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Destinations, Travel Blog, Travel Guides, Travel Tips - Subhajit Pramanik - December 8, 2017

One of the best places to travel in the world, Switzerland, has been attracting travellers from all over the world for ages. Every year thousands of tourists flock over to the beautiful European country. Picturesque mountains, small medieval towns, crystal clear lakes, snowy peaks and lush green fields make up this country’s varied landscape. You need to travel to the different cities of this varied country, and explore the area to truly appreciate its beauty. You will be spoilt for choices when you embark on your journey to the next Swiss landmark. However, there can be simply too many beautiful places to visit in Switzerland, and travelling to all of them can be a stretch. Here are the top five places to visit in Switzerland, to experience the country in its complete glory.


The historic, old town of Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and also undoubtedly the favourite Swiss city of many travellers. The city is small and built around a crook in the Aare River. The city traces back to the 12th century, and the visuals speak for it. This beautiful small city has a lot of medieval architectures preserved in the Altstadt (Old Town). The cobblestoned streets, the medieval buildings, and the closeness to the mountains make this city one of the best places to visit in Switzerland. Make sure you try some the delectable food, chocolate and Swiss ice cream than you find here.


The Swiss city of Basel is worth staying for the luxurious experience it provides. Set near the Rhine River, this beautiful city will present you an array of delectable food and a choice of activities to choose from. You’ll find an extremely diverse cuisine in this city. The historic city also has a number of museums, zoo and cathedrals which make this city one of the must-check-out places to visit in Switzerland.


Dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Alps’, the small little town of Saas-Fee is one of the many quaint little towns which you should explore during your Swiss travel days. Surrounded by thirteen of the Alpine four-thousanders, this extremely beautiful town is located in an impressive valley. A stay in Saas-Fee will guaranty you of some impressive views of the surrounding mountains and the land down below. This beautiful mountain town is also popular for various activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledging and skating. It is one of those places to visit in Switzerland where you can explore the real mountain life.


Interlaken is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Switzerland for adventure and mountain related sports. So if you are one of the adrenalin junkies, then this place should be your number one priority. Situated in the lap of the mountains, this beautiful town is also a must visit for backpackers.


Zurich is most probably the absolute must places to visit in Switzerland for any traveller visiting this beautiful country. The cosmopolitan city of Zurich is full of energy with its throbbing nightlife, the line of bars and restaurants and lively people. The city is set beside the Lake Zurich while the mountains act as a backdrop. The city is well-known for its art. It is the city from where the Dadaist movement originated, and there are over 50 museums which celebrate the form through various exhibitions and events throughout the city.

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8 Thrill-Seeker Activities You Can Do In Australia

Australia, Travel Blog - Ross French - December 8, 2017

Australia has so much to offer adventure seekers. Once you’ve spent time chilling out on the white, sandy beaches, surfing the waves, and drinking delicious wines and beers, there’s loads of exciting activities that will get the adrenalin pumping. We’ve put together a list of some of the best thrill-seeking adventures around.

Finding Exciting Activities in Australia

If you’re open to adventure, keen on a one of a kind jet flight experience, and looking for other unforgettable things to do down under, here’s our go-to list for chasing the thrills.

  1. Skydiving over the beach

Is skydiving on your bucket list? Why not let your first time be in Australia? Mission Beach is by far one of the most popular places to skydive in the country, with amazing views stretching over the beaches of far north Queensland. Other great locations to skydive include Byron Bay, Wollongong Beach, and Darwin.

  1. Paragliding over the Royal National Park in Sydney

If you want to try out paragliding, head over to Stanwell Park, a stunning, very scenic beach-side town complete with massive cliffs from which to launch. The area lies a little north of Wollongong and to the south of Royal National Park.

  1. Tandem Hang-gliding

If you really want to do something unforgettable that gets the heart pumping, you should definitely try hang gliding – it’s not as difficult as it may look. Try hang gliding over Wollongong with your bestie.

  1. Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef

If you’d prefer to be in the water, then scuba diving is the way to go. Bring your friends to see and experience the sensational Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the largest reef in the world that stretches pretty much all the way down the east coast.

  1. Hop Aboard a Jet Boat

Have you ever experienced the thrill and rush of jet boating? The good news is that there are several popular destinations throughout the country, like Cairns, Sydney Harbour, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast where you can experience a sightseeing thrill-ride like no other.

  1. Bungee Jumping

Head over to Cairns with your nearest and dearest for some mind-blowing bungee jumping. There are plenty of bungee jumping companies in Cairns and that means loads of amazing bungee jumping opportunities.

  1. Try Zorbing

Ever heard of zorbing? It’s a really fun activity for the young at heart and kiddies, too. If you’re looking for a fun place, check out Surfer’s Paradise, the perfect sport to organize a zorbing adventure. All you have to do is climb into a giant hamster ball and get ready to have fun rolling down a hill.

  1. How about Zip Lining?

Soar through the Australian treetops and have fun with the entire family in Belgrave. Zip lining is a challenging yet fun adventure for the family to experience together.

With so many thrilling things to do in Australia, don’t forget to book a jet flight adventure to experience a whole other view of the stunning country.

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Places Which the Past Hasn’t Let Go

Travel Blog - Ross French - December 6, 2017

As globalization increases, everywhere in the world seems to have caught up with one another. Most large cities and countries are starting to look and feel more and more similar. Modern technology and similar building materials are only separated by differences in architecture and style.

However, not all countries have kept up. Whether by choice, or due to other reasons, visitors to some countries still feel as though they are stuck in the past. Newer cars can’t be seen (or at least rarely), architecture styles seem are dated, and the people go about their lives in a different way.

Agness and Cez invite you to step into the past and have a look at some of the best places in the world for visiting if you want to take a trip back in time. This is not going to be your typical holiday advice.

North Korea

North Korea is a great place to start if you’re aiming to jump into the past. Whilst the country has recently been opening up to the rest of the world with new and expensive coffee shops, it’s still relatively cut off from social imports. Soft power from the west, as it’s sometimes called, hasn’t really managed to gain as much of a foothold in North Korea when compared to some other countries.

So, heading to this unique destination means that you’re heading into a chunk of land where you will probably mingle with a group of people who have largely been absent from the international scene. From the everyday fashion choices of its people to the architectural styles of its buildings, North Korea can certainly seem like a remnant from a time before.

To get the best experience from North Korea, make sure you check which of the many North Korea Tours is best for you before you head out there.

What to check out

North Korea is a great place to see a huge range of different cultural experiences. However, if you want to take a trip into the past, you’ll want to focus on one of these things in particular; landmarks. Of the landmarks, you should be making sure to check out, there are a few which might peak your interest more than the others.

The Tower of the Juche Idea is an incredible piece of art. Behind it are tower blocks made from concrete and steel. The tower itself stands at 170m and is comprised of 25,550 granite blocks – one for every day of Kim Il-sung’s life until his 70th birthday. The tower is located in Pyongyang and is certainly one of the best architectural wonders in the city.

Yet in Pyongyang, there lies another monument to the country’s history, known as the Monument to the Foundation of the Workers’ Party. Amid communist-style propaganda posters and murals and mosaics dedicated to the country’s leaders, you’ll find this monument in the middle of the city. It depicts three hands holding three different objects; a hammer for the worker, a scythe for the peasant and a brush for the artist. What’s even better about this location is that locals frequently pass this place, meaning you’ll get to see more than just the statue.


Due to the US embargo, travel to Cuba by US citizens has ben restricted for over half a century. Whilst travel from outsiders had not disappeared completely, Cuba certainly didn’t boast the largest tourism industry in the world. Combine that with a number of economic restrictions on the country, and you’re left with a place behind the times. That being said, Cuba is now much more open than it was previously, yet taking a trip to this somewhat isolated country can still feel like stepping into the past.

As a country, Cuba boasts some gorgeous beaches, interesting wildlife and brilliant architecture. It’s a place where the past comes alive, with vintage cars on the street, and historic forts and coffee shops which look like they belong in another time.

What to check out

Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the best places to visit if you want to catch this country’s history. The Plaza Vieja is a vibrant place and great for seeing how Cuba looked around a century ago. Unfortunately, what stands there today is not what was originally in place. During the 1950s, the plaza was replaced with an underground carpark, which ruined the site. Luckily, the locals came together and restored the site to its former glory, ready for you to visit.


Myanmar is located in Burma and, after fifty years of self-imposed exclusion, has opened up its shores to tourism. Here, you’ll find incredible beaches and magnificent temples. Whilst the country of Burma is still largely rural, and the country’s economy still mainly runs based on agriculture, it has been developing for several years.

Myanmar itself is moving forward quickly. Places which, in the past, were just small towns have bloomed into large cities and homes for the country’s burgeoning industry. Between temple pagodas you’ll find expansive blocks of cityscape. Burma is still somewhat off the beaten path, yet possibly not as much as it was five years ago.

What to check out

Undoubtedly, one of Myanmar’s biggest and most well-known sites is Shwemawdaw Paya. Often referred to as the Golden God Temple, this 114m tall pagoda dates back to around the 10th century. The tower itself is said to have been built to hold two hairs of the buddha. Shwemawdaw Paya is an iconic and historical monument to Myanmar’s past.

However, if you want to really find yourself in the past, then you’re going to want to head to the plain of temples in Bagan. Being around these temples feels like a time before modern technology. Beside some disguised electrical wires, you’ll find yourself surrounded by green, with only dirt paths to guide you.

Similarly, if you head towards the hills outside Kalaw, you’ll find yourself in a place of vast natural beauty. Only a few dirt paths and small houses can be seen, with the mountains stretching off into the distance, as they always have.

Do you know any places still stuck in the past?

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Discover the Magic of the New York City Tours

North America, Travel Blog - Ross French - November 27, 2017

New York City is one of the globe’s great cities. It’s a bustling metropolis which is a feast for the senses. Last year (2016), over sixty million people chose to visit the Big Apple. This is the highest number of yearly visitors ever! Clearly, New York hasn’t lost its magic. Today, we want to show you some of the best ways to tour NYC.

From Ellis Island to the Empire State Building to the glittering jewel that is legendary Central Park, this is a city that has it all…it’s the city that never sleeps!

There are tons of tour operators out there. Before signing on for New York City Tours, be sure to vet provider companies carefully. Check Yelp reviews, visit their official websites and compare tours and prices. You’ll find that there is a tour from a reputable company which fits your budget and hits all of the right local attractions.

Here are three New York City tours which are perennial favorites!

1.) Explore NYC’s Heritage at Historic Ellis Island

Did you know that twelve million immigrants came to the USA via Ellis Island’s famous gold-toned door? These immigrants were filled with hope for a better life and many did manage to make the American Dream come true!

When you take a ferry from Battery Park in the Big Apple, out to The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, you’ll be able to learn so much about the history of the city. It’s quite possible that some of your ancestors arrived at Ellis Island for processing before entering the city proper. To get to the museum, you’ll need to book with a company called Statue Cruises. It provides ferry services to the Island and it’s the only cruise company which is approved by the National Park Service, for the purpose of transporting passengers by ferry to Ellis Island.

2.) Check Out America’s Most Famous Lady

The Statue of Liberty is a gorgeous and inspiring symbol of hope and freedom. However, it wasn’t made in America. It’s actually a gift from France. It’s now located upon the grounds of Liberty Island, in the New York Harbor. Crafted from copper, this wonderful statue of America’s most famous lady was designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and then constructed by Gustave Eiffel. The dedication of this statue took place on the 28th of October, 1886.

To see the statue up close and personal is an unforgettable experience…especially if you’re seeing it for the very first time. You’ll need to take the ferry from Liberty State Park or Battery Park. E-tickets are available and we do recommend using e-tickets which you may download and print out at home and then take with you. When you have e-tickets for the ferry passage, you’ll be able to go right to the security check.

We recommend the open level of the ferry, as it offers the most superlative views. Once you arrive at Liberty Island, walk across the pier and then visit the information building. If you wish to, you may sign on for a guided tour of the park. If you prefer to wander and take it all in, without a tour guide, you’ll be free to do so. The Island features a gift shop and refreshment concession.

The ferry which travels to Liberty Island stops at Ellis Island afterwards. So, there’s always the option of getting on the ferry again and heading out to Ellis Island. How much you do in one day is really up to you.

Unwind in Central Park

Some New York City tours will put you in contact with big crowds. With the sheer volume of tourists flooding into the city each year, it’s no surprise that the city’s key attractions are often surrounded by lots of people. If you want to escape from the crowds, while still enjoying one of the New York’s most appealing attractions, why not book a pedicab tour of the Big Apple? When you do, you’ll discover so much natural beauty.

Since the park is large (3.41km), there’s plenty of room for everybody. There’s room to breathe in fresh air, see the sights and take plenty of beautiful photographs. The park allows for superb people-watching and also gives people space to think and chill. It’s really a great place to be and some of its attractions, including Strawberry Fields (a tribute to late Beatle, John Lennon), Bethesda Fountain and the Loeb Boat House, are so much fun to see!

It’s best to book a pedicab tour, as the park is vast and you will be likely to miss its key attractions if you try to cover it all on foot. Central Park Tours NYC will make sure that you are comfortable as you snuggle into the back of a rickshaw-type vehicle. He or she will pedal you along a route that takes you past some amazing park highlights. Tours and tour durations will vary, as will tour prices.

A two-hour tour should be extremely relaxing. An hour-long pedicab tour will also be great fun, but may leave you wanting more.

When you see the park from the padded passenger seat of a pedicab, you won’t need to tire yourself out, as you’ll be pedaled around. This is nice, as you’ve probably spent some time pounding the pavement on the city sidewalks already, or will after your tour.

As a bonus, Tavern on the Green (one of New York City’s most iconic restaurants) is right in Central Park. A perfect day in the city might include a pedicab tour, followed by a luxurious supper at Tavern on the Green.

Gossip Girl Tour is one of the popular pedicab tours among teenagers.

Plan Your Big Apple Itinerary Today

You deserve to take a big and flavorful bite out of the Big Apple. Now that you know three New York City tours which really deliver, why not plan the ultimate NYC itinerary?

In New York City, there’s never a shortage of things to see and do. A mixture of outdoor and indoor activities will provide the right balance, so consider visiting the Metropolitan Museum, the flagship Tiffany’s jeweler on Fifth Avenue and the The American Museum of Natural History, which is located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Subhajit Pramanik - November 22, 2017

Las Vegas, the desert city synonymous with glamour, glitter, and luxury, attracts travelers from all over the world. Every year thousands of tourists visit the ‘Sin City’ to have their share of fun and pleasure. Considered the ultimate destination for parties, nightlife, and gambling, Las Vegas is truly a one of a kind city where people come back over and over again to spend some time filled with the happiest memories of their lives. From glamorous casinos to gourmet restaurants, from jaw-dropping attractions to luxurious hotels, Las Vegas will surely stun you with its beauty. The glorious Las Vegas hotels beside the famous strip add to the lavish experience of a trip to this city. However, all of these luxuries come at a price, at it almost costs a fortune to stay at these luxurious hotels during a trip.


However, that doesn’t mean a trip to Las Vegas is enjoyable only for the people with a truckload of money. In fact, there are a lot of mid-range Las Vegas hotels on and around the center of the city which are quite luxurious for a glamorous stay in Las Vegas. These hotels may be a bit less on the grandeur side than the most luxurious hotels, but they for sure do not compromise on comfort. And if you are someone who is looking for a memorable vacation at the city of sins, then here are the top three Las Vegas hotels where you can spend your time indulging all the Vegas-luxuries without breaking the bank.


Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort:


Located right in the heart of Las Vegas, the Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort is one of the best Las Vegas hotels you can spend your vacation in while you are on a holiday. With its five heated swimming pools, fully stocked game room and even a miniature golf course, it is one of the most luxurious options among the budget Las Vegas hotels. They also offer a complimentary shuttle service to the Las Vegas strip if you stay with them, which is just minutes away.


Jockey Club Suites:


Located at the Las Vegas strip between the City Center and the Bellagio, Jockey Club Suites has no resort fees, outdoor pool, fully stocked gym and luxurious suites which make it a great option among the mid-range Las Vegas hotels. This is an aparthotel having beautifully decorated one and two-bedroom suites for you to spend your vacation in. Located at the most famous part of Las Vegas, Jockey Club Suites makes sure that you get to have the topmost Vegas experience.


Tahiti Village Resort & Spa:


If you want a much more relaxed vacation a little bit away from the crowd and the busyness of the most happening spots of Las Vegas, Tahiti Village Resort & Spa is one of the best mid-range Las Vegas hotels you can spend your holiday in. This 4-starred resort is situated in front of a lazy river and houses a full-service spa. You can spend your vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas while relaxing in the spa, and when you are in the mood for some party, the resort also offers free shuttle services to the Las Vegas Strip.

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