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How to Design the Ideal Vacation Home

Travel Tips - Ross French - November 6, 2021

If you’ve traveled the globe, gorged yourself on the profundity of various sunsets and explored the vast array of cultures that define humankind, maybe now is the right time to start designing your ideal vacation home.

Even if it’s just a pipedream at first, it gives you an objective to aim for, and for the well-traveled, settling on the perfect location might not require a second thought.

Here are some tips to help those of you with wanderlust design the abode of a lifetime.

Focus on Your Interests First

What do you love most about your chosen vacation home destination? Is it the local culture, access to amenities, the food, the skyline or the forests? In this regard (and many others), location is extremely important.

Thinking about what excites you the most is a good place to start the design process, as it can inform the size, structure and style of your build.

For example, if you solely want the vacation house to be a place to stay while you spend your every waking hour on the beach or hiking along a mountain trail, you may not need to build the biggest home you can afford.

Putting your hobbies and interests at the centerfold of the design and tailoring your home to your needs can allow you to narrow down your options and help you realize your ideal vision.

Choosing the Materials

If you aim to build from scratch, it is worth thinking about the cost of raw materials sooner rather than later, as this can be part of what makes the process so expensive and time consuming.

There are many wonderful options for this, but if you wanted to keep your vacation home build on the smaller and more cost-effective side, it may be worth searching for drywall contractors near me, as this can be a superb option for anyone wishing to go for a safe and strong setup.

Thinking about the materials can help you develop a more accurate budget before you start the process. Starting your build, only to run out of money halfway through is likely not the most ideal situation to find yourself in.

Moreover, the style of building material you decide to stick with will probably have a large impact on the overall aesthetic of the house, so if you can, try and picture what the finished build will look like. Consulting an architect may be essential if you are struggling in this area.

Make it Unique

Unless you want to capture a little taste of home in a new location, opting to include some unique features can help your vacation property stand out and emanate a sense of distinctiveness.
Whether this is the inclusion of a fountain, brushed gold faucets or perhaps an entirely localized interior layout, introducing a touch of difference and even opulence can truly establish your vacation home as your own (and one you can’t wait to return to).


It is worth thinking about building a guest bedroom for if your friends and family want to come and stay, or maybe not if you want to keep your design as the perfect hidden getaway for you and your significant other.

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