Lake Michigan Stonehenge – A Wonder on Earth

North America - Ross French - September 2, 2021

Lake Michigan Stonehenge

The earth never fails to surprise us with its plethora of strange things. One such strange thing is the Lake Michigan Stonehenge. The original Stonehenge structure is located in the UK and is among the Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the most popular sites in all of the UK. Now if that wasn’t enough, a team of archeologists discovered a similar structure under Lake Michigan. It’s 2021 and we still have no answers regarding its origins. Let us take a deeper look at this mysterious structure. Continue Reading

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3 Ways Travel Can Boost Your Career

Travel Tips - Ross French - August 30, 2021

3 Ways Travel Can Boost Your Career

Exploring what the big, wide world has to offer and broadening your horizons is the goal of every budding Marco Polo.

Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone can help lead you down the journey of self-discovery and expose you to all the incredible wonders that the world has to offer. More and more people are abandoning the grey mists of England and journeying to far-off lands.

From Thailand to Peru the world is filled with breathtaking beaches, captivating cultures, and night skies that sparkle like diamonds waiting to be explored.

However, you don’t need to abandon your career prospects to go travelling. Exploration can bring the opportunity to further your knowledge, gain extra qualifications, and broaden your scope of transferable skills. Don’t put off your adventure a second longer.

Check out our three ways to boost your career prospects while on your adventure of a lifetime.

1. Study around the world

Traditional study and travel don’t tend to go hand in hand.

But with distance learning from the likes of ARU, you can set your own schedule and carry your course anywhere in the world with you. All you’ll need is a laptop or phone and you’ll be hopping on the train to success in no time. The world is your oyster, and a track record of both study and travel will show future employers that you are dedicated, educated and organised on top of being well-travelled!

2. Mastering soft skills

Travel forces you to become completely self-reliant. You need to be fully organised, able to manage your time and schedule, and become thoroughly independent for all decisions.

These are all transferrable skills not just for life, but for any workplace. Travelling solo will sky-rocket you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to think outside of the box. These are some of the qualities that employers across hundreds of industries are looking for! They want someone who will go outside of what is comfortable, to solve and really innovate.

Wow your future employer with your travel adventures and stories of the skills you gained whilst crossing continents.

3. Networking

Travelling the world gives you the opportunity to meet people across the world and see the ways things are done in other countries and cultures.

It also gives you the chance to meet new people, not only in your chosen career field but in others too. Why not volunteer or gain work experience in a completely new industry around the world?

You can build portfolios of connections using social media tools such as linkedin, and using travel as a chance to connect and introduce yourself to new people will boost your networking skills and teach you how to put yourself out there.

These are just three ways that your travel adventures can build valuable career skills for the future.

Have your travel adventures influenced your career at all? Let us know in the comments below.

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Essential Apps for Frequent Travelers

Travel Blog - Ross French - August 19, 2021

Frequent Travelers

Frequent travelers have a wide array of apps and programs to help them stay on track with their trips. These apps can help you store your passport and travel permit details, take notifications of flight changes, and can even help you keep all the information you need to plan a trip. But which apps should you choose?

Here are some of our favorite apps for travelers on the go:


Tripit is a travel organization app, which brings together your flight itinerary, hotel reservations, and car rental information into one place. The program helps the user organize relevant information for upcoming trips by simply creating an account with their email and uploading their airline reservation information upon landing at the airport.

You can then access this information with a tap of the screen, which is much more efficient than leafing through papers and receipts. The program also allows users to store notes sent by email to your inbox on departure, giving you all the relevant travel details in one place for easy reference.


You may want to have a way to consolidate the credit card debt you’ve accumulated while traveling. The Tally app provides you with a low-interest line of credit that you can use to pay off all of your credit cards at once. Moving forward, you’ll just have one low monthly payment. A credit line app like Tally makes borrowing money easier than ever before, and it can streamline your travel budget in the process.


This apps is a unique travel management solution that allows you to digitally store all of your passport and travel permits on your mobile device so that they can be accessed instantly at a scanning checkpoint.

The app can also send a text message from your phone to pre-select emergency contacts in case of loss. It’s easy to install and use: simply scan in your documents once, and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about losing hard copies or forgetting passport details on departure.


Worldmate organizes all of your travel information for easy access and usage during international trips. The app helps users plan their itineraries by discovering booking deals through airline prices and hotel reviews. Worldmate also offers a currency converter and the ability to store maps, plans of important destinations, and even emergency contact information for medical professionals in case of accident or illness while traveling abroad.


WhatsApp is a mobile instant messaging service that allows users to exchange messages without paying for SMS charges or international data fees. The application also includes video and audio call functions, allowing you to stay in touch with your loved ones while abroad.

Another option is Skype – an internet calling service that supports video chat and instant messaging. This app can be used for free over wifi or data charges on your smartphone.

City maps have always been an essential tool for travelers, but they have traditionally been hard to store and carry around. This app allows users to download offline city maps of more than 150 cities worldwide from their smartphones, making it easy to navigate unfamiliar streets without internet access or a GPS tracker.

Google Translate App

This popular app allows you to translate any foreign language into your own, which is helpful when traveling to places where English isn’t spoken. Photo-to-text translation can also come in handy if you’re trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your native language – simply send a photo of the text, and it will appear on your phone as a word document!

You can download a language for offline use, and it will also come in handy if you’re trying to type a quick email or text message.


If you don’t want to bring along all of your travel guide books but still want access to their information, then this is the best app for you. Users can easily store this information right on their smartphones, allowing them to find out the best attractions and restaurants while on the go. It also includes easy access to Wikipedia articles about major destinations, so you can keep up-to-date and learn new information at any time.

These apps are great starters for those who are interested in learning how to travel more efficiently. To decide which travel apps are best for you, you need to determine your travel preferences and determine what kind of traveler you are. Taking the time to research these apps will help ensure that you can travel in comfort, safety, and style while abroad!

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5 Tips To Reduce Stress While Traveling

Travel Tips - Ross French - August 19, 2021

Are you itching to travel? If it’s been too long since you felt the thrill of adventure, now is a great time to put on your traveling shoes and head out the door. While you may be hot-to-trot, it’s important to look for ways to reduce stress while traveling. Here are 5 tips to help you simplify your choices, slash stress, and fully enjoy your adventures.

Skip The Car

Have you always rented a car in a new city? If so, you are in for a big treat. Instead of automatically renting a car, use alternate transportation. Think about riding a bike, using public transportation, or getting a driver. Renting a bicycle is a terrific way to see a city, town, or region. You’ll be out and about exploring side streets, romantic lanes, and getting away from the tourist regions.

Traveling by bicycle also means traveling without the insulation of a personal shell. You’ll be able to talk with locals, explore the back roads, and find sights you’d never encounter from an automobile.

If you aren’t a bike-person, explore public transportation. Buses, trains, and trams are popular modes of travel in many countries. You’ll meet people and get a taste of life like a local.

If you don’t want to bike or use public modes of transportation, get a driver. You may enjoy using services that you can control from your phone. New services make it possible to arrange contactless curbside pickup, without ever having to place a phone call.

With these options, you can travel about and not have the stress of driving. You’ll also steer clear of having to get an International drivers license, or deal with nerve-wracking traffic. Plus, if you’re used to driving on one side of the street, you won’t have to translate everything to the opposite side. If you’ve gone from driving in the U.S. to driving in Australia – you know exactly how stressful this can be.

Create A Picture Book

While you’re traveling, it’s stressful to try to live in the moment – and plan for future storytelling. If you’ve got a picture book, scrapbook, or photo album in mind – start with a plan.

Organize your travels so it’s easy to create memories of your favorite moments. You might go old school, and have a set of envelopes for each day of your trip. Just stash your mementos into the envelope and label each one by date and place.

Once you’re back home, you’ll have a blast going through the envelopes and reliving the moments. And, when you’re home, you can decide if you want to organize your trip in a classic scrapbook or an online collection.

Stay Safe

Getting sick while traveling is stressful. Of course, there are some things that may be out of your control. To stay safe while traveling, check current conditions.

You can reduce stress when you follow the guidelines for safe travel. These will include updates about international and domestic travel. You can also check on vaccinations, testing requirements, mask updates, and specific recommendations for destinations.

Have a Master Plan

Do you enjoy making a master plan for your trip? Some people find that having an overview, itinerary, and reservations gives them a sense of security. If this sounds like you, do your best to create a master plan for all the basics.

Organize your trip with hotel reservations, travel arrangements, and details to help you enjoy travel with minimal stress. Naturally, you may also want to do advance research on sites, museums, and special areas of interest.

If you don’t like to have a master plan, you are in charge. You may be a free spirit who enjoys traveling wherever the winds take you. If so, take time to communicate your dreams with your traveling companion. You’ll save yourself loads of stress by discussing your priorities and travel preferences in advance.

Be Flexible With Changes

Even with a clear agreement and a master plan that matches your personalities, stay flexible. Things happen. Weather changes. Events occur.

You may not be able to plan everything down to the last detail – and have things go that way. If things change, what can you do?

Be agile. Stay flexible. Adapt to changes and enjoy the ride.

It’s often said that the most interesting parts of a trip or vacation are the unplanned bits. This is when you’ll stumble on a back roads vista, hidden hotel, or off-roads trail. You’ll meet people and explore places that are ‘off-the-itinerary.’

Have a great trip – and enjoy traveling with less stress!

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Spend More Time Together With These Creative Day Trip Ideas For Couples

Travel Tips - Ross French - August 19, 2021

They say couples that travel together have stronger, happier relationships than those that don’t. There’s something therapeutic and almost magical about vacations that reduce stress, improves mood, and creates an environment where you can connect on a deeper level. Though it makes sense to take a break with the one you love more frequently, it’s not possible for every couple. When you have families, homes, and careers, the responsibility of keeping up with these things often leaves little time and money for couples to plan a vacation.

Day Trips Are Just As Meaningful

You don’t need a week or even a weekend to experience the benefits of vacationing as a couple. If you can find one day to get away from everyday routines, it’s an opportunity to discover new things and connect with your significant other. Day trips are very popular options because they’re affordable but just as fun. If this is something you feel like you and your partner need, consider these ideas to make the moment memorable.

Visit A State Park

State parks are large, beautiful, and packed with activities for couples that simply want to enjoy each other’s company. If you like the outdoors and nature, a day at the park is right up your alley. The two of you can go for an early morning hike, take a swim in the pool or lake, go for a boat ride, participate in water sports, ride bikes, skate, or have a romantic picnic. Some state parks even host free community events like outdoor concerts, movies under the stars, and carnivals. So, you can spend some time alone and then interact with other activities and people for an enhanced experience.

Art Gallery & Museum Hopping

If you prefer learning about art, history, and culture, you can spend the day visiting art galleries and museums. Most of these establishments are free or affordable to enter, but the experience is priceless. Seeing the different forms of expression and learning about various cultures and historical moments is educational and inspiring. You can finish the day with a nice dinner for two at a fancy restaurant as you talk about the many things you saw.

Beach Trip

Couples that are fortunate enough to live in a coastal state have the option to spend the day at the beach. The fresh breeze from the open water and the warmth from the sunshine is healing to the mind and body. You can lounge on the sand, get a tan, and enjoy a meal and a sweet treat like alcohol ice pops for dessert. If you’re looking for more adventure, you can always go for a swim, surf, paddleboard, or jet ski. Most beaches also have boardwalks where you can shop, eat, play, and explore.

Explore A New City

You’d be surprised how many things there are to see and do in a neighboring town or city. Choose somewhere you’ve never been before and plan to spend the entire day exploring. Go to popular tourist attractions, sign up for a city tour, eat the local cuisine, experience the nightlife, or head to a mall or shopping center and shop until you drop.

An Old-Fashioned Road Trip

Sometimes, all you need to rekindle the flames in your relationship is the open road. You don’t need a destination. Just pick a day, pack some snacks, download a killer playlist, hop in the car, and drive. You can spend time taking in the sights, grooving to your favorite music, playing games, and having intimate conversations.

Life has a way of taking us away from the things we love and care about most. While it comes with the territory, too much time apart can create distance and friction in a relationship. If it’s been a while since you and your significant other have taken a vacation, perhaps a day trip is what you need to reboot. You’ll be surprised to see how beneficial a few hours together can be in strengthening your relationship.

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