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Top 10 things to do in Dubai

Travel Tips - Eric Anderson - January 29, 2018

As one of the world’s most popular holiday destination ideas, Dubai sightseeing has firmly recognized itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to tourism.

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Top Ten Day Trips Around Queensland

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - January 11, 2018

Marine life on the coral reef

When a state has almost 7,000 kilometers of coastline, you know you’re dealing with a big country. Queensland occupies a staggeringly big area in the North West of Australia and is characterized by its tropical rainforests, white sandy beaches, peaceful towns and of course, the Great Barrier Reef. You’d need more than a lifetime to explore everything that Queensland has to offer, but here’s 10 day trips which you shouldn’t miss on your first time. The best way to see them all? Grab yourself a car rental in Cairns.

1. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef. Let’s start with a biggie. If you’re going to do just one thing, make it a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. The vast living structure is home to thousands of coral reefs, myriad islands and hundreds of cays, not to mention the colorful tropical fish, the curious turtles and the sharks. Unfortunately, the reef has been irreversible damaged. To stop any further damage, be sure to travel with a reputable agent. Leave your car rental in Cairns and head of to explore one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders.

2. Swim at the Tangalooma Wrecks. Haven’t had your fill of snorkeling or scuba diving? Swim off the coast of Moreton Island near Brisbane and you can dive down to explore the Tangalooma wrecks in the shallows. The calm waters make this a perfect trip for all ages.

3. Climb to SkyPoint Deck. How do you like heights? Down along the Gold Coast you can take the elevator up the 230-meter-high observation tower to look over the ocean and Surfer’s Paradise below. Few views in Australia match up to this one.

4. Take the train to Kuranda. While the town of Kuranda is interesting enough, it’s the train journey to reach it that is the real highlight. Take the scenic ride takes you across bridges, lush rainforest journey, and gorges before reaching town. Well worth the trip.

5. Check out the wildlife at Australia Zoo. Wildlife lovers should head straight to Australia Zoo located along the Sunshine Coast close to the Beerwah Mountains. While it may not be the only zoo in the state, it’s certainly the most famous in part down to Steve Irwin, the front man to the documentary series The Crocodile Hunter. Don’t take are word for it, the zoo has won plenty of awards over the years including the Australian Tourism Awards.

6. See the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. If you have even the smallest interest in paleontology, don’t miss a visit to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum which houses a seriously impressive collection of fossils including two found in Queensland.

7. Wander through Hou Wang Miau Temple. For something a little different, how about a visit to an authentic Chinese temple, the only one in Australia. Since it’s donation to the National Trust in the late 70s, the temple has been meticulously preserved offering guests a slice of Chinese history in the heart of Queensland. While you’re there, be sure to take a look at the information and artifacts to learn more about its significance.

8. Go wine tastings at Boireann Wines. If you love to sip of French-style wines, you won’t want to miss the wine tasting at Boireann Wines near Stanthorpe. Here, you can learn about the production of Queensland wine and tour the vineyards.

9. Drive across Fraser Island. Fraser Island is one of the most popular spot for backpackers coming to Australia. The huge sand island (the largest in the world) lies just off the coast of Queensland. When you arrive, you can spend your days racing around on 4×4 cars, camping under the stars, exploring the rainforest or swimming in the crystal-clear waters. Bliss.

10. Go underground at the Chillagoe?Mungana Caves National Park. Both geological and cultural interesting, the hundreds of limestone caves in this national park are made even more impressive by the ancient Aboriginal rock art that adorns them. Best explored with the help of an expert guide.

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Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - January 11, 2018

Located in the city of Carlisle, England, the 73miles-longHadrian’s Wall is an iconic and historic site. This UNESCO certified World Heritage Site stretches from sea to sea, across some of the most dramatic and spectacular landscapes of England. This awe-inspiring wall used to be a multi-cultural frontier for around three hundred years. Nowadays, the wall has become a famous site among travelers who love to go on hiking tours. People from all over the world come to this iconic site to walk on this centuries-old wall and discover the various attractions located along a walkway. You will get to discover a lot of forts, bathhouses, turrets, shrines and museums when you go for a Hadrian’s Wall walking holiday. It is a beautiful place full of history, culture, natural beauty and a ton of places to explore, which truly make it a paradise for hikers.

A Brief History:

Hadrian’s Wall, also known as the Roman Wall, was built in 122 AD during the reign of Hadrian the emperor. The wall was used as a defensive fortification in the Roman province named Britannia. Built under a period of six years by nearly 15,000 men, this huge wall stretched from the banks of the River Tyne to the Solway Firth on the Irish Sea. A large portion of this long wall still remain intact, and it is the largest Roman artefact in the whole world. It has become one of the most important ancient tourist attractionsin Britain, and the site was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year of 1987.

The Dimensions of the Wall

The Hadrian’s Wall used to be 73 miles (80 Roman miles) long from coast to coast. The height and the width of the wall varied, which depended on the materials found in the nearby areas. The width of the wall varies from about 8 feet to 20 feet, and the height of the wall varies from 10 feet to 20 feet. There were 80 small forts called milecastles which were situated after every Roman mile. The wall also had six huge forts which used to serve as armed cities.

Best Time to go for a Hadrian’s Wall walking tour

The Hadrian’s Wall walking trail is open throughout the year, 24/7. However, the trail is most enjoyable for walkers during the months between May and October. During this period, the grounds recover over winter and spring and give you the best walking experience possible. The sky also remains quite clear during this time, which provides favourable conditions for hikers. Also, the surrounding areas become awe-strikingly beautiful with abundant greeneries, making sure that you have a hiking experience of a lifetime.

Typical duration of a walking tour

If you are planning to go for a walking tour through the Hadrian’s Wall, then you need to have at least six to seven days at your disposal. The trail can be covered in six days by experienced hikers, where you will need to cover about 15 miles every day, as the whole walking trail can be as long as 89 miles. However, for intermediate hikers, an eight or nine days’ trip is much more suitable. You will need to walk for 11 miles per day, which makes it the most popular duration of a walking trip on Hadrian’s Wall.

What to Pack for the Walking Tour

Hiking on a long-distance trail is quite different than a normal hike,you also need to pack accordingly in order to be safe and prepared throughout the trek. If you are going with a walking tour organizer, all the organization is taken care of for you, which really allows you to enjoy the whole experience. Here are a few things which you should consider taking with you when going for a Hadrian’s Wall walking tour.

– Backpack with cover or liner
– Waterproofs
– Mat to sit on
– First aid kit
– Multitool / penknife
– Compass
– Whistle
– Water bottle
– Torch

Top sights to see along Hadrian’s Wall walking trail

The surrounding areas of the Hadrian’s Wall walking trailare full of attractions which hikers can explore throughout the walk. There are a multiple of forts, turrets,bathhouses, shrines,museums and even an ancient city for you to explore. Here are few of the major attractions which you should consider when you embark on a Hadrian’s Wall walking holiday.

Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge used to be responsible for carrying the wall across the River IrthingMany years ago. However, the course of the river has changed over time, and now the remains of the old Millennium Bridge lie on the eastern side of the river. A new Millennium Bridge has since been built in 2001 which reconnected the route, which takes walkers from Cumbria to Northumberland.


Housesteads houses is the most dramatic site you will get to explore during your walk along the Hadrian’s Wall. The Roman fort situated here is the best preserved Roman fort found in Britain. The foundations here include a hospital, army barracks and also flushable old toilets. You will also get to see some of the most incredible vistas of the wall and the Northumberland National Park from the ridge.


Here you will get to explore a beautiful museum where you will get to have a look at the everyday life of a Roman garrison town. A large number of Roman artefacts are on display here, including leather sandals, Roman helmets and writing tablets. You can also explore the excavated parts of the fort and town, and visit the age-old turrets and temples which have been reconstructed.

Brocolitia Fort

Brocolitia Fort or Carrawburgh Fort is another interesting site which you must explore during your walking tour. The ruins of the Temple of Mithras is also located near the fort, which was built in the third century. The remains of this temple built in the third century is a really popular destination which you can visit during your walking tour of Hadrian’s Wall. The temple was dedicated to the Roman Sun God named Mithras. You will also find the remains of a sacred well which was dedicated to Celtic water goddess Coventina.

With all its historic sites, beautiful landscapes and museums full of ancient artifacts, a walking tour along Hadrian’s Wall is beautifully serene and educating at the same time. In fact, it is actually one of the most important historic destinations which you can visit in Britain. So if you want to get a taste of the ancient Roman Britain and discover fresh details of that historic era, then consider going for a walking tour along this historic place. You can be sure to have a memorable experience which you can cherish for a lifetime.

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Park City, Utah: Things To See and Do

Travel Tips - Ross French - January 9, 2018

For anyone on an RV rental journey across the amazing state of Utah, it would be highly advised to make a stop in Park City. This former silver mining down has been transformed into one of the hippest spots in the state and is host to the annual Sundance Film Festival. Due to the influx of visitors, the dining, shopping, and nightlife here are stellar. Plus, there are a number of outdoor activities year round that allow you to experience some thrills as well as to witness the gorgeous and diverse surrounding countryside. There is so much to do and see here that you may want to schedule in a number of days just so you can get it all in. For first time visitors, check out the activities and sights below.

Riverhorse On Main

This is the most famous and happening restaurant in the town, and as you can guess the food here is absolutely amazing. In a town with tons of eating options, to make a claim as the best restaurant you really need to bring on the good eats, and Riverhorse certainly does just that. Try the Alaskan halibut if you’re into a fresh fish pick me up, and for the vegetarians there is the famous crispy tofu that has been raved about in many a review. Rivrhorse is simply the top restaurant in the area and the perfect indulgence after all those long hours on the road.

High West Distillery

If you’re in the mood for a drink, a great place to grab one is the High West Distillery on the town’s Main Street. This is the first distillery opened in the state of Utah since the 19th century, featuring countless specialty drinks and live music on most nights as well. The whiskey drinks here come highly recommended, including the famous Campfire Whiskey and the equally popular High West Lemonade. This establishment manages to be both lively and cozy, with patrons enjoying their drinks in a nice atmosphere as the snow swirls outside. Popular with both locals and tourists, the High West Distillery is the perfect taste of the nightlife in the area.

Spa Montage Deer Valley

If you’re sore and stiff after a day on the slopes or simply from the long RV rental journey to get to Park City, then make sure to stop in for some relaxation at one of the area’s many top rated spas. One of the most notable is Spa Montage which really has it all on its massive grounds. There is a lap pool, man different saunas and steam rooms, a salon and fitness center, plus whirlpools and much more. With the added space comes a less crowded atmosphere, so you can really kick back and enjoy your experience at Spa Montage without the rushed and cramped environment you get at some of the other popular spas.

Horseback Rides

If you wish to get out and see the surrounding countryside, you will definitely want to take advantage of one of the many horse riding opportunities in the region. These guided tours will allow you to get out on the trails and in the forests, where you can get a feel for how the miners lived all those years ago. Note that this option is not available in the winter, but if you are here in the Spring or summer then definitely take advantage of this opportunity.


It goes without saying that Utah offers some of the finest skiing opportunities in the world, and park City puts you right in the heart of the action. Here you have the famous Deer Valley slopes plus Park City, two of the most popular and in-demand skiing spots in the country. Both of these resorts are located right outside the town, so if you’re staying in Park City you have easy access. As a matter of fact, there is a lift that starts right outside the Distillery, so you can literally be lifted right off Main Street and onto the slopes. Utah is known all over the world as a mecca for skiers, offering fresh powder slopes with challenging trails and many amenities for visitors. Featuring two of the most popular resorts in the region, Park City is a skiers utopia if there ever was one.

Great to visit in both summer and winter, Park City is the perfect stop for RV rental travelers in the region. The sheer amount of activities and beautiful sights in this historic region is staggering. Not only do you have all the famous outdoor activities such as world class skiing, horseback riding, and hiking but you have a hip town with lots of nightlife, shopping, and great eating to take advantage of. Do yourself a favor, rent an RV and put Park City on your must-do list for your Utah trip.

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Travel Tips - Subhajit Pramanik - January 4, 2018

Hawaii, the volcanic U.S. State has been enchanting its visitor with all its pristine beauty. The beautiful islands, the crystal clear waters and the gorgeous beaches make Hawaii one of the most popular tourist destinations. Every year thousands of tourists visit this beautiful destination to spend their holidays. This ‘aloha nation’ is famous among the travelers for its relaxing lifestyle and abundant sunshine, which makes the islands of this state a popular destination to spend some relaxing time. But if you want some adventure, Hawaii has a lot of things for you too. The state also has some of the most varied landscapes which you can explore. There are a lot of beautiful destinations for you to explore in this state. Here are the top three Hawaii destinations which you should visit when you come to this islandic state to spend your vacation.


Kauai Island:


If you are a fan of the famous Hollywood film Jurassic Park, then Kauai Island is a Hawaii destination which you will have to visit. This is the island where that iconic movie was shot. You will get to see all of those incredible vistas in real life when you visit this Hawaii destination. However, if you truly want to experience the beauty this island beholds, only a trip to Kauai Island won’t suffice. The best way to get all the incredible views that this island has to offer is to go for a helicopter ride over the island. You will get to see some brilliant views of the island and its waterfalls through the dense forests from a bird’s eyes’ point of view. You can also go for a hiking trip through the legendary coast, which is considered the best backpacking route that Hawaii has to offer.


Kilauea Volcano:


Hawaii is popular among the tourists as a volcanic state, and that has a good reason. The state as five active volcanos, among which four volcanos are on Big Island only. Located on Big Island, the Kilauea Volcano is considered one of the most active volcanos in the world. The volcano has been erupting continuously since 1983, and it is one of the must visit Hawaii destinations during your trip. You can witness the true power of our earth which it holds within when you visit here. Take a trip to the summit to watch the hot lava coming out of the crater. Go for the Crater Rim Drive tour if you want to have a good view of the crater. Also remember to go on a drive through the Chain of Craters Road, to watch the hot, molten lava meeting the cold water of the ocean.


Haleakala National Park:


The Haleakala National Park is another one of the Hawaii destinations which you must visit during your vacation. Located on the Maui Island, this park stretches from the summit of Haleakala Volcano to the ocean. The road to the summit is quite difficult to cross, but the beautiful view of the sunrise from the summit of this volcano makes it one of the top three must-visit Hawaii destinations.

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