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Located at the southeastern tip of Florida, Miami is one enchanting city known around the world for its wonderful beaches, breathtaking architectures, beautiful people and awesome nightlife. Thousands of tourists every year visit this city to spend their holidays. The city is home to many upscale shops and famous spas. The beaches are full of cafes, restaurants and bars and the sea is full of water activities. As you can understand, there are simply a ton of things to do in Miami. In fact, there are so many options, that you might feel bewildered if you are visiting this city for the first time. To get you started, here are the top four things to do in Miami, if you want to spend a memorable vacation.


  1. Visit South Beach

South Beach is considered to be one of the best places to visit in the whole of United States of America. There are a plethora of activities which you can take part in while you are here. The beach is full of pretty people, perfect sand, lip-smacking food and night-long parties. There will be no shortage of things to do in Miami when you visit this beach. Take a trip to the Jungle Island or visit Miami Children’s Museum if you are travelling with kids. You can simply spend yours by relaxing on the beach, shopping at the various boutiques or engage yourself in the numerous watersports happening at the beach.


  1. Spend time at Lincoln Road

Another one of the things to do in Miami is visiting Lincoln Road. The Lincoln Road Mall was made in the 1950s, which used to be called as the “Fifth Avenue of the South”. The road is one of the busiest streets you will visit in Miami. The sidewalks are lined with coffee shops, beautiful lounges and cultural venues. There are a number of upscale shops and boutiques in the area as well if you are in the mood to splurge. From shopping to drinking some wonderful coffee to having some delectable food, you will find a lot of things to do while you are here.


  1. Go for an art deco tour


Going on an art deco tour is one of the most popular things to do in Miami. Miami Beach is a really sought after spot to go for an art deco tour. Especially the South Beach is lined with beautiful hotels, resorts, buildings and restaurants which represent this style very well. The art deco style of architecture was popularized in the 1920s and 1930s. The bold colours and the geometric shapes define art deco architectures. You can go for a walking tour through the South Beach neighbourhood to experience the beautifully styled buildings with your own eyes.


  1. Visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens was built in the early 20th century for James Deering, a Chicagoan industrialist and Europhile. Formerly known as the Villa Vizcaya, this Italian Renaissance-style villa will surely take your breath away. The beautiful exterior, as well as the decorated interiors, make a trip to this former villa one of must-do thing to do in Miami.

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Hawaii, the volcanic U.S. State has been enchanting its visitor with all its pristine beauty. The beautiful islands, the crystal clear waters and the gorgeous beaches make Hawaii one of the most popular tourist destinations. Every year thousands of tourists visit this beautiful destination to spend their holidays. This ‘aloha nation’ is famous among the travelers for its relaxing lifestyle and abundant sunshine, which makes the islands of this state a popular destination to spend some relaxing time. But if you want some adventure, Hawaii has a lot of things for you too. The state also has some of the most varied landscapes which you can explore. There are a lot of beautiful destinations for you to explore in this state. Here are the top three Hawaii destinations which you should visit when you come to this islandic state to spend your vacation.


Kauai Island:


If you are a fan of the famous Hollywood film Jurassic Park, then Kauai Island is a Hawaii destination which you will have to visit. This is the island where that iconic movie was shot. You will get to see all of those incredible vistas in real life when you visit this Hawaii destination. However, if you truly want to experience the beauty this island beholds, only a trip to Kauai Island won’t suffice. The best way to get all the incredible views that this island has to offer is to go for a helicopter ride over the island. You will get to see some brilliant views of the island and its waterfalls through the dense forests from a bird’s eyes’ point of view. You can also go for a hiking trip through the legendary coast, which is considered the best backpacking route that Hawaii has to offer.


Kilauea Volcano:


Hawaii is popular among the tourists as a volcanic state, and that has a good reason. The state as five active volcanos, among which four volcanos are on Big Island only. Located on Big Island, the Kilauea Volcano is considered one of the most active volcanos in the world. The volcano has been erupting continuously since 1983, and it is one of the must visit Hawaii destinations during your trip. You can witness the true power of our earth which it holds within when you visit here. Take a trip to the summit to watch the hot lava coming out of the crater. Go for the Crater Rim Drive tour if you want to have a good view of the crater. Also remember to go on a drive through the Chain of Craters Road, to watch the hot, molten lava meeting the cold water of the ocean.


Haleakala National Park:


The Haleakala National Park is another one of the Hawaii destinations which you must visit during your vacation. Located on the Maui Island, this park stretches from the summit of Haleakala Volcano to the ocean. The road to the summit is quite difficult to cross, but the beautiful view of the sunrise from the summit of this volcano makes it one of the top three must-visit Hawaii destinations.

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Jackson Hole, the picturesque valley located in the northwestern region of the U.S. state of Wyoming, is a perfect holiday destination for people looking for an adventurous, outdoorsy getaway. The sublime beauty of this valley has been drawing travelers, skiers, mountaineers since ages. Being in close proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the vast valley, the landscape of Jackson Hole Wyoming is varied and breathtaking. From hiking trails, multiple ski areas, to national parks and many more, this beautiful place has a ton of things to offer to its visitors. That is why thousands of people every year visit this place to spend their vacation. And if you are planning a vacation to this charming place, here are the top three Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels where you can stay during your trip full of adventure.


1: The Wort Hotel


Located right at the center, The Wort Hotel is one of the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels in which you can stay during your adventurous getaway. Due to the prime location of this hotel, most of the tourist attractions in the Jackson Hole Town Square is situated only about a minute’s walk away from this hotel. Staying in this hotels ensures you get to check out the beautiful museums, boutiques and nightlife this place has in store for you. Don’t worry if you are visiting during the ski season, as the hotel provides free shuttle service to Jackson Hole Mountain Ski Resort. The rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities and luxurious furniture. You will also get to enjoy gourmet dishes prepared with local games and regional ingredients. You can expect your holiday to be beautiful if you decide to spend your days in this hotel.


2: Inn on The Creek


If you want to stay a bit away from the crowd, yet experience the luxury and authenticity provided by the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels, the Inn on The Creek may just be the right choice for you. This is one of the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels which provides you a look into the laidback attitude of this place. Fire up the barbecue and you can spend a relaxing day in the hotel itself while enjoying the views of the river. There are various outdoor activities available in the nearby area for you to enjoy. Some of the units also feature a private bathroom with a spa tub, where you can wash your tiredness away after a busy day.


3. Hotel Jackson

Hotel Jackson is another one of the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels which are located right at the center of the action. As usual, the rooms of this hotel is perfect for a luxurious vacation in Jackson Hole. Some of the rooms also have separate sitting areas where you can relax after enjoying an eventful day outside. The hotel offers free shuttle service and also has ski storage and ski equipment which you can rent, which makes it one of the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels where you can stay during your trip to Jackson Hole.

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One of the best places to travel in the world, Switzerland, has been attracting travellers from all over the world for ages. Every year thousands of tourists flock over to the beautiful European country. Picturesque mountains, small medieval towns, crystal clear lakes, snowy peaks and lush green fields make up this country’s varied landscape. You need to travel to the different cities of this varied country, and explore the area to truly appreciate its beauty. You will be spoilt for choices when you embark on your journey to the next Swiss landmark. However, there can be simply too many beautiful places to visit in Switzerland, and travelling to all of them can be a stretch. Here are the top five places to visit in Switzerland, to experience the country in its complete glory.


The historic, old town of Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and also undoubtedly the favourite Swiss city of many travellers. The city is small and built around a crook in the Aare River. The city traces back to the 12th century, and the visuals speak for it. This beautiful small city has a lot of medieval architectures preserved in the Altstadt (Old Town). The cobblestoned streets, the medieval buildings, and the closeness to the mountains make this city one of the best places to visit in Switzerland. Make sure you try some the delectable food, chocolate and Swiss ice cream than you find here.


The Swiss city of Basel is worth staying for the luxurious experience it provides. Set near the Rhine River, this beautiful city will present you an array of delectable food and a choice of activities to choose from. You’ll find an extremely diverse cuisine in this city. The historic city also has a number of museums, zoo and cathedrals which make this city one of the must-check-out places to visit in Switzerland.


Dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Alps’, the small little town of Saas-Fee is one of the many quaint little towns which you should explore during your Swiss travel days. Surrounded by thirteen of the Alpine four-thousanders, this extremely beautiful town is located in an impressive valley. A stay in Saas-Fee will guaranty you of some impressive views of the surrounding mountains and the land down below. This beautiful mountain town is also popular for various activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledging and skating. It is one of those places to visit in Switzerland where you can explore the real mountain life.


Interlaken is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Switzerland for adventure and mountain related sports. So if you are one of the adrenalin junkies, then this place should be your number one priority. Situated in the lap of the mountains, this beautiful town is also a must visit for backpackers.


Zurich is most probably the absolute must places to visit in Switzerland for any traveller visiting this beautiful country. The cosmopolitan city of Zurich is full of energy with its throbbing nightlife, the line of bars and restaurants and lively people. The city is set beside the Lake Zurich while the mountains act as a backdrop. The city is well-known for its art. It is the city from where the Dadaist movement originated, and there are over 50 museums which celebrate the form through various exhibitions and events throughout the city.

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Las Vegas, the desert city synonymous with glamour, glitter, and luxury, attracts travelers from all over the world. Every year thousands of tourists visit the ‘Sin City’ to have their share of fun and pleasure. Considered the ultimate destination for parties, nightlife, and gambling, Las Vegas is truly a one of a kind city where people come back over and over again to spend some time filled with the happiest memories of their lives. From glamorous casinos to gourmet restaurants, from jaw-dropping attractions to luxurious hotels, Las Vegas will surely stun you with its beauty. The glorious Las Vegas hotels beside the famous strip add to the lavish experience of a trip to this city. However, all of these luxuries come at a price, at it almost costs a fortune to stay at these luxurious hotels during a trip.


However, that doesn’t mean a trip to Las Vegas is enjoyable only for the people with a truckload of money. In fact, there are a lot of mid-range Las Vegas hotels on and around the center of the city which are quite luxurious for a glamorous stay in Las Vegas. These hotels may be a bit less on the grandeur side than the most luxurious hotels, but they for sure do not compromise on comfort. And if you are someone who is looking for a memorable vacation at the city of sins, then here are the top three Las Vegas hotels where you can spend your time indulging all the Vegas-luxuries without breaking the bank.


Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort:


Located right in the heart of Las Vegas, the Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort is one of the best Las Vegas hotels you can spend your vacation in while you are on a holiday. With its five heated swimming pools, fully stocked game room and even a miniature golf course, it is one of the most luxurious options among the budget Las Vegas hotels. They also offer a complimentary shuttle service to the Las Vegas strip if you stay with them, which is just minutes away.


Jockey Club Suites:


Located at the Las Vegas strip between the City Center and the Bellagio, Jockey Club Suites has no resort fees, outdoor pool, fully stocked gym and luxurious suites which make it a great option among the mid-range Las Vegas hotels. This is an aparthotel having beautifully decorated one and two-bedroom suites for you to spend your vacation in. Located at the most famous part of Las Vegas, Jockey Club Suites makes sure that you get to have the topmost Vegas experience.


Tahiti Village Resort & Spa:


If you want a much more relaxed vacation a little bit away from the crowd and the busyness of the most happening spots of Las Vegas, Tahiti Village Resort & Spa is one of the best mid-range Las Vegas hotels you can spend your holiday in. This 4-starred resort is situated in front of a lazy river and houses a full-service spa. You can spend your vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas while relaxing in the spa, and when you are in the mood for some party, the resort also offers free shuttle services to the Las Vegas Strip.

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