The insane work hours, the habit of eating loads of junk food, sleeping less – all of these make our lives much more unhealthy than it needs to be. A spa vacation can help you a lot with that. Most of the spa hotels are located in very quaint, peaceful destinations, which make them the perfect place to unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Eat healthy during your vacation, take part in various exercises and activities and opt for some alternative treatments to get rid the bad toxins present in your body. Go through detox courses, and holistic activities to cleanse your body and your soul. Many spas also offer sleep treatments to help you with your sleep cycles.

Visit ‘off the beaten path’ destinations3. Visit ‘off the beaten path’ destinations

However relaxing and beautiful spa vacations may be, they are still a small niche when compared to mainstream tours. This means that the locations of the spa resorts, although popular, are not as much crowded and commercialised like the other, touristy destinations. Visiting a spa resort ensures you to have a relaxing, nice time away from the crowd. Also, it means there are a lot unexplored, not-so-well-known attractions to find out in these locations. Most spa hotels are situated in locations which also offer a number of hiking trails for you to wander on. These destinations let you get in touch with your inner explorer, and let you embark on a journey through the lonely lands to find unknown places and finally, yourself.

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Santorini Island Travel Guide

Greece - Ross French - August 20, 2017

holidays to Santorini Island

Santorini Island is most probably the most recognized island of entire Greece. With its unique landscapes, multicolored reefs, romantic sunsets, and beautiful volcanic features – Santorini invites more than 1.5 million tourists from all over the world every year. Many consider the white, cliff side homes with their blue roofs as an iconic sight of Greece. Holidays to Santorini Island are particularly popular among romantic couples who are traveling to Greece . The beautiful sun set view from Oia, the historic sites, the vineyards make Santorini one of the must visit destinations in Greece. Continue Reading

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Johannesburg Travel Guide

South Africa - Ross French - August 19, 2017

Johannesburg attractions

Johannesburg is the South Africa’s largest urban space, and the economic center of sub-Saharan Africa. Famous for its diamonds, Johannesburg is a jewel of a city with its colonial architecture, and you can spend days visiting its art galleries and museums. You can also go for many short tours to check out various Johannesburg attractions like Victoria Falls, Pilanesberg National Park and much more. Continue Reading

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