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A Taste Of Turkey In A Range Of Delicious Dishes

Europe, Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - March 17, 2015

Perhaps you’ve been to Turkey recently and you want to replicate the delicious food you had abroad, or you just want to travel with your taste buds to a different country. Of course, you can’t replicate the sounds, colours, and smells of a true Turkish bazaar (so do your best to get there, if you can), but you may be able to get somewhere close with ingredients that you can find in your own supermarket.



This is scrambled eggs like you’ve never had them before. Complete with a delicious kick of spice, this high-protein breakfast/brunch/supper is simple to make, but effective for quenching morning hunger pains.


A healthier version of the pizzas we are used to, Lahmacun is basically a flatbread with baked toppings. Normally, this would include ground beef or lamb, but in this recipe, you can find a tasty vegan alternative option.


Using layers of phyllo pastry, you can create a delicious meal, packed with spinach and feta cheese. Even chefs tend to buy readymade phyllo pastry from supermarkets these days. The result is a golden, crispy treat with a delicious and versatile filling.


Do you like nuts, citrus, honey, phyllo, and spices? You’re going to love gooey – yet crisp – baklava. This ancient dessert has been served by Sultans and is traditionally eaten around Ramadan. It’s enjoying an increase in popularity recently, and has even made an appearance as a challenge on The Great British Bake Off!


This is the Turkish version of a calzone…sort of. A pide is like a little pizza boat full of whatever filling you like. Easy to hold, you could make mini pides for a snack, or a great big one for a main meal. These are great to make with kids too.



A delicious array of small dishes to be combined in any way you like, meze incorporates all sorts of food. Usually, you will find hummus, olives, antipasti, flatbreads, and salads. It’s quite like a buffet in many ways!


Dolma can be anything from stuffed vine leaves to stuffed peppers. The filling usually involves rice, nuts, and a variety of herbs. This is a great vegetarian option and you can find a selection of recipes online, depending on what you fancy!


Lokum – or ‘Turkish Delights’ to you and I – is a wonderfully sweet candy that any The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe fans will recognise. It’s often made with gelatine, but can be made without, and lokum is usually favoured with rose water, for a really stand-out taste.

Kayisi Tatlisi

These bite-sized treats couldn’t be easier to make. Kayisi Tatlisi is made from apricots, piped with Turkish cream and nuts. Simple, but delicious.

Su Boregi

Yes, we’re back to phyllo pastry again. Su Boregi is sort of the Turkish answer to lasagne. Pack with ricotta cheese AND feta cheese, for an ideal, Turkish dinner.

Mercimek Koftesi

Mercimek Koftesi is the Turkish vegetarian answer to meatballs, and it’s often served as an appetiser. Made from lentils, they don’t take long to make, but can be used as a side dish in mezze, or just as a healthy snack.

Imam Bayildi

If you love aubergines, you can’t go wrong with Imam Bayildi. This vegetable casserole is a great option for veggie guests, and can be eaten straight from the pan.

Image by Tr!p  nicknamemiket bellaphon under cc license

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