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Central America - Eric Anderson - December 7, 2017

Central America Travel Guide Central America Travel Guide

Central America, the mass of land connecting Mexico to South America, is a mesmerizing place jeweled with pristine beaches, beautiful islands, lush rainforests, magnificent volcanos and lively people. Surrounded by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the seven countries of Central America boast some of the most beautiful beaches and surfing waves in the whole world. Due to the regions disturbed history, the countries were avoided by most of the regular travelers for a long time. Only the true nomads and intrepid travelers knew to relish the untouched beauty of these secret lands. However, the secret has been out for the past few years, and tourism in the Central American countries have been booming since then. Our Central America Travel Guide will help you plan your trip to Central America, discussing the budget, food, places to see and things to do in these picturesque countries.

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Australia - Eric Anderson - December 6, 2017

Australia Travel Guide Australia Travel Guide

Surrounded by the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, Australia is a country full of beautiful beaches, delectable food, iconic monuments and incredible landmarks. Over the years, Australia has emerged as one of the most popular destinations among travelers around the world. However, the country has a bit of a bad reputation for being quite pricey to travel to for the uninitiated. But if you have some knowledge about where to stay, or how to budget your trip to this beautiful country, a vacation in this country is actually fairly reasonable, to say the least. That is why from backpackers to campers to hitchhikers to family tourists to luxury travelers, a trip to Australia appeals to everybody. In our Australia travel guide, you will get to know all about the approximate budget, places to see and things to do while traveling through this beautiful country.

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New Zealand - Ross French - September 3, 2017

Auckland attractions

The most populous city of New Zealand, Auckland got its nickname ‘The city of sails’ from the huge popularity of sailing and watersports among its citizens. That’s why if you are in love with the water, then Auckland will be the perfect destination for you. There are a ton of activities in Auckland which will surely catch your fancy. The city has over seventy thousand boats and 120 beaches. Most of the Auckland activities and Auckland attractions surround the jade-green harbor and gulf waters of the city. However, besides the various water related activities in Auckland, there are a lot of attractions in Auckland worth visiting too. Many of these beautiful places get ignored as most of the tourists make themselves busy with the kayaking and sailing. However, if you are someone who wants to dig deeper, then here are some of the best places to visit in Auckland. Continue Reading

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