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Masai Mara National Reserve

Africa - Ross French - June 1, 2015

Situated within the southwest corner of Kenya close to Lake Victoria, the Masai Mara National Reserve is one among the country’s most well-liked popular safari destinations. Many thousands of game animals have the reserve in their annual migrations to the Serengeti, giving visitors multiple opportunities to look at each prey and predators. Animal encounters abound at each flip, from bull elephants grazing calmly close to herds of antelopes and giraffes to lions travel through the grass to kill hippos lounging within the Mara stream. It’s an best place from that to look at the “big five:” lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalos.

Known merely because the Mara by the locals, the sport reserve was named once the Masai folks that originally haunted the region. The outer area unitas of the park are patrolled by Masai rangers who effectively keep poachers removed from the region. The reserve offers a broad array of accommodations, from luxury tented cabins to camp sites. Some travel lodges are sculptured once Masai villages, with clay-wall cottages lined up in rows, giving visitors a rare glimpse of the culture of the Masai.

Visiting Masai Mara National Reserve throughout the Great Migration will give a lot of encounters with life than the other spot in Kenya. Days within the Mara begin at dawn in order that tourits will find the large cats before they calm down for his or her daily slumber. Balloon safaris within the reserve additionally depart early, giving exciting views of the savannah landscape because the animals rove within the morning sun.

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