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Travel Blog - Ross French - June 5, 2015

Karimganj in Assam is also your dream destination if you are seeking an area that spells nature ineach in. of the land. Lush leafage around to treat your visual senses and also the sounds of the effervescent rivers singing tunes in your ears would build your vacation nice in every sense of the word. With Kushiyara river and Longai river to its a pair of sides, the browse offered by Karimganj is picturesque. Not entirely is that the place created in natural beauty, it to boot incorporates a created culture. Ruled by numerous dynasties within the past, the land incorporates a nice history tagged to it.

Chhatachura Range

Originating from the southeastern border of the district of Karimganj, Chhatachura vary forms the district’s border within the eastern side aspect with Hailakandi District. Chhatachura Peak at an altitude of 2087 feet is that the highest point. Saraspur is that the middle section and it’s at one thousand feet high. Badarpur at five hundred feet altitude is that the lowest level.

Son Beel

Son Beel is that the largest land within the entire district of Karimganj and Southern Assam. The size, however, has been reduced thanks to inappropriate handling of the land. River Shingla passes through the land. The entire place presents a picturesque landscape with hills to Son Beel’s east and west.


Badarpurghat is a historical fort, which is located 25 km from Karimganj. The fort lies on the banks of Barak River and it was constructed by the British.

Malegarh Crematorium

A sad but brave reminder of past, Malegarh Crematorium is where the soldiers who lost their lives during Sepoy Mutiny were cremated. The year 1857 saw the rise of soldiers against British and during the revolt, more than 50 soldiers sacrificed their lives. If you tour Karimganj, you would sure want to visit the place, which reflect the spirit of the brave hearts.

Family Tour


Khashpur is one more historic site in Karimganj. Settled eighty five kilometre from Karimganj, Khashpur houses the palace of kings of Kachari. The sprawling tea estate in Khashpur could be a treat to your eyes.

Eolabari Tea Estate

Karimganj could be a lovely place precocious with the most effective of nature. one more attraction fifteen kms from Karimganj is that the famed Eolabari Tea Estate. It’s a good place to unwind and be near nature. If you’re designing for a quiet weekend, this might be the most effective destination for you.

Karimganj has numerous hill ranges particularly Adamail range, Duhalia range and it’s lovely rivers like Kushiyara stream and Longai stream. the sweetness of Karimganj may be gauged by the actual fact that the train ride covering this stretch is taken into account one of the foremost picturesque rail routes in India. The stretch measures 162 kms with 585 bridges, thirty seven tunnels and 600 curves. it’s suggested to tourists who visit Barak valley to require a train ride to enjoy the large great thing about nature. ‘Holidaying’ at Karimganj may well be a dream come true moment for you.

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