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How to Plan the Best Vacation with a Baby

Travel Tips - Ross French - June 3, 2021

Best Vacation with a Baby

As new parents, you will likely be eager to take your new son or daughter on their first vacation. However, as your baby will need many items on their travels, you must thoroughly prep for a vacation. Otherwise, your memories of the getaway will be searching stores for swim diapers or struggling with a cranky little one.

To ensure you are fully prepared, read the below advice on how to plan the best vacation with a baby.

Find Family-Friendly Accommodation

The accommodation you choose can make or break your family vacation. When browsing hotels, look for a spot that is ideal for babies and toddlers.
For example, the most reputable family-friendly hotels will feature:

  • A kids’ club
  • Childcare
  • Child-friendly meals
  • Children’s entertainment

Read reviews to learn about other family’s experiences at a potential hotel, which could prevent you from booking the wrong accommodation.

Pack a Diaper Bag

As you will know, babies will need many items throughout the day, which is why you must pack the following products in a spacious diaper bag:

  • Diapers
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby wipes
  • A changing pad
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra sets of clothing
  • Towels
  • Beach toys
  • Breast milk/formula
  • Snacks (if your baby is weaning)

Your portable changing station doesn’t need to be unstylish, either. You can feel fabulous on vacation with a stylish diaper bag tote, which will look great throughout the day and night.

Keep Your Baby Hydrated

It is essential to keep your baby hydrated on vacation, especially in a hot climate. Ensure your baby drinks enough breast milk or formula during a getaway. If they are around six months of age, they can now drink water alongside consuming solids.

Take Swim Diapers and Change Them Regularly

If you’re planning to take your baby into a pool or ocean for a swim with an adult, you must pack many swim diapers in your luggage. Also, ensure you change their swim diapers regularly to avoid a build-up of salt water, sand, or chlorine that could result in a painful diaper rash.

Try to Stick to the Same Routine

It might be a struggle to maintain the same routine on vacation, but you must try your best to follow the same schedule. If your baby misses a nap or doesn’t eat at their normal time, you’ll have an upset son or daughter on your hands. What’s more, you could disturb your little one’s sleeping routine, which could impact your quality of life once you return home.

Skip the Crowds

Skip the crowded restaurants to enjoy a more enjoyable family lunch or dinner. If possible, try to secure a 5.30 pm reservation, as you won’t need to worry about mixing with many diners. Plus, the staff will be more attentive to your loved ones’ needs during dinner. Research the different family-friendly restaurants at your destination, and look for fantastic deals, such as kids eat for free, which could save you much money during a getaway.

Traveling with a baby doesn’t need to be difficult. If you stock up on supplies, find family-friendly venues, and avoid crowds, you and your family can enjoy a relaxing vacation that you will remember for the right reasons.

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