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Useful Advice for First Time Train Travellers

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - June 26, 2018

Travelling by train is a truly exhilarating experience as it allows for a unique view of the countryside, and as you are not driving, you can focus your attention on the amazing scenery that passes your window. For most people, their first train ride would be a childhood experience, but if you are yet to have the good fortune to take a train trip, here is some very useful advice to help make the experience a memorable one.

Be Prepared

It might be that your very first train experience is something special, such as the exciting Trans-Siberian express holidays or perhaps a berth on the famous Orient Express, but whatever the reason – or journey – it is important to come prepared. A reading material is essential for a long train journey, and it is always a good idea to have some music to listen to, along with headphones. Make sure your digital camera is along for the ride and it wouldn’t hurt to bring a couple of spare SD cards, as you will no doubt pass through many breathtaking scenery.

Arrive At The Train Station Early

This is critical because, like commercial flights, trains do not wait for passengers, as they have a tight schedule and will leave the station at the scheduled time, regardless. This is especially important if the train station is unfamiliar and you are in a foreign country, where there might be language issues. Ask any seasoned train traveller and they will tell you that by arriving an hour early, you will have the opportunity to locate the right platform and have enough time to explore, as there’s always a lot to see at a train station, including a range of retail outlets of bookstores and food and beverage shops. You may need to get yourself some snacks for the long journey.

Keep Your Valuables With You All The Time

While you might think your carry-on luggage is safe enough, especially as it is always in view, there are expert thieves who wait for the right opportunity. We all tend to doze off thanks to the soothing, rocking motion that train travel involves, but don’t take the risk of losing your valuables. There are informative guides for first time train travellers that makes for essential reading and might make the difference between a good and bad experience.

Do Not Accept Food Or Drink From Strangers

It is a sad fact of life that trains attract thieves, and on longer journeys, the villain might single a person out, get to know them a little and offer a drink or a snack. While nine times out of ten, the stranger is just being kind, some add a little something to help you sleep and when you do finally awake, they – and your valuables – are long gone. Typically, this kind of thief will get off the train as soon as possible once they have stolen a person’s items, which makes it impossible for you to do anything.

If you are lucky enough to combine your first train experience with a once in a lifetime trip like the Trans-Siberian Train Express, you are certainly in for an unforgettable experience that will remain in your memory forever.

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5 Ways To Plan Ahead When Traveling

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - June 22, 2018

You’re on one of your many travels away from home, you’re excited and are on a high of a different kind. You’re having a great time with friends/family but you somehow end up in an unfortunate situation and don’t know what to do. Here are 5 tips for you to plan a safe trip when traveling to any destination.

1. Packing

Before traveling, you need to pack. Pack light keeping all the essentials. You need to be minimalistic yet have everything important. It helps if you limit your outfits depending on your destination. It also helps to buy travel size toiletries. You can get them from literally anywhere, from supermarkets to your local pharmacy. Other very important thing to carry are identification card and passport.

2. Do your Research

I am pretty sure everyone knows this; before traveling, do your research! I know going with the flow seems more adventurous but having a clue and knowing where you’re heading is always helpful, especially if you end up in an unwanted situation. Remember, every place is unique in its own way and comes with their amazing attractions. Some places may not like the clothes you are accustomed to wearing. The locals who may seem friendly might get you into trouble, so knowing the place and its locals is a plus point.

3. Road Trip

A road trip is something everyone must do at least once in their life. No matter how old you are, it’s almost like a rite of passage toward the next phase of your life. But then again, you need to be even more attentive if you’re taking a road trip. It’s always a good idea to have a bit of legal support like car accident lawyers and expert insurance contacts on speed dial. It’s always nice to have a plan in the off chance of something going wrong.

4. Be Careful

While you are out and having fun, it’s inevitable to forget taking care of yourself and others you’re with. When you’re having a good time, the more serious things may slip away. This is why I cannot emphasize this enough; be aware and careful in whatever you do. If it seems a little bit suspicious, turn around and do something else. Every place you visit would have many different things to do during the day and at night. Try them out and if a plan falls through, don’t panic or get upset. Make a different one and go with that, be a little spontaneous.

5. Have Fun

Now pay attention because this is one of the most important parts of planning a trip, have fun! Lots of travelers may forget this when they try to make the trip perfect in every way. In my opinion, you cannot enjoy when you try to be perfect. So, let loose, make a killer playlist including these 40 songs and remember to have the best time of your life.

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4 Things to do to Make Business Travel Easy

Travel Tips - Ross French - June 22, 2018

If you are traveling for business, chances are you might be a little stressed and probably won’t have time to enjoy the little things. But it doesn’t have to be that way, it doesn’t have to be serious and difficult. There are things you can do, without going out of your way, to have a smooth trip and enjoy at the same time. And if you find yourself at one of the destination spots, it wouldn’t hurt to know a little about the place, read up about some of them here.

1. Traveling in Style

If you’re getting onto a plane to get to the other side of the world to close a deal, you might already be traveling in style. But the thing is, most travelers focus mainly on what they wear and not on what they’re carrying. On the business trip, you would surely have a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet. Why not try one of these practical high-quality laptop backpacks to turn the heads. All these are not only good looking, they are very durable too. You could fit in almost all of your devices, unless you’re carrying a typewriter.

2. Don’t Stay in, Dine Out

Even though it may seem like the easier thing to do because you are a busy person who just got off a 19 hour flight and is now busy and exhausted, going out to have food instead of ordering room service is the better option. Why are you traveling so much if you can’t make time to try out new things and foods, and meet new people? Hotel food may be delicious but you still won’t have any memories of the trip by if you stay in. Go out and treat yourself. You don’t have to get blackout drunk to have a good time, especially since you’re on business. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy local cuisine and meet people. Check out this food guide to the entire world.

3. Take Someone Along

If you can and if circumstances allow it, take a friend or a family member with you on your trip. As difficult as that may sound, it’s not that hard. Having a companion with you will make things lighter and you will enjoy yourself more. There will be someone to talk to when you’re in your room, someone to eat that good food with, see the local sights with and it will take the load off of you sometimes. You could watch movies together, laugh together and make memories that you will talk about for as long as you can. You won’t feel as alone doing even the most mundane things. They could even help you prepare for the reason you’re on this trip in the first place.

4. Be Prepared, Remain Calm and Don’t Panic

You believe that the only way your trip will be a success is by performing well in that huge meeting. Well, remember that the only way you can do well is feeling good and be ready for what’s coming your way. Make sure you prepare before you step into that conference room or office. Clear your head and have a good night’s sleep the day before. Make sure to calm your nerves and do not panic. Relaxing and taking just a little time out of that trip for yourself will make ready you all those things. A good meal will make you feel good and a relaxing day at the hotel spa will make you feel relaxed before the big day. Do not take me wrong! I am not saying to spend all your time in fun. Just think of yourself and see the difference!

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The Amazing Beauty of Lancaster County, PA

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - May 30, 2018

Lancaster County, PA is famous for being a part of Pennsylvania state. You can explore this beautiful city in this state. There are some Pennsylvania attractions, beautiful places to visit, and many more interesting things. Lancaster County PA does all things in this city to explore it more. You will know what you must do, find residences, shopping places, learning about Amish, get coupons, find more local agendas, and many more. Even, there is a special part for local services for citizen.

Attractions to Do in Lancaster County PA

Visiting to Pennsylvania is not complete without exploring Lancaster County PA. There are some attractions and fun things to do in all areas of Lancaster County. This area is the most interesting one for all ages with different interests. When you visit this place, you can enjoy some challenging and unique things. What are they? You can enjoy developing cultural show, performance, and agendas performed in this city. In addition, you can explore special agendas in this city. If you feel hungry, don’t worry because you can taste delicious foods in this city. In Lancaster County, you can spend your money by shopping in some fantastic shopping places. It supplies great quality items for you and your family. Those attractions are right to do for your family.

Agendas in Lancaster County PA

There are some agendas performed and scheduled in Lancaster County PA. A Memorial Weekend is the first agenda started in summer and start with a typical style in Lancaster. You can enjoy more shows, celebrations, carnivals, and special agendas in Lancaster County. You can celebrate your weekend and Independence Day in this city. Mud Sale Season is started in February every year. You should learn the further schedule of this celebration next year.
Amish exploration can be included to be another agenda while visiting to Lancaster. This is the oldest residence in United States. The community of Amish develops rapidly though it depends on the traditional transportations such as horses and carts refusing electricity supply. You can learn ethics, culture, and attitude of Amish people while you visit this place. The local Amish people are so amazing and perform some interesting attractions.

Places to Visit in Lancaster County

Lancaster County has more 8 million of visitors every year. They love sophisticated entertainment, family activities, and peaceful countryside. You can spend fun holiday in this place. You can explore some weird places in Lancaster such as Bird – in – Hand and Intercourse. It is very easy to relax in this city with beautiful farming field scenery and clip horn sound in country roads. Moreover, you can visit some restaurant places to taste delicious foods in Lancaster County. There are some simple and high end restaurants in this city to visit. When you visit Lancaster County, you can find some shopping places and high quality stores selling local handmade Amish products. You can get antique items from Amish people in Lancaster County PA. It is a capital of antique goods in the world. The buyers will bargain and love choices of premium outlets in Lancaster.

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Your 7 Days Itinerary for the Ultimate Leh Trip

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - April 23, 2018

When was the last time you were almost 18,000 feet high, got some great and serious lessons in Buddhism or just experienced the beautiful silence while you could hear the breeze? Well if your answer is no, it is time you pay a visit to Leh!

Known for its Tibetan Buddhism, Leh is one of the most beautiful places in India. Filled with monasteries, incredible Pangong lake, century-old monasteries, serene stupas, valleys, magnificent palaces, river confluences and museums, Leh has got everything to charm the traveler in you. Leh tour packages are all you need to ensure you make the most of your visit to this stunning place.

Tourists from all over come here to explore and experience high altitude sand dunes in Nubra Valley. The ultimate Leh tour packages offer you more than what you can imagine. Apart from letting you witness the glorious landscapes in Leh Ladakh, but also let you get familiar with its tradition and culture. All thanks to their 7 days Leh itinerary that makes touring easy and hassle-free.

Best Time to Visit Leh:

The best time to visit and travel to Leh is from April to June. With the sun shining bright and temperatures being warm, one gets to see the best of Leh.

Here is a brief 7-days itinerary that can help you make the most of you Leh trip:

Day 1: Leh

Start your Leh trip by arriving at Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport. Do not waste much time, you have a long day ahead and make the most of it by heading to your hotel. You are advised to stay put in your hotel at least for a day. Comfortable accommodation is of paramount importance for your body, thus making it great for your trip. You are bound to be tempted to step out, but rope in that excitement just for a day. Ensure you have lots of liquids in order to avoid the mountain sickness many people suffer due to lack of oxygen in the air.

Day 2: Exploring Leh and its Monasteries

After a good night’s sleep, you are all set to explore what Leh has to offer. Get done with your breakfast and head out to explore the monasteries here. From Hemis Monastery that has a tall Buddha statue to Thiksey Monastery, which is the largest one in Ladakh, monasteries here will give you the perfect experience of traditional Tibetan architecture. You can also explore the stupas that are made of silver and gold with Tibetan thangkas. Spend the evening by visiting the Shanti Stupa. Head back to your hotel for a comfortable sleep.

Day 3: Cross Khardungla La Pass by Driving to Nubra Valley

The reason why you should cross Khardung La Pass (the highest motorable pass) through Nubra Valley is that the road here is well-maintained as compared to North Pullu checkpoint where the road is loose rock with occasional rivulets of snow and dirt. While you are here at Khardungla La, do not forget to drink a hot cup of tea accompanied with a plate of Maggi at the Highest Cafeteria in the World. Cross Khardung La Pass and towards Nubra Valley which goes all the way to Siachen Base Camp. However, civilians are allowed only till Panamik. This place is known for its hot water Sulphur springs.

Day 4: Sightseeing in Nubra Valley

You are bound to fall in love with this perfect postcard picture in Nubra Valley. If you are an adventurer, set off on a trek through the valley. Enjoy a beautiful and mesmerizing picnic by the flowing stream. While you are here, do not forget to try the authentic and Ladakhi favorite – Tigmo. It is basically a sweet and a spicy combo made of fermented bread.

Day 5: Drive to Pangong Tso

While the birds are chirping, enjoy the early morning sunrise. Embark on a wonderful drive to the famous Pangong Lake. This is the place where the climax scene of Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots was shot. It is no less than a heaven on earth. You should know, the lake changes its colors as and when the sun passes over it. This mesmerizing lake is spread across India and China. The brackish water of this lake offers as a perfect mirror thus reflecting the beauty of surrounding mountains. Enjoy a camp with your friends or family. Do not forget to buy mugs, T-shirts, hats, and caps from a souvenir shop located just at the entrance of the lake.

Day 6: Explore the History of Leh

After having scrumptious breakfast at the hotel, make your way to some of the top spots of Leh that let you experience its rich history. Delve deep into the history of this place by visiting the famous Leh Palace, Zorawar Fort, and Raisi Fort.

Day 7: It’s Time to Bid Adieu to Leh!

It is time for you to say your goodbye to the beauty of Leh. Have a hearty breakfast and leave for the airport.

Thanks to the Leh tour packages, you can explore and experience the beauty of Leh in seven days without any discomfort and trouble. So, book one for yourself now and get ready for an enthralling trip ahead.

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