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Broaden Your Horizons: 3 Countries You’ll Want to Explore

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - December 18, 2017

Choosing where to go traveling is a difficult question to answer. In a world, so vast, diverse and beautiful, trying to pinpoint one exact location to explore is near impossible. What is needed is a little inspiration to lift us out of our routines and get us thinking about what we want to get from going to a new land, and what experiences we want to take back with us into our lives at home. Do we want picturesque views to longingly look at while sipping a cool glass of wine, a wild adventure, trekking across mountain ranges, or to be plunged into a culture and history far removed from our own? Whatever it is you are looking for, this guide will give you the inspiration.

The best way to choose where you want to go is to decide what you want to experience. By having a travel goal, you can easily narrow down where you want to be.

Seeking Romance – Italy

Throughout history, Italy has become synonymous with romance through an endless waterfall of poetry, music, and literature that has permeated our cultures as well as influencing our ideas about what love really is. The sunny climate, quaint little streets, and stunning architecture make Italy a country rich in culture and beauty. It is the perfect getaway for couples or newly-weds to indulge in the finer things in life and live out their romantic fantasies.

Finding Thrills – Nepal

For some of us, a holiday is about that out of the ordinary, once in a lifetime experience that will be talked about for years. The more adventurous of us may consider the truly unique wonder of trekking in the Himalayas. The country of Nepal is home to eight of the world’s highest mountains, including, of course, Everest, and so is the perfect place for climbers and adventurers.

Discovering History – Germany & Greece

If the past interests you, Germany might be the place to go. Berlin is brimming with historical sites such as the 1945 Olympic Stadium or the underground shelters that can still be seen running just under the train stations of the city. There are many walking tours and bus excursions to see, for example, the ruins of the Berlin Wall and Check Point Charlie, many of which are in English.

If it’s ancient history you’re after, then why not visit where civilization actually began in Greece. Witness the majesty of the Acropolis, the Valley of Temples or the archaeological site of Olympia, where our modern Olympics came from.

Make it Yours

Every country and culture is individual, much like our travels should be. Once you know what you want, read material from a reputable travel guide site such as to get a deeper understanding of what amazing experiences are out there to enjoy and tell stories about for years to come.

The world is a vast and stunningly diverse place that is just waiting to be discovered, and there is no reason good enough not to see it!

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Top 5 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Germany

Europe, Germany, Travel Blog - Ross French - July 26, 2017

Germany is a nation which could be determined one of the existing on cultural as well as historical overload. It is also well famous for Oktoberfest and also World War II history. Besides, Germany is the home of many Europa’s most beautiful scenery, fairytale castles, significant historic sites and lively party scenes. It situated in the middle of Europe and Germany keeps the continent’s most powerful wealth. Whenever travellers visit this incredible nation, you will find-out history, starting along with towns which begin Roman outposts. Furthermore, medieval squares & ancient churches beckon travellers, as perform snowy mountains, gorgeous blue lakes, Black forest and more. The famous city includes an enormous number of places where visitors need to visit. Here are some of the best travel destinations given below.


The federal state & capital city of Germany, Berlin is broadly connected along with its World War 2 history as well as a former division of East & West Germany by the Berlin Wall at the time of Cold war. As the fall of the historical wall in the year 1989, nowadays Berlin is enormous, unified city diverse in ethnic teams and also abundant in sightseeing tourist attractions, nightlife and also culture. The major travellers are drawn to the Berlin’s famous historical structures consist of Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag.


It is an excellent place to visit in the Germany along with enormous culture scene. Munich is a home to multiple opera houses as well as theaters such as National Theatre.The city heart is an incredible blend of standard and modern architecture, teeming in the historic churches, medieval walls as well as royal palaces and bustling shopping centers and nightlife venues. It began in the year 1810 along with royal wedding celebration.


The high photographed building in the Germany is Neuschwanstein Castle. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe’s. Nestled amid the vast loveliness of the Bavarian Alps close to the town of Fussen, and this fairy tale castle provides inspiration for Walt Disney’s sleeping beauty castle. It is built in the late year of 1800s Neuschwanstein Castle was not constructed for defense uses as the most castle. Rather than, this incredible castle was developed as the fanciful retreat King Ludwig II of Bavaria who had a high status for enduring in dreams instead of realism.


Along with historical treasure such as medieval old bridge, the Heidelberg Castle, the Church of the Holy Spirit as well as Knight St. George House, it is no shock where is a well-known tourist location. The metropolis center’s main street, Hauptstrasse is packed along with museums, pubs, restaurants, shops as well as markets selling the likes of the beer steins, German sausages, and cuckoo clocks.


Prior it was harshly smashed from the World War II bombings. Dresden was famous as the Jewel Box due to its incredible assortment of beautiful arts & architecture. Behind several years, the nation has restored much more of its former glory. The capital of the federal state of Saxony, the Dresden provides an enormous amount of historic locations sites for visitors such as Frauenkirche cathedral.

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