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Stag Weekend in Budapest and the Thrill of Horse Racing

Europe, Guest Posts - Ross French - March 1, 2012

Guest Post

Budapest_nightBudapest, with its perfect blend of eastern and western cultures, is the best local for a stag weekend. Referred to as the ‘Paris of the East’, this stag weekend venue will provide you with all that you can ask for – beautiful landscapes and undulating hills on one side, and shops, restaurants, markets and exciting nightlife on the other. The Pilis Mountains provide an ideal location for all sorts of adventure sports and rally driving stag activities. If you feel fatigued after some hectic stag weekend activities, you can definitely visit one of the numerous outdoor thermal spas to relax yourself. Stay in a gorgeous hotel or have that homely feeling in on of the Budapest apartments. Filled with bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and open-air dance clubs, Budapest is the best place for spending your stag weekend.

Stag Do in Budapest and Bet it up at the Traditional Tracks

From quad biking, paintball, horse racing, five a side football matches to thermal baths and bacchanalian spa, Budapest is filled with stag weekend activities. One of the most exciting stag weekend activities in Budapest is the thrill of Horse Racing at the traditional Hungarian racetracks. More attractive than the actual horse racing is the price at which you can buy a can of beer ñ this stag venue is the best place for extremely cheap beer and liquor.

This is one of those stag weekend activities where you get a chance to place your bet. Bet it up at the traditional racetracks of Hungary. Sit at the gallery and watch the fun as the horses perform carriage and gallop racing for you. Remember to keep your fingers crossed; you may even win the bet!

Donít worry about your stomach; there is constant supply of food available to purchase on-site. Chillisauce makes sure that this stag weekend of yours turns up to be the best stag weekend you ever had. You will be provided with transportation, a proper guide and rounds of beers.

The Benefits of a Stag Do in Budapest

Chillisauce, after years of fine-tuning, live in one of the apartments in Budapest, eat and breathe stag dos thus making your stag weekend in Budapest a perfect one. The horse racing in Budapest is one of the best stag weekend activities; as it absorbs you completely in the game, and makes you feel one with the game. Apart from providing a steady supply of beer and entertainment, this stag weekend activity relieves your mind and cheers you up from the core of your heart.

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Can you Save Money by Staying in a Hostel?

Guest Posts, Travel Tips - Ross French - February 23, 2012

Guest Post


If you’re on a tight budget heading to Roma and want to try something different, consider a hostelling getaway or staying in one of the Roma apartments. Nowadays many older adults are joining the ranks of students and backpackers who stay in hostels all over the world.

There are some important details to consider, however.

Although the quality and comfort varies widely from hostel to hostel, you can expect rather sparse accommodations compared to an inn or hotel. You will probably be sharing sleeping quarters with several people, usually of the same gender. Private bathrooms are rare. You may have to walk down a hall to reach the bathroom – which may have only a toilet.

You may be required to provide your own bedding and towels. Sometimes linen is included in the nightly rate. Other times it will be provided for an extra charge. Laundry facilities may be available – usually coin-operated.

Sometimes breakfast will be included with your hostel package. Some hostels have kitchens where guests can prepare simple meals.

You may be fortunate enough to locate accommodations with free amenities such as:

* Complimentary in-city shuttle service

* Airport/rail terminal pickup

* Common area with satellite or cable TV

* DVD library

* Internet access and/or guest computer

* Safety deposit boxes

* Guided tours

* Access doors with computer-coded key cards

Some lodgings require an advance deposit via credit card. However, the balance of your stay and any extra charges may be payable in cash. If you object to carrying cash, make sure that you have a recognized ATM card. You will get the most favorable exchange rates from ATM machines, with no extra commission charges.

Always reserve a room ahead of time. Do not expect to find a last-minute vacancy, no matter how many times you have stayed at your favorite hostel.

Before you charge the room deposit to your credit card do some research!

* Are there guest reviews available online?

* Does the hostel impose a ‘locked door’ curfew?

* Do they have maid service?

* How often are rooms cleaned?

* What is the policy for early check-out?

* Does the hostel belong to an organization like Hostelling International?

* Will you be required to leave your passport at the front desk?

* What is the ëlights outí policy?

* Is there a 24-hour staff member on premises?

* Is the hostel near downtown and tourist attractions?

* How close are public transit and police facilities?

* Is there a medical clinic in the neighborhood?

* Can you purchase groceries nearby?

Always be prepared for emergencies. That means having some extra cash in reserve for unexpected contingencies. Photocopy your important documents before you leave – and make sure that the copies are accessible if you need them.

Somebody back home should have a copy of your itinerary, especially if you are making a trip abroad. If possible, establish some ëcheckpoint timesí where you can call home to let everyone know where (and how) you are. Leaving a message via e-mail is also an excellent option.

Make sure you have appropriate travel insurance. Does it cover hospital expenses and transport in case of serious injury?

If you like meeting people, and youíre not afraid of a little adventure, hostelling can be a great getaway. If you’re not comfortable enough with hostels in major cities, try something like apartments in Roma.

Happy Travels!

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What You Need To Know About- Madrid

Europe, Guest Posts - Ross French - February 16, 2012


Guest Post

MadridThe capital of Germany, pulsating city of Madrid is one of the eminent European cities that is famous for it is over a few attractions. The city nestled in the middle of the Iberian Peninsula is thronged by people not  for its nerve-wrecking night life but also for the succulent cuisine, mind boggling architecture at museums, monuments & gardens & jubilant festivals.

The Background
Madrid is an old city. Its origins can be traced back to as 1085 when King Alfonso VI of Castle reigned here. The throne passed into the hands of Felipe II in 1561 & things were never the same after that. There were wars followed by inflation, the draining of city’s wealth & settling down of a horde of immigrants. The development came in 18th & 19th centuries when there was construction of numerous wonderful buildings with exotic & splendid art & architecture.

The City’s Charm
Once you land in the city of Madrid, there’s many worthwhile places to visit. And also many places to stay from hotels to renting apartments in Madrid. For the nature lovers, the Glorieta de Murillo botanical garden is a perfect location with around 30,000 varied species of plants. These exclusive species that are scattered in different regions of the world were compiled at one place by the botanist Gomez Ortega & Juan de Villanueva for King Charles III.
The three pinnacle towers of Casa de la Panaderia grounded in the Madrid’s grand main plaza called The Plaza Mayor, never miss the tourist attention. The Plaza is flooded with people during festival celebrations & as a marketplace. The statue of Felipe III adds a feather to the fascination of the place.

The music & theater both can be enjoyed in one of the oldest towns called ‘Moorish Quarter’ of Madrid. Your next step in Madrid can be towards the Parque del Buen Retiro Park. The parks is a home for three buildings that are most often used for art exhibitions & an artificial lake that gives you the pleasure of boating. The classical concerts of music & dance performances can be relished at the Auditoria Nacional de Musica & The Teatro Madrid, Teatro Lirico Nacional de la Zarzuela, Teatro Albeniz respectively.

Madrid City is known for its incredible nightlife that lifts your spirits & leaves you rocking. A number of the illustrious nightclubs on the street of Calle Huertas are The Kapital (a 7 floor club) & The Malasana. Which you could walk to from some of the Madrid apartments for rent. Besides this there is tremendous activity in The Paza de Chueca club, Alonso Martinez etc. The discobars & clubs are meant not  for couples or stag but for families as well.

The Madrid festivals lure people across the globe. There Fiestas de San Isidro is one of the biggest festivals of the year. It commences from 15th of May & bedazzles the visitors with excellent dance performances, concerts, & other performances. The delectable food during the festival remains acts as a magnet. The festivals like Feria de la Comunidad in May, Feria de Otono in September & Feria turnia etc. have at display the treasured game of bull fighting.

Apart from the fun & adventure, Madrid specializes in serving all varieties of cuisine. A person from any corner of the world can gratify his hunger conveniently in Madrid. There is italian, italian, Swedish, Chinese, Italian.diversity of food available.

To add to the glory of Madrid is the spectacular Verbena de la Paloma festival from 6th to 15th of August. The festival mirrors the Madrid tradition & culture when people are decked up in their traditional attire & parade their customs. The ravishing decoration & the live performances by bands thrills you with almost all sorts of music heard round the globe. Last but not the least are the exotic new-year celebrations at Madrid & the renowned masked ball of Circulo de Bellas Artes that leave a remarkable impression on each & every visitor.

Madrid can be the home for anyone be it the luxury or the budget travelers. From restaurants to accommodation all are designed in such a fashion that they cater well to the needs of the high as well as the low. However, it is judicious & preferable if you get all the reservations done in advance for this one amongst the largest European cities is swarming with visitors all the year round.

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A Culture-Fest In Barcelona

Guest Posts - Ross French - February 10, 2012

Guest Post

So, how can you max-out on culture when you visit Barcelona? Stay in a hotel right downtown or one of the apartments in Barcelona to get closer to some of the awesome sites.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Barcelona is awash with museums, both public and private, and the Picasso Mus…

Barcelona is one of those cities you can visit again and again. Its fantastic location, within reach of some of Spainís most beautiful coastline, together with its history, architecture and huge cultural programme is what makes it one of Europeís most popular city destinations.

So, how can you max-out on culture when you visit Barcelona? Here are just a few suggestions:

1. The Picasso Museum

Barcelona is awash with museum, both public and private, and the Picasso Museum is a must-see on any touristís itinerary. Picasso trained in Barcelona, and so the museum displays a comprehensive selection of the work he created whilst studying in the city. It is an important collection that shows his technical skills and his growth as an artist. In addition, there is a collection of over 40 ceramic pieces, which were donated to the museum by Jacqueline Picasso in the 1980s. Housed in magnificent medieval palaces, and with classical music concerts as well as the art collection, the Picasso Museum is not to be missed.

2. The Architecture

Costing you nothing but tired feet at the end of the day, you can view the history of Barcelona through its buildings. From its Roman Walls, visit the Gothic quarter, where the Cathedral, public and private buildings all take you back in time to the cityís Medieval period. See Modernisme buildings that are also World Heritage Sites and modern buildings such as those built for the 1992 Olympic Games, and youíll have walked through thousands of years of Barcelonian history in just one day.

3. Festivals

Like any major city, Barcelona hosts a number of festivals each year. One of the most popular and best-known is the Barcelona Grec Summer Festival, which encompasses a wide range of productions and performers. In addition, festivals such as the Ciutat Vella Flamenco Festival and the Barcelona Guitar Festival give visitors a true taste of Spanish art and culture.You may leave these festivals so motivated from fantastic art, awesome guitar and dancing that you purchase guitar lessons or Spanish lessons.

Thereís a whole lot of other cultural activities and events to keep you busy on your visit to this amazing city and you’ll want to come back for more whether you stay in a hostel or Barcelona apartments.

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Wow, Florence is Crazy Historical

Guest Posts - Ross French - November 10, 2011


By: Zoe Sedlak

florenceI’ve always felt that understanding a city’s past is important to understanding a city’s present, especially if that city boasts such a crazy impressive history as Florence, Italy does.  True, you may be walking around the city in 2011 and not 1312, but when a city is called the “birthplace of the Renaissance”, the place that literally reinvented money during the 1400s, history might be a good place to start.  We may not have had one of the Florence apartments next to Michelangelo, but we can visit some of his stomping grounds and feel the history around us.  So now, allow me to take you on a virtual tour through Florence, with the city’s historical contributions as landmarks.

The Duomo
The Duomo, as well as being a beautiful gothic cathedral, is also a Florentine symbol.  Anyone who’s played Assassin’s Creed understands the dramatic significance of The Duomo as the place of the infamous Giuliano de’ Medici’s murder, but the cathedral’s creator, Fillipo Brunelleschi, has made important contributions of his own as well.  He revolutionized our idea of architecture, and became a teacher for those who did such things as make the map that Columbus – as in the Columbus – used on his first voyage.  This place weaves a tangled net of historical importance.

florenceThe Palazzo Medici-Riccardi
This is another symbol in Florence, one of the Medici family’s contributions to the Renaissance and how we know the world to be today.  The Medicis, who came to hold a lot of the power in Florence, started the Bank of Medici, an important cog in Florence’s machine.  The family also encouraged Florence’s rich art and literary culture, which produced a powerhouse of artists.  I mean, Dante, Macchiavelli, Da Vinci, Michelangelo.  These guys were big, and they all came out of Florence during the time of the Medici rule.  The Palazzo itself, although it passed through many hands over the years, remains standing today, to remind us of what the Medicis meant to Florence’s success.

Basilica of Santa Croce
We’ve all heard of Galileo.  His discoveries basically shaped how we see the world today.  He was one of the original badasses of history who got in trouble because he refused to compromise his badass ideals.  The fact that he was convicted of heresy – later recanted – and still in florencedeath, despite his rocky history with the government, received a nice golden tomb in this cathedral tells you how important he really was.  He’s the reason we know the earth moves around the sun, he’s the reason we have telescopes, he’s the reason modern science is the way it is today.  This tomb is an important site not just for the history of Florence, but for the history of the world.

So I ran out of space. There are too many important historical symbols in Florence to fit in this article.  These landmarks have been instrumental in shaping how we understand our own lives today, and seeing so many of them packed into one single city is kind of mind-blowing.  The art we consume, the technology we enjoy, even the money we trade, it all has historical ties to this Italian city if we look back far enough.  The Renaissance was way back, and we may live in a time that’s inclined to always be looking forward, but I think visiting Florence and visiting these sites, seeing these apartments in Florence that may have once housed such influential minds is important to understanding our own lives, no matter where we come from.

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