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A Checklist for a Scenic Helicopter Trip

Travel Tips - Ross French - September 20, 2017


If you have booked a scenic helicopter charter, it will no doubt include some amazing scenery, and in order to get the most from this unique experience, there are certain things one should know in advance, and with that in mind, here are some essential tips to help make the big day truly memorable.

No Fear of Flying – Some people are nervous about flying as it is, and a helicopter is a different craft, which might make things worse. The truth is, helicopter rides have never been safer, and the highly experienced pilot will have flown the route hundreds of times. This fear might be slight, but nevertheless it can slight a memorable day, and you can rest assured that the helicopter is in excellent order and is flown by an expert.

Dress Suitably – This is essential, and the ideal apparel is long trousers and a light jacket. Avoid jewellery, sunglasses, hats and flip flops, and it is a good ideal to only have essentials on your person. You may wish to have your smartphone with you to film the event, which most people prefer, and the tour company would provide a high resolution film of the entire flight and for a little extra, you can take it home with you. You should not carry anything and avoid loose fitting clothes, and if you have long hair, it should be tied up or secured in some way.

Follow Instructions – Your pilot will explain the emergency procedures for safety reasons, and then you will be asked to secure your seat belt. Unlike a commercial airliner, passengers are required to keep the seat belt on at all times, unless instructed otherwise. Once you are strapped in, you can sit back and really enjoy the experience, and if you are going to fly the Sydney Harbour trip, for example, the scenery will take your breath away.

Focus on the Moment – In order to maximise your enjoyment, clear your mind of all stresses and strains of modern living and appreciate the feeling of flying through the air and observe nature at its best. If you take the time to really look, there is much to see on the ground, and iconic beach scenes and valley passes provide you with a unique backdrop. For those who are interested, there is a preparation checklist for first time flyers, which details what to do if you are booking group tours. The helicopter tour company will also discuss this with you.

Arrive Early – Typically, the helicopter tour company would have a busy schedule, and once you have made your booking, the operator will tell you what time you must be at the agreed location, and whatever time that is, you should arrive early. Prompt departures are essential if you want the full experience, and things will run smoothly if everyone is on time.

A helicopter flight is a unique experience, and wherever you decide to book, this once-in-a-lifetime experience will be everything you imagined, and more.

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