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Best Restaurants on Maui

Destinations - Ross French - September 24, 2016



Maui, Hawaii is a standout amongst the most gone by get-away spots on the planet. Maui is known for white sandy shorelines, warm Hawaiian society and a super hot nightlife. The island satisfies it’s notoriety for being one of the chief goals in the United States and the world. The accompanying aide will recognize a portion of the best places to eat on the supernatural island of Maui.

Eating on Maui has a particular Hawaiian pizazz. At practically every eatery on the island you will discover dishes in any event mostly affected or propelled by local Hawaiian food. This implies loads of pineapple, coconut, and other tropical flavors alongside huge amounts of pork and native chicken and birds. Most eateries have some combination of these ingredients and the following establishments are no different.

Cheeseburger in Paradise in Old Lahaina, Maui is an awesome case of this marvel. This world celebrated cheeseburger eatery offers phenomenal burgers and sandwiches and numerous menu things with an unmistakable Hawaiian impact. Alongside things like conventional ground sirloin sandwiches and french fries you can arrange pineapple teriyaki burgers and Hawaiian sweet potato fries. Sweet Maui onions are likewise an exceptionally well known burger and sandwich fixing and add some sweet island flavor to each nibble. Cheeseburger In Paradise is found right on the shoreline in grand Lahaina and is an outright should visit for any burger significant other.

For those looking for more exotic fare there are a number of great Asian dining options on Maui due to its location in the Pacific Ocean and proximity to Asia. One standout Japanese restaurant on Maui isKai-Wailea, located in the gorgeous Wailea Resort and Spa. Kai is world famous for their incredible Japanese-Hawaiian inspired fusion and locally inspired sushi and sashimi. The bluefin tuna rolls and saba shioyaki are especially scrumptious if a little pricey. Kai also has a great selection of local and imported sakes that are sure to put a fire in your belly.


If you are in the mind-set for a more happy climate Fred’s Mexican Cafe serves incredible Mexican nourishment with a Maui bend and hosts a get-together like air throughout the day and night. The ahi fish tacos are made with nearby fish and they are not at all like anything you can discover on the territory or anyplace else so far as that is concerned. The nourishment at Fred’s is awesome however the genuine superstars are the mind blowing mixed drinks. Most beverages at Fred’s accompanied either Tequila or Rum and are crammed with crisp island natural product squeezes and trimmings. Fred’s Mexican Cafe offers an incredible island involvement with good food to boot.

The service is reasonable, the climate is nice, and the perspective of the harbor is amazing. Buzz’s Wharf is one of the best eateries on Maui. Why is it among the best? I have stand out word – a shrimp. Buzz’s Wharf is the main spot on the island where you can get the markea prawns. These prawns don’t really pose a flavor like the normal shrimp from Thailand or the Gulf of Mexico however. They trap your sense of taste into believing that you’ve quite recently eaten a lobster instead of a shrimp.

Big Wave Cafe is one of the best restaurants that breaks the laws of the Maui universe. The seating is open-air, the food is great, and the coffee is hot and delicious. If you think breakfast is just breakfast, think twice, because Maui breakfast consists of waffle, muffin slingers and omelet. Big Wave Cafe has reasonable prices. If you eat before 9am you’ll be treated to a combination breakfast with eggs, meat, coffee, and even more for $3.99.


These are just a couple of the astonishing eateries on the delightful island of Maui. When you visit don’t hesitate to investigate and discover places that match your tastes however for some surefire delectable dinners make certain to look at these superb spots.


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Booze and Food, Madrid

Destinations, Guest Posts - Ross French - May 6, 2011


By: Maria Climent Huguet
Maria Climent is a 26-year-old Catalan lady. After studying translation, she decided her life was odd enough to became a humor scriptwriter and by default, a blogger. This is how she’s now a mother of no one and a better person. She also likes to cook!

If the city of Madrid is famous for something, it is –apart from its football team & coach’s shows- the city’s festive atmosphere. I lived in Madrid accommodation for a year and this is the reason why I’ve prepared a list of bars you MUST visit to feel like an authentic native to the city. And f you want to have a caña (pressure beer) with its correspondent free tapa (portion of cooked food) and moreover, you want this tapa to be good and abundant, you have to know where to go.

porrasCasa Maravillas
An awesome, traditional bar. From the architectural design of it’s façade, you’ll suspect that this bar has been there even before the street was built. Being in front of a theatre (Teatro Maravillas), it’s always crowded. For breakfast, –if you go from 11.30 am on they’ll already have run out of  porras (the most typical Madrid breakfast) and in the evenings, from 7 pm on, everybody’s there for beer o’clock. They are generous with their free tapas, they even ask you what you want to eat along with your beer. Excellent atmosphere all the time. Ask for huevos estrellados and croquetas if you are hungry (Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 13).



Bar El Pico
This bar is run by two very kind brothers –who have recently opened a more refined bar – restaurant in front. It’s a classic bar where you’ll find a mixture of the typical old men who live around the area and hipsters. They normally serve a tapa of paella, chicken wings or bread with some sort of meat. Their specialities are the scrambled eggs with black pudding, the patatas bravas con dos salsas (fried potatoes with two sauces, normally mayonnaise and spicy tomato sauce) or what’s called lacón (ham from the foreleg). Delicious! (Calle del Divino Pastor, 12)

La Fragua de Vulcano
If you go to Madrid, this is a place you can’t miss. It’s in Huertas district (Calle Nuñez de Arce, right next to Santa Ana square). They have all the typical Spanish food you can imagine, from paella, meat balls, Iberian Jam, cured cheese, squid fried in batter… and everything is of very good quality. Nice waiters and excellent wines –and also sangria, yes.


El Palentino
I would dare say that this is the most famous bar in the city. Everyone knows El Palentino, and it’s a matter of two of days since your arrival to one of the Madrid apartments that you will find yourself in this bar. Their secret? It’s REALLY cheap, (last time I was there, you could get good cocktails for 3€, and sandwiches from 1.5€! Its owner is almost an emblem in the city –helping people get drunk since 1950-, and you may find several celebrities there having breakfast after a crazy night of partying. (Calle Pez, 12)

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