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Discover the Beauty of Spain: Top 10 Must-Visit Places to Explore by Bus

Travel Tips - Ross French - December 12, 2023

Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Spain, one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, with the convenience of bus travel. Navigating through the Sierra de Madrid, Sierra Nevada, Pyrenees, and the Picos de Europa is made easy with Omio, your go-to platform for booking Spanish bus tickets. While railroads face challenges in the rugged countryside, buses effortlessly traverse the diverse regions, offering a unique and cost-effective travel experience. Discover the beauty of Spain through the window of a bus, taking you to enchanting destinations that capture the essence of the country. Continue Reading

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Daisy Travel to Europe

Europe, Travel Blog - Ross French - May 7, 2015

Europe remains the world leader in art, architecture, food, fashion, design, etc. and it is enriched with historical and cultural values. It is rounded up with fascinating cities known for their museums, shops, restaurants, night life, recreation and aesthetics.Eiffel tower in Paris

The Eiffel tower in Paris, France is the tallest building in the world. There are many interesting facts about the Eiffel tower. It is owned by local government and it is maintained by a private company. A visitor can see about 40 miles in all directions from the top of the Eiffel tower. Eiffel tower is the symbol of Paris, with rich beauty and colorful history. The tourism to Europe is not completed unless visit to Eiffel tower is completed.Rome
Rome, Italy surrounded with temples and legal buildings and filled with statues and bridges. It is a region to offer sea, nature, good food and villages rich in history and art. It is the fifth most visited country in the world. Vatican City is the spiritual home to the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics, boasts more than 30,000 churches and sanctuaries. Seven of the world’s 10 most visited Christian sanctuaries are in Vatican City. Pisa tower also known as Leaning tower of Pisa, considered as one of the world wonder present in Italy.

London is the capital of Europe

London is the capital of Europe, largest and richest country too. It has large cultural diversity and there will be always something new to learn and experience. Westminster is a popular unique building and it is commonly called as house of parliament in London. It is one of the most popular place people like to visit. It is located at bank of the river Thames. There are many towers of different height present in this building. One of the most popular tower is Victoria tower. It is the tallest tower in Westminster building with 98 meters height.

Venice, from the Ponte di Rialto in north-eastern direction

Venice, from the Ponte di Rialto in north-eastern direction

Venice, Italy one of the magical place on earth, has stone buildings of greater beauty sit on water. It contains about 150 canals, spanned by about 400 bridges. The main circulator routes of the city are canals and it is maintained periodically.


Barcelona, city of modern art is also known as second capital of Spain after Madrid. It is home to many famous architects. It is almost lively at night as it is during day time. It is an ideal place to enjoy almost any time because of its perfect climate. In addition to the above, art exhibitions, concerts and different type of shows happens all the time.

With a well preserved cultural heritage, wide cultural diversity and efficient infrastructure, Europe stands in most top place in world’s tourism places.

Image Courtesy to kokorowashinjin D-Stanley Moyan_Brenn Brian Smithson Arian Zwegers Under Creative Common License


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A Culture-Fest In Barcelona

Guest Posts - Ross French - February 10, 2012

Guest Post

So, how can you max-out on culture when you visit Barcelona? Stay in a hotel right downtown or one of the apartments in Barcelona to get closer to some of the awesome sites.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Barcelona is awash with museums, both public and private, and the Picasso Mus…

Barcelona is one of those cities you can visit again and again. Its fantastic location, within reach of some of Spainís most beautiful coastline, together with its history, architecture and huge cultural programme is what makes it one of Europeís most popular city destinations.

So, how can you max-out on culture when you visit Barcelona? Here are just a few suggestions:

1. The Picasso Museum

Barcelona is awash with museum, both public and private, and the Picasso Museum is a must-see on any touristís itinerary. Picasso trained in Barcelona, and so the museum displays a comprehensive selection of the work he created whilst studying in the city. It is an important collection that shows his technical skills and his growth as an artist. In addition, there is a collection of over 40 ceramic pieces, which were donated to the museum by Jacqueline Picasso in the 1980s. Housed in magnificent medieval palaces, and with classical music concerts as well as the art collection, the Picasso Museum is not to be missed.

2. The Architecture

Costing you nothing but tired feet at the end of the day, you can view the history of Barcelona through its buildings. From its Roman Walls, visit the Gothic quarter, where the Cathedral, public and private buildings all take you back in time to the cityís Medieval period. See Modernisme buildings that are also World Heritage Sites and modern buildings such as those built for the 1992 Olympic Games, and youíll have walked through thousands of years of Barcelonian history in just one day.

3. Festivals

Like any major city, Barcelona hosts a number of festivals each year. One of the most popular and best-known is the Barcelona Grec Summer Festival, which encompasses a wide range of productions and performers. In addition, festivals such as the Ciutat Vella Flamenco Festival and the Barcelona Guitar Festival give visitors a true taste of Spanish art and culture.You may leave these festivals so motivated from fantastic art, awesome guitar and dancing that you purchase guitar lessons or Spanish lessons.

Thereís a whole lot of other cultural activities and events to keep you busy on your visit to this amazing city and you’ll want to come back for more whether you stay in a hostel or Barcelona apartments.

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Move Around Barcelona Like a Local

Destinations, Guest Posts - Ross French - May 26, 2011


By: Maria Climent Huguet
Maria Climent is a 26-year-old Catalan lady. After studying translation, she decided her life was odd enough to became a humor scriptwriter and by default, a blogger. This is how she’s now a mother of no one and a better person. She also likes to cook!


Since I’m an inhabitant of this city, I can show you the best things you can do in Barcelona, which, of course, will not be the typical ones all the tourists do when they visit it (or guiris, as we call them, no offence!).

Before I get started, the first thing you need to know is that flip-flops plus socks are not allowed. The second one is that Barcelona is not in Mexico, so please do not buy one of those Mexican hats they sell in Les Rambles. Now that we have cleared that up, we can proceed with useful tips:

Fresh fish tapas in Barcelona – as long as you don’t want to spend $100 on a meal- can be found in the district of La Barceloneta. There you’ll find a typical fishermen neighbourhood, plenty of traditional fishermen bars where you can have good fresh fish tapas and cold beers at an affordable price. Use your common sense to detect the more glamorous bars and steer clear if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Also, remember: The less glamorous, the most authentic.

Then, if you happen to rent one of the apartments in Barcelona, check if it has a terrace so that you can have a barbecue on it. There’s nothing cooler than watching the sunset with a view of Barcelona in the background with friends and a Moritz (a beer made in Barcelona) in your hand.


When the night falls, Plaça Reial is the place. (There are also cool bars in Gracia, but I’ll tell you about those charms later.) If you want to stay out late, listening to the best alternative music and meet fancy locals, try Sidecar. There are jam sessions, two in the same square at the Jamboree. But also Sala Apolo is one of the best places for good music and nice atmosphere in the city; it’s in the Paralel Avenue. Anywhere, as long as you don’t go to Pachá.

Let’s move to the Gracia district: that’s where I live and I must say I am love my neighbourhood. It’s ok to go out at night if you accept that the bars here close at 3am and discos here aren’t really worth it. So, I recommend you to visit this district in the morning. At vermouth time, before lunch, it’s lively and charming especially on sunny days. All the squares are crowded and there’s usually some performances in the Plaça de la Virreina like twist dancing, or live concerts (last performance I saw there was an amazing concert by the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, one of the youngest swing big bands in the world, whose components range from 8 to 20 years old.

Also in Gracia, there’s a mythical bar, the Heliogàbal where you can enjoy a Vermouth concert on Sundays, which I highly recommend. But please, don’t leave the district without entering one of the traditional bodegas (wine shop – bars) that will take you back to an era from thirty years ago.


And finally, I can tell you that one of the best places to get your Barcelona accommodation is the Borne district. This medieval neighbourhood is full of restaurants and bars and cool people, very close to the city centre and the sea. And remember the terrace thing I told you earlier…Move Arou

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Travel Horror Story – The Barcelona All-Nighter

Travel Tips - Ross French - April 26, 2011


By: Mike Argyle

If you’ve never been to Europe, the two pieces of advice that will get you through unscathed are as follows:

1. Do not give money to anyone on the street.

2. Always keep your possessions in your firm grasp.

mike_maxWhether or not you abide by these or agree with them at all, many of the problems that could hurt your trip (and this is true virtually anywhere, not just in Europe) will be reduced if you just follow these two things. Cold hearted? Maybe, but that allowed me to emerge with no issues.
Well, relatively.

I was spending a week in Barcelona with a friend of mine and we had all our accommodations booked for the entire time, save the first night where we decided to just explore the city and we would forego sleep. Great idea, right?

jack_nightmareIt started off promising, We wandered around the streets, ate some food, grabbed a few beers and high-fived a giant Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas, before stumbling on a Celtic concert being held in the square. Awesome! Add in a butt load of beer and early vacation optimism and we were ready for the rest of the night. Dawn would be a breeze.

My friend then decided he was in need of some substance of the illegal nature and sought a proprietor of said substance. I was all for buying beer on the street after hours, despite it also being a problem, but anything else I was fine without it, but that’s just me. He managed to find someone who sold  kind of what he wanted, but then asked instead for something else. The salesman, kind as he was, said in broken English that he would go and find some. And so we waited. And waited. Finally when it seemed like it wasn’t in the cards – oh joy – the humble salesman returned with it. My friend though, decided he didn’t want it. Ugh.

We were then followed by some of his companions, intent on peddling their wares, despite our bilingual protestations to the contrary. Finally, they left. This is when I turned to my friend and told him I didn’t feel like getting shanked or arrested on my first night in Spain and it probably wouldn’t look good on his student visa either. Call me a downer, I just don’t roll that way.

It was at this time, 2am, that we realized a place to sleep would’ve been optimal and we were morons for wanting to wander around all night. Continuing with our trend of moronishness, we relocated to a park bench to rest. My buddy was dating a girl at the time who said she would stay up and read because she wasn’t tired and watch our bags while we rested. We agreed and went to sleep for an hour.

sunriseWe were woken up by her, who said her bag had been stolen. Not in a struggle or anything that we could’ve stopped, but rather by someone who came up behind the bench and took it. My buddy and I were sleeping on our bags – because we are smart – but hers was by her feet. By then, it was 4am and we decided to walk around. It was made all the easier by us being one bag lighter. So hooray for thieves!

We made it to the beach just in time to watch the sun rise – amazing. But just before that, a kindly young fellow, shivering despite the over 25 degree pre-dawn temperature, asked if we had any hash. We apologized and informed him we did not, and he went on his way. I guess we should’ve procured some earlier, but then again I am selfish. Upon making our way back to the train station to get the rest of our luggage, we saw our dear fellow passed out and still shivering on a bench.

What a magical city!

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