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Explore Japan: A Mystical Land of Endless Attractions

Travel Blog - Ross French - April 26, 2017

Japan offers a unique blend of the traditional and the contemporary. It boasts of a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Today, several structures of the past co-exist with modern achievements in technology and architecture. Japan also has the world’s lowest crime rate, making it an ideal place for tourists. To experience a tour of Japan, you must visit the following places.

1. Mount Fuji

The most well-known landmark in Japan, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain peak in the country. Millions of people climb the mountain every summer as an act of pilgrimage that concludes with watching the sunrise from the summit. Many of course choose to just view the mountain from a distance or from the comforts of their vehicle as they speed past it.

2. Imperial Palace, Tokyo

The most beautiful landmark of the country, the Imperial Palace with its wonderful 17th century parks surrounded by moats and walls, is on the bucket list of every traveller. Visitors can see fine views of the palace and the renowned Nijubashi Bridge well-known for its watery reflection.

3. Hiroshima Peace Memorial

It is a haunting tribute to the people who lost their lives when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 1945. Located in a park, the memorial features Genbaku Dome, which is the lone structure left standing after the bomb was dropped.

4. Jigokudani Monkey Park

It is a well-known hot spring area in the country. Visitors can see boiling water seeping out of the frozen ground. The place is famous for the presence of wild snow monkeys that descend from the forests and the cliffs surrounding the spring to sit in the warm water and return to the forests in the evening.

5. The Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist Temple

Situated in Eastern Kyoto, it is an ancient temple that dates back to the year 798. There is an indoor waterfall that keeps the structure in harmony with nature. Visitors can enjoy the artwork, talismans and shrines of the temple while here.

6. Himeji Castle

The castle is considered the best existing example of Japanese architecture. The temple has been rebuilt several times through the years and reflects the different design periods. The castle is seen in several local and international films.

7. The Great Buddha of Kamakura

It is a massive outdoor representation of Amida Buddha, one of the most well-known Buddhist figures of Japan. Made of bronze, the statue is around 40 feet high and weighs almost 93 tons. It dates back to 1252 and although it was originally kept in a small wooden temple, the structure is now placed in the open air.

8. The Todaiji Temple

The structure is a great feat of engineering. It is the largest wooden temple in the world and is home to the largest bronze statue of Buddha. Set amidst beautiful gardens, the area holds several artefacts of Buddhist and Japanese history.

Japan offers a beautiful experience for the traveller looking to explore the vibrant land. So why not head there for your next vacation?

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Amritsar, Holy Land of Sikh Religion

Asia, Travel Blog - Ross French - April 11, 2017


Amritsar is one of the largest cities in Punjab and an important religious and cultural centre for Sikhs. The city was was founded by Sikh Saint, Guru Ram Das in 16th century. Amritsar was later developed by his successor Guru Arjan Dev. The city lies a distance of 450 kms from Delhi and can be reached within 8 hours via Delhi to Amritsar cabs. Let’s have a look at the best attractions in Amritsar.

Golden Temple: Also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib, it is the most revered Gurudwara or holy shrine of Sikh religion. It is visited by millions of devotees throughout the year. The foundation of this holy site was laid in 16th century by the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev. During the early years of 19th century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh covered the upper portion of the Gurudwara with 400 kg of Gold, which gives it the name, the Golden Temple. AdiGranth, the holy scripture of Sikh religion, is kept within its precincts during the day. The Golden Temple has four entrance gates that signify human brotherhood and equality. This holy site is certainly a must-visit for travellers having spiritual and historical interests. Many people directly travel to Golden Temple from Delhi by hiring Delhi to Amritsar taxi.

Durgiana Temple: It is a famous Hindu temple in Amritsar dedicated to Goddess Durga. Situated near Lohgarh Gate, it was constructed in the 20th century by Harsai Mal Kapoor. Also known as the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, its design and architecture is inspired from the famous Golden Temple. The temple complex houses idols of many Hindu deities including Goddess Durga, Goddess Sita and Lord Hanuman. There are intricate wall carvings on its walls which display Hindu scriptures and Goddess Durga in her different incarnations. It is a must visit for devotees of Goddess Durga.

GurdwaraBibeksar Sahib: This wonderfully built Gurudwara is located on the banks of BibeksarSarovar. It was constructed by the sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind in the year 1628. The Gurdwara was built at the spot where Guru Hargobind used to hold evening meetings with common people and preach religious and spiritual ideas. The Gurdwara also features a lovely garden where Guru Hargobind Singh is said to have spent his recreational time. One the last Saturday of every month, large number of devotees gather in the temple to join the Keertan program.

Kaiser Bagh: It is a splendid garden in Amritsar that showcase a unique blend of Gothic and Mughal styles of architecture. Built in the year 1850, it houses Indo- Gothic style temple at its centre. The park displays a cluster of domes and cupolas with the main floor having a large pavilion. It is a great place for travellers who love photography and Indian history.If you are planning for a day trip, they you can book taxi in Delhi from reliable players

Wagah Border: It is an army outpost situated at the borderline of India and Pakistan. It is famous for the amazing ceremony known as ‘Beating the Retreat’ which is held every evening at border’s gate. It comprises of a pompous and energetic parade of Indian and Pakistani forces. It is attended by large number of people on either side. The ceremony gets ended with beatings of drums and thunderous applause.

Hiring outstation cabs in Delhi will let you explore these attractions at leisure. You can get affordable Delhi to Amritsar cab fare through It is a trustworthy operator of Delhi to Amritsar car rental.

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Top Attractions in Cambridgeshire

Europe, Travel Blog - Ross French - February 18, 2017


Cambridgeshire County is both archaeologically and historically significant, as a number of major discoveries have been made here. And it is also out of the most scenic areas to visit in Great Britain. It offers a lot of attractions to explore on a visit with famous colleges, impressive cathedrals, stunning architecture and places of historical interest. And there is a lot in terms of shopping with shoppiCng centres, high-end boutiques and plenty of places to shop.

Finding suitable accommodation is never a problem as there are many options to choose from. In terms of hotels Cambridge UK offers a wide range from budget to luxury hotels, to cater to all types of travellers. While in Cambridge some of the top attractions worth a visit are:

Saint Peter’s Cathedral

It is also known as Peterborough Cathedral and is the official seat of the Anglican Bishop of Peterborough. The cathedral is dedicated to the three apostles – St Peter, St Andrew and St Paul. Its foundations were built in the Anglo-Saxon era and it was rebuilt using the Gothic style of architecture in the 12th century. With a beautiful facade and ornate arches it is one of the most visited attractions in the city.

Ely Cathedral

Another prominent attraction in Cambridgeshire is Ely Cathedral that was built in the 12 century. It is the official seat of the Bishop of Ely and was gives its status as a cathedral in 1109. It is known for its exquisite Gothic architecture that features high domes and beautiful arches. It receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Ely Cathedral, CambridgeIWM Duxford

It is one of the most historic airfields in Britain and is now a modern war museum which highlights the role played by combat aircrafts in the Second World War. The airstrip in Duxford was used prominently during the Battle of Britain. The aircrafts kept at the museum belong to WWII and other conflicts. There also are a number of warhorse airplanes of both the 19th and 20th centuries on display. Visitors to the museum also get to learn about war strategies.


Newmarket is considered to be out of the top racing establishments in the country and has a number of stables, museums and racing tracks. It is also home to the Jockey Club among other private clubs and the trainers’ yard. Visitors often get an opportunity to see some of the finest racehorses in the business.

Cambridge Colleges

One of the most acclaimed universities in the world, Cambridge University has more than 30 colleges affiliated to it. While policies vary among colleges, visitors are allowed to visit the grounds, classrooms, lecture halls and cafeterias in some of them.

King's College panoramic view, CambridgeGranchester Village

If you are looking to experience the idyllic charm of a rustic village Grantchester Village is the place to visit. It has large green meadows that are perfect to go on a stroll and is one of the most scenic and tranquil places to explore.

The Centre for Computing History

A one of a kind museum, it commemorates the information age. Here, visitors get to learn about the history of computing along with a wide variety of devices and early computer models through the different stages of the development of computer technology. A very informative and interesting place to visit!

Nene Park

One of the best places to visit with the family in Cambridgeshire is the Nene Park that is located along the Nene River. It is extremely scenic with forests, meadows, lakes and parks. Visitors can play golf, try their skills at fishing or just get on a bicycle and tour the pristine woodlands.

American Cemetery

The American Cemetery in Cambridge was established to honour the memory of the brave American soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice during the war. Here visitors learn about the numerous stories of bravery and personal sacrifice by the soldiers to uphold freedom and liberty. There is a memorial and a chapel and visitors can learn more about the war at the visitors centre. There are a number of storyboards and interactive displays which portray the events of the Second World War. Take a tour of the court of honour that has a wall of the missing along with stone statues.

Anglesey Abbey, Gardens & Lode Mill

One of the most beautiful gardens in the county it has a stunning collection of flowers through all the seasons. The gardens are planted with a variety of flowers that include a snowdrop collection, herbaceous flowers, dahlias, spring flowers and the renowned Winter Garden. It offers to plenty to explore on a visit with the Hoe Fen Wildlife area perfect for an outdoor adventure. There is Lode Mill, a watermill where you can still see flour being ground the old way. Also do not miss a visit to the magnificent home of Lord Fairhaven that is the epitome of a lovely English country home. To know how life must have been in the 1960s visit the Domestic Wing.

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

Probably out of the best botanical gardens in the country it is spread over 40 acres and has a number of glasshouses, which can visited at any part of the year. It was established by John Henslow in 1846, who was the mentor of Charles Darwin. It is a heritage listed property and is home to more than 8000 different types of plants including exotic species. It has nine national collections and an incredibly beautiful arboretum. Some of the top attractions include the Scented Garden, buzzing bee borders, the Winter Garden, Rock Garden, a Dry Garden and other impressive natural attractions. Visitors with children can borrow a free explorers’ backpack and explore the seasonal trails at the gardens.

Humphry Memorial Museum in CambridgeMuseum of Cambridge

The museum houses a vast collection of more than three centuries of the area that is spread across nine rooms. Every room has an interesting set of exhibits with some dating to the 16th century. The museum was formerly known as the Cambridge & County Folk Museum and is located in what was once the White Horse Inn. It is a historic 17th century building that is an attraction in itself. There are numerous temporary exhibitions, workshops and activities held all through the year.

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Add Lembang, Indonesia To Your Travel Wish List

Travel Blog - Ross French - June 23, 2016


Seeing the world? Exploring new places? There is nothing better for the soul. Travelling is a sure-fire way to appreciate the beauty of life – and feel deeply and truly inspired. With so many incredible places to visit it can be challenging to nail down a destination. Guess what? Your life just got a whole lot easier. There is one vacation spot that will take your breath away. Lembang, Indonesia is a stunning town full of natural wonders and exciting things to do. Here are just a few reasons to add it to your travel wish list.

Add Lembang, Indonesia To Your Travel Wish ListThere Are So Many Stunning Places To Stay. Any visit to Lembang will be memorable. However you can make your experience extra special. It all comes down to the accommodations you choose. That’s right. In order to make the most of every moment…you will need to find best hotels. Ideally you want one that is luxurious, relaxing, and enjoyable to be in. Not sure where to stay? Somewhere like the Grand Hotel Lembang is a prime example of accommodations done right. A stay there will add to your overall experience. From the moment you arrive to the moment you return home…your getaway will be one to remember.

You Can Make The Most of Nearby Attractions. The great thing about a trip to Lembang? You can enjoy a quiet vacation full of rest, relaxation, and renewal. Or you can fill up your days with adventure and excitement. The choice is yours! Do you prefer to sit back and unwind? Then there are a few places you will want to visit. Like one of the nearby spa and wellness centres. ZEN Family Spa & Reflexology, Lemongrass Spa, and Ola Family Spa & Reflexology are just a few examples.Add Lembang, Indonesia To Your Travel Wish List 1

For travellers who love to see and do…. be sure to spend time at one of the areas main attractions. There is the Farmhouse Bandung (this popular spot has a little bit of everything. Great views, a petting zoo, and delicious food), the Bosscha Observatory (the observatory is surrounded by gorgeous views and the architecture is unforgettable), and the Vipassana Graha Theravada Temple (a beautiful Buddhist temple where visitors can explore the area – as well as come to pray on Sundays). That is only the beginning. Fill up your travel itinerary with these unforgettable Lembang attractions.Add Lembang, Indonesia To Your Travel Wish List 2

Nature Lovers Will Fall In Love With The Spectacular Views. Still searching for a reason to visit Lembang? How about the incredible views? The area has many to offer its visitors. Over at Tangkuban Perahu, there are many jaw-dropping places to spend your time. From the coloured lake to the volcano hike – as well as the rest of the park area – you will want to bring your camera. Another great option is the Begonia Garden. This is a fantastic spot to take travel photos. Everywhere you turn there are flowers, vegetables, plants, and some seriously romantic backgrounds. There is no doubt about it. You will fall head over heels in love with this dazzling garden.

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The Tourist’s Guide to both Comfort and Convenience of Stays in London

Destinations, Europe, Travel Tips - Ross French - October 31, 2015

London is a city that prides itself in its Queen, its people and its cultural heritage. The rich culture of this city runs back to a very long time ago and it’s the pride of that culture is what that attracts many within its bosoms. From places like Oxford Street and Hyde Park, to places like the London eye or the London bridge which is but of many popular attractions that the city has to offer. Also, speaking of commerce for the business travelers, London equally has a great history in trade and commerce as London was the first ever city to establish a company for the sole purpose of conducting commerce with a foreign nation known as the English East India Company which goes to show how far back the origin of commerce goes. Be it the contemporary opportunist or even the happy go lucky tourist, London has something to offer to all.Hotel

In the arms of Comfort

When you think of the historical heritage and grandeur that London represents, you think of comfort and well, who doesn’t want to live like that during their stay in the city? Be it for any business purpose or purely for pleasure, the Montcalm hotel Marble Arch has got you covered. Located at Park Lane, it is at close proximity to many historically relevant locations such as the Oxford and Regent Streets, Hyde Park etc. that many will enjoy. Also for the couple waiting to get married or to just throw that grand anniversary party, the Marble Arch has a Grand Ballroom that has no equal in comparison. For the businessman seeking to get work done, the Marble Arch is also home to two meeting and events rooms where private dinners and business meetings are a routine task for them and they are more than obliged to host such events if the need be. Speaking of luxury, every room is the Marble Arch has been tastefully decorated keeping luxury in mind and it is fitted with amenities such as Wi-Fi, LCD TV’s coupled with international and satellite channels, an iPad etc. to make ones stay as comfortable as can be. Finally, for the foodies, the Marble Arch has two renowned Restaurants and a Champagne bar to cater to one’s gastronomic desires.

Convenience at its finest

HotelsIf convenience may be more of your thing rather than comfort, London has got you covered there as well. The BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel is a lovely and very reputable establishment that is also conveniently located in Heathrow in close proximity to the Airport for serving primarily those who seek a restful sleep during a long layover or for those with flights departing at odd hours. Each room in this hotel is highly spacious and the arrangement of the décor is in such a way that the guest gets the maximum amount of relaxation as we are all, too familiar with jet lag and physical strain ones goes through on International Flights. Aside from that, every room is fitted with state of the art amenities such a Wi-Fi, LCD TV’s with international Satellite Channels, iPod Docking Stations etc. Be it for the businessman or the tourist, the BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel delivers and maintains a very high bar of convenience like no other.

Image by Fabien Equant,mighty.travels,Anna & Michal Under Creative Common License.


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