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Burj Al Babas – The Lost City

Travel Tips - Ross French - July 5, 2021

Burj Al Babas

A twist in the classic fables. Instead of a princess, a city is lost and forgotten. Nestling in Turkey, 3 hours (approx.) from Istanbul, is the beautiful expanse of Burj Al Babas. But alas, there is no one there to admire.

Built to resemble a Disney castle, Burj Al Babas residential development was started in 2014 with great pomp. The construction came to a mighty halt when the developer went bankrupt in 2015.

Every house was designed to resemble a small castle in itself. There was also a massive entertainment center, movie centers, a mosque, lavish Turkish baths and an artificial lake. Each castle has three floors and has an area of 350 m.sq.

Just imagine living in such royalty. The houses were meant to be sold at $400,000 each. Now, unfortunately, it is a ghost city. Hundreds of castles lay deserted in a colossal wreck.

Do You Know Burj Al Babas Was a Doomed Wreck?

Even before its construction, the inhabitants of Mudurnu, the town nearby, were against the idea. They believed that incorporating Disney-style castles would be opposite to their culture and history.

Turkey is known for its ottoman-style houses, and a Disney-styled city would even look phony. However, the Turkish government favored such a city. They believed it would attract a lot of foreign investment. Even now, there are plans for its revival.

This is a perfect example of not very diligent planning and dreaming of success where it was not very feasible. The fall of the economy and internal political conflict was also a major contributor to its fall.

The investors and developers faced bankruptcy in 2015 and finally filed for it in 2019. The government is still hopeful of reviving the ruins of Burj Al Babas. They want to make it fit and flourishing – just like in the fairy tales.

Burj Al BabasThe Tragic Story of Burj Al Babas

  • Lined with hundreds of Disney-themed castles and would-be entertainment centers, there lies in Turkey, the ghost town of Burj Al Babas. Now abandoned, it rests without any inhabitants.
  • It would have been a state-of-the-art place to live in. There were to be luxurious amenities and beautiful expanses. It was attracting customers from worldwide towards its royalty. One castle was to be sold for $400,000-500,000.
  • Construction started in 2014, and about 587 of the proposed buildings were completed. The developers soon faced bankruptcy, and further construction was stopped in 2015. It was a loss of over $200 million.
  • It could have been a dream city. Now, it stands as the colossal ruin of a castle city. The constructed houses are falling apart. It is a very dismal state.

Not much action has taken place. The government proposed reconstruction to be started in 2019. The place attracts tourists from all over. They are curious to know about this place’s tragic past.

Burj Al BabasFrequently Asked Questions:

Why is Burj Al Babas abandoned?

Ans: Bankruptcy and the downfall of the economy was the main reason why Burj Al Babas is one of the most expensive ghost towns.

Does anyone live in Burj al Babas?

Ans: No! Burj Al Babas is an inhabited town, and therefore, it is completely abandoned.

Where are the Disney castles in Turkey?

Ans: In the Turkish town of Mudurnu, hidden away in the middle of a forest, is a $200 million ghost town called Burj al Babas. There are rows and rows of Disney-style castles with elaborate French architecture just lying abandoned. There are no inhabitants, but this place attracts curious tourists.

Can Burj Al Babas be saved?

Ans: Yes! Burj Al Babas could be saved. The Turkey government is doing everything for its revival.


Miracles do happen, and that might be the case with this residential development. One can only hope that not all royalty leads to ruins. Burj Al Babas is the symbol of Turkish economic plight. It also gives us a lesson that greed, without careful planning, can lead to a mighty fall. It is attracting tourists, and the government aims to capitalize on this fact. Meanwhile, the castles stand hopeful, eagerly waiting for their knight in shining armor.

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Best 6 Baguio Tourist Spot – Attractions and Historical Places

Philippines - Ross French - April 12, 2021

Baguio Tourist Spot

If you like to travel, you may have heard the name Baguio. Baguio is a city in the Philippines. It is famous by two other names – the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” and the “City of Pines.” The city is known for its chilly atmosphere and abundance of pine trees. If you want some relief from the scorching tropical heat, you should check out Baguio. It is a perfect tourist spot for people like you. Now, you might think about which places you should visit during your Baguio trip. Well, don’t worry. In this article, we will give you a Baguio tourist spot list.

Places to visit in Baguio

Here is a list of tourist spots in Baguio

Baguio tourist spotCamp John Hay

Camp John Hay is one of the most popular tourist spots in Baguio. It was an R&R for US soldiers once. But now it is a private resort. The resort resides in the mountains and offers a countryside feel despite the visible development of the city. If you want to escape the bustle of your daily life, Camp John Hay is the perfect Baguio tourist spot.

From staying at the lavish Manor Hotel to visiting the nearby restaurants, you can do a lot of things here. Plus, the place has many picnic spots. Sounds great, right? That’s why a visit to Baguio is incomplete if you don’t come to Camp John Hay.

La Trinidad Strawberry Fields

Everyone needs some strawberries in their life. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell and taste of fresh strawberries? That’s why, if you are in Baguio, don’t forget to visit La Trinidad. This place is only 3 kilometers away from Baguio and has many strawberry fields. You can visit these fields and pick strawberries.

However, the rates vary from field to field. Also, you can get strawberries at a cheaper price in the local markets than you can get here. But, you must remember that you are not only paying for the strawberries but also the memorable experience. So, it’s all worth it.

Baguio Tourist SpotThe Valley of Colors

Since you are in La Trinidad, there’s another great Baguio tourist spot nearby. Along the main highway of La Trinidad, you will find the Valley of Colors. This path is great to take aesthetic pictures while you are on your way to the strawberry fields. The Valley of Colors resides in Barangay Balili. In case you didn’t know, the valley covers three sitios – Stone Hill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap. Thus, the locals call it StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork.

The Valley of Colors looks like a giant colorful mural when you take a look at it. All the houses here sport vivid paintings and unique patterns. All the world’s a big canvas, isn’t it?

Session Road

Session Road is located in the Downtown area of Baguio. It is a major thoroughfare of the city. But what makes it a tourist attraction anyway? Well, the street is filled with many buildings having artistic exteriors. These exterior designs draw huge inspiration from the 20th century American, especially Art Deco, styles. This is one of the main reasons why Session Road has become an awesome Baguio tourist spot.

You can meet your friends or loved ones and have fun on this street. Or, you can meet new people while exploring various bazaars, cafes, eateries, old theaters, cafes, etc. here. No matter what you do, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Baguio Cathedral

While you are at Session Road, don’t forget to check out Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. People also know it as Baguio Cathedral. The church is elegant and located on top of Mount Mary Hill. It is among the most iconic landmarks in the city and a great Baguio tourist spot. The church is a majestic building you would not want to miss. Also, the view of the Session Road from the hill is a sight to behold.

To get to the Baguio Cathedral, you have to climb roughly a hundred steps on a staircase. It can come in handy if you wanna burn some calories after eating a bit too much at Session Road. Haha, just kidding. Anyway, if you are reluctant about taking the stairs, don’t worry. There’s an escalator system at the Porta Vega Shopping Mall. So, what’s your excuse now to not visit the Cathedral?

Wright Park

Wright Park is another amazing Baguio tourist spot. It is a massive park with a long rectangular pool, known as the Pool of Pines. As you can understand from its name, the pool is surrounded by pine trees.

Apart from this pool, the place contains an observation deck as well. Climbing the deck and enjoying the view of the tranquil pool is among the best things to do in Baguio. And yes, the place is family-friendly. So, come here with your family and spend a great day.


How is Baguio as a city?

Baguio is a great city. It welcomes every tourist with open arms and makes them feel at home. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, the city of Baguio would win your heart with its incredible hospitality.

What can you do in Baguio?

Well, you can do a lot of things in Baguio. From visiting the Session Road to observing the beautiful surrounding and horses at Wright Park – the list is huge. One thing’s for sure: you would never run out of things to do while you’re in Baguio.

Is Baguio a chilly place?

Yes. It is. The cold northeast monsoon or “amihan” is the principal reason behind its being so cold. In 2020, the coldest temperature at Baguio was 9.4 degrees Celsius. The city has also seen a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius – the coldest temperature ever at Baguio. So, yes, it’s pretty chilly.


To conclude, Baguio is a great place for those who want to spend a few days and relax. In this article, we gave you a detailed Baguio tourist spot list. Visit them all as soon as you can. Happy Holidays!

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10 Best Things to do in Manhattan

North America - Ross French - January 17, 2021

things to do in manhattan

If you are visiting Manhattan, here are the top things to do in Manhattan and everything else you need to know about New York City.

New York is there on the travel bucket list for everyone who is a city lover. It is called the city of dreams. Quite rightly named, New York is one of the most welcoming cities on earth. Manhattan is the most popular area in the city. There are many things to explore and many things to do in Manhattan. But before getting into that, let us find out how the city of dreams works for travelers.

Manhattan has something in store for everyone. Travelers from diverse cultures come here to explore. Researches have suggested that most of the travelers had to come back just for the sake of the beautiful city and its people. If you are traveling to New York, explore Manhattan to the fullest. You will have an experience of a lifetime. However, that will not be enough. You will feel the urge to come back again and again. Continue Reading

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Island Travel Guide: Things to do in Cebu

Philippines, Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - July 28, 2017


Cebu is a smaller region located in the Philippine, which consists of islands. It is famous for its islands and its food. You can eat like a king. Also rich in history, culture, tradition, food, and natural wonders, there are many things to do in Cebu, which attracts many tourists. Cebu island is a wonderful nature wonderland. Tourists enjoy visiting those beaches to enjoy the scene of the quiet blue sea and hear the sound of its waves when they are sloshing the shore.

It is a paradise for those who love nature and the perfect getaway from the stressed city life. This island is itself is like a beautiful garden comprising of an ocean of flowers and trees. Watching them for hours will not be enough to full your desire to charm your eyes on that beauty. Waterfalls seem like droplets coming down like silky soft falls.

Whether you are a foodie or history junkie, the city Cebu has a world of complete pleasant things to do. Many things to do in Cebu, which includes Spending a day at Cebu Westown Lagoon. Kids will love to visit the water park and pools in an extraordinary oasis.

You can look out for jaw-dropping beauty and remarkable floral arrangements.

It is free from because of the efforts to protect its natural life, rare birds, and rare plants. The wondrous Temple of Leah attracts dozens of visitors every day with beautiful architectural design. Hike Mount Babag is the best place for challenging trekking. It is good for adventure and striking challenges. Cebu has the best-tasting lechons in the country and is known for the best pork dishes prepared ever. You can fill your plate with filling and tasty dishes.

Outdoor photography of nature here will help you to master the skills needed for a successful landscape. It provides a wide range of photography for natural elements. To experience the ultimate food trip in the city, make a food trip to tisa.

It can give late night treats to travelers. It can offer first-class dining in restaurant in the Terraces in Ayala Center. You can Run with the best runners in the city and can learn the art of pole dancing in a fun and sultry way. You can learn Zumba by joining a Zumba fitness class in the Abellana Cebu City Sports complex and burn your calories.

It is the home of the oldest church in the country, so by Liting a few candles, and saying your prayers, and you can make a wish. And worship. Carbon Market is the best place to buy fresh vegetables and fruits in the city. Experience the grandest festival in the Philippines, which attracts many people towards it.

You can also visit Cebu zoo to meet the great Boggart tiger as well as the other charming creatures in this animal refuge. Swimming with the Butandings (whale sharks) will surely cherish for years to come. Cebu is a must go place with wonderful experiences and adventure altogether.

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