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Backpacking Jordan: Top 10 Tips for an Unforgettable Adventure

Travel Tips - Ross French - March 24, 2024

Backpacking Jordan: Top 10 Tips for an Unforgettable Adventure


With its rich history, diverse landscapes and warm hospitality, Jordan attracts travel buffs around the world to explore its wonders. Located in the heart of the Middle East, this small but mighty country offers a myriad of experiences for backpackers looking for adventure, culture and natural beauty

Important for hiking and camping

Here are some other important packs for backpackers planning to explore Jordan’s rugged terrain and wilderness areas:

  • Water bottle or water dispenser: Stay hydrated on the trails by carrying a refillable water bottle or water dispenser. If you want fresh water from natural springs, consider bringing water purifiers or filters.
  • Navigational devices: Bring a map, compass, or GPS device to navigate unfamiliar terrain, especially when traveling in remote areas. Become familiar with the trail route and facilities before you set out.
  • First aid kit: Carry a compact first aid kit with essential items such as bandages, disinfectants, pain relief and allergy treatment. Bring any personal medications you may need during the trip.
  • Emergency shelter: Take a light shelter, such as a compact tent or double-sided bag, in case you need a place to sleep overnight due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Meals and snacks: Pack healthy light snacks like fruit, dried fruit, granola bars and trail mix to enhance your trail adventures. Don’t forget to install a portable stove or cooking fire for preparing meals at your campsite.

Advice on taking public transportation and renting a car

Taking public transportation and renting a car in Jordan can be easy when you are prepared and have the right knowledge:

  • Plan ahead: Investigate travel options and schedules in advance, especially for long trips or trips to remote locations. Websites and apps like Jordan Transport Map and Google Maps can help you find routes, schedules and fare information.
  • Official taxi stands: Use official taxi stands or book through popular taxi apps to ensure safety while taking a taxi and avoid fraud. Before starting your journey, agree to the fare and confirm that the taxi meter is working.
  • Negotiate a car rental: When renting a car, discuss the terms and price with the rental company to ensure a fair deal. Check the condition of the vehicle thoroughly before acceptance and note any existing damage.
  • Watch traffic: Traffic jams can be common in cities, especially during rush hour. Plan your travel time accordingly to avoid delays and extra time to manage traffic.
  • Safety: Use caution when using public transportation or driving in Jordan, especially in rural or unfamiliar areas. Keep your valuables, observe your surroundings and trust your instincts.

Tips on budgeting and managing expenses while traveling

To make the most of your budget when backpacking in Jordan, consider the following tips for budgeting and managing expenses.

  • Research and plan ahead: Research accommodation, food and activity costs in advance so you can budget appropriately for your trip. Look for easy options and prioritize activities that meet your interests and budget constraints.
  • Track your expenses: Track your daily expenses with a simple travel budget app or spreadsheet. Monitor your spending regularly to identify areas where you can cut back and adjust your budget accordingly.
  • Cook your own food: Save money on food by cooking your own food whenever possible. Hotels and guesthouses often offer kitchens where you can prepare simple meals with local ingredients from markets and shops.
  • Use public transportation: Opt for cheap transportation such as buses, minibuses and shared taxis to get around. Avoid spending unnecessarily on private taxis or rental cars unless it is necessary in your travel plans.
  • Take advantage of free activities: Look for free or low-cost activities and attractions to explore during your trip. Many museums, parks and cultural centers offer free or discounted admission on certain days.
  • Don’t negotiate prices: Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices, especially when shopping at the market or hiring local workers. Negotiation is a common practice in Jordan, so sharpen your negotiation skills and aim to get the best value for your money.

Must-See Destinations and Activities

Petra: The Rose City

Explore the iconic archaeological site of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning rock-cut architecture and fascinating history.

  • Overview: Petra, also known as the Rose City due to the pink hue of its sandstone cliffs, was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom and is now one of Jordan’s most famous attractions.
  • Key Features:

?          The Treasury (Al-Khazneh): Marvel at the intricate façade of the Treasury, carved directly into the sandstone cliff, and discover its archaeological significance.

?          The Siq: Walk through the narrow gorge of the Siq, a natural geological formation that serves as the main entrance to Petra, and admire the stunning rock formations along the way.

?          The Monastery (Ad Deir): Hike to the Monastery, another impressive monument carved into the cliffside, and enjoy panoramic views of Petra from the top.

  • Insider Tip: Beat the crowds by arriving early in the morning or late in the afternoon to experience Petra in a more serene atmosphere. Avoid visiting during peak tourist seasons to enjoy a quieter and more immersive experience.

Wadi Rum: The Valley of the Moon

Embark on a desert adventure in Wadi Rum, where you can marvel at towering sandstone cliffs, go on a thrilling jeep safari, and camp under a blanket of stars.

  • Overview: Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is a vast desert landscape characterized by dramatic sandstone mountains, red sand dunes, and ancient rock carvings.
  • Key Features:

?          Jeep Safari: Explore the desert terrain on a thrilling jeep safari tour, led by knowledgeable Bedouin guides who will take you to hidden gems and panoramic viewpoints.

?          Camping: Experience Bedouin hospitality by spending a night under the stars at a traditional desert campsite, complete with traditional meals, storytelling, and stargazing.

?          Rock Climbing: Test your skills on the rugged sandstone cliffs of Wadi Rum, a popular destination for rock climbers of all levels.

  • Insider Tip: Opt for a guided tour with a local Bedouin guide to gain insight into the culture and traditions of the desert nomads. Learn about Bedouin customs, folklore, and survival techniques while exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Wadi Rum.

Dead Sea: The lowest point on earth

Immerse yourself effortlessly in the warm waters of the Dead Sea, known for its high salt content and mineral-rich mud.

  • Overview: The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and the West Bank of Israel to the west. It is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, making it a unique destination for travelers seeking a therapeutic experience.
  • Floating Experience:

? Discover how weightless it is to float effortlessly on the surface of the Dead Sea, thanks to the extraordinarily high salinity, which is about 10 times saltier than the sea

? Enjoy the feeling of floating effortlessly while taking in the breathtaking views of the wilderness surroundings.

  • Mineral mud:

? Take a dip in the mineral-rich algae found on the shores of the Dead Sea, known for their healing and skin rejuvenation properties

? Let the mud dry on the skin before rinsing with running water, leaving your skin soft, smooth and fresh

  • Insider Tip: Don’t forget to stick to therapeutic mud baths to keep your skin warm and relaxed. Many resorts near the Dead Sea offer spa treatments and mud baths as part of their health packages.

Amman: The Capital City

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Amman, where ancient landmarks coexist with modern amenities.

  • Overview: Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is a bustling metropolis known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. From ancient ruins to contemporary art galleries, Amman offers a diverse array of experiences for visitors to explore.
  • Historical Landmarks:

?          Visit the Citadel, perched atop Jabal al-Qal’a, to discover ancient ruins dating back to the Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad periods, including the iconic Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace.

?          Explore the Roman Theater, a well-preserved amphitheater that once hosted theatrical performances and gladiatorial contests during the Roman Empire.

  • Cultural Attractions:

?          Wander through the bustling markets of Downtown Amman, known as Al-Balad, to sample traditional street food, browse for souvenirs, and soak up the lively atmosphere of this vibrant neighborhood.

?          Visit the Jordan Museum to delve into the country’s rich history and heritage through its extensive collection of archaeological artifacts, including the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

  • Insider Tip: Explore the bustling markets of Downtown Amman, sampling traditional street food and browsing for souvenirs. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor local delicacies such as falafel, shawarma, and kunafa while immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of the city.

Jerash: The Roman Ruins

Step back in time at the ancient city of Jerash, home to some of the best-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy.

  • Overview: Jerash, located in northern Jordan, is an archaeological site known for its remarkably well-preserved Roman ruins. It offers visitors a glimpse into the grandeur of ancient Roman civilization in the heart of the Middle East.
  • Key Features:

?          Hadrian’s Arch: Marvel at the triumphal arch built to honor the visit of Emperor Hadrian to Jerash in AD 129.

?          Oval Plaza: Explore the vast plaza surrounded by colonnades, once used for public gatherings, ceremonies, and performances.

?          South Theater: Admire the ancient theater, which dates back to the 1st century AD and could accommodate up to 3,000 spectators.

  • Insider Tip: Visit during the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts for a chance to witness live performances and cultural events against the backdrop of the ruins. The festival, held annually in July, showcases traditional music, dance, and theater, bringing Jerash’s ancient past to life in a vibrant celebration of Jordanian culture.

Dana Biosphere Reserve: Nature’s Playground

Hike through the diverse landscapes of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, home to rugged mountains, verdant valleys, and rare wildlife.

  • Overview: The Dana Biosphere Reserve is Jordan’s largest nature reserve, encompassing a variety of ecosystems, from rocky mountains to desert plains. It offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to explore pristine wilderness and encounter diverse flora and fauna.
  • Key Features:

?          Scenic Trails: Embark on hiking trails that wind through the reserve’s diverse landscapes, offering stunning views of rocky cliffs, lush valleys, and winding rivers.

?          Wildlife Viewing: Keep an eye out for rare and endangered species that inhabit the reserve, including Nubian ibex, Syrian serin, and sand cats.

?          Eco-Lodges: Stay overnight at one of the eco-lodges within the reserve for a truly immersive experience in nature. These sustainable accommodations offer comfortable amenities while minimizing their environmental impact.

  • Insider Tip: Plan your visit during the spring or fall months for the best weather and optimal hiking conditions. Be sure to pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and sturdy hiking shoes, as temperatures can fluctuate and trails can be rugged.

Aqaba: Gateway to the Red Sea

Discover the underwater wonders of the Red Sea in Aqaba, where you can snorkel, dive, or simply relax on pristine beaches.

  • Overview: Aqaba is a coastal city located on the Red Sea in the southern tip of Jordan. It is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life, making it a paradise for underwater enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.
  • Key Attractions:

?          Snorkeling and Diving: Immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world of the Red Sea by snorkeling or diving at popular sites such as the Japanese Garden and Cedar Pride wreck. Explore colorful coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, sea turtles, and other marine creatures.

?          Beaches: Relax and unwind on Aqaba’s pristine beaches, where you can soak up the sun, swim in the warm waters of the Red Sea, or indulge in water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boating.

  • Insider Tip: Explore the vibrant coral reefs and marine life at sites like the Japanese Garden and Cedar Pride wreck. Consider joining a guided snorkeling or diving tour led by experienced local instructors to discover hidden gems and maximize your underwater experience.

Madaba: The City of Mosaics

Marvel at the intricate mosaic artworks that adorn the churches and museums of Madaba, including the famous Madaba Map.

  • Overview: Madaba, often referred to as the “City of Mosaics,” is renowned for its exquisite Byzantine and Umayyad mosaic artworks, which adorn churches, mosques, and public buildings throughout the city. The highlight of Madaba’s mosaic heritage is the famous Madaba Map, a 6th-century mosaic map of the Holy Land.
  • Key Attractions:

?          Madaba Map: Visit the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George to admire the stunning Madaba Map, a mosaic floor map depicting the biblical sites of the Holy Land, including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the Dead Sea.

?          Mosaic Workshops: Learn about the ancient art of mosaic-making and watch skilled artisans at work at the Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration. Participate in hands-on mosaic workshops to create your own mosaic masterpiece under the guidance of expert instructors.

  • Insider Tip: Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the art of mosaic-making from local artisans at the Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration. Gain insight into the intricate techniques and meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating these stunning works of art, and take home a unique souvenir of your visit to Madaba.

Mount Nebo: Panoramic Views

Take in sweeping views of the Jordan Valley and the Promised Land from the summit of Mount Nebo, where Moses is said to have glimpsed the Holy Land.

  • Overview: Mount Nebo is a prominent mountain located in western Jordan, overlooking the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. It holds great significance in religious history, as it is believed to be the place where Moses stood and saw the Promised Land before his death.
  • Key Features:

?          Scenic Views: Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the summit of Mount Nebo, which offers sweeping vistas of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the distant hills of Jerusalem.

?          Historical Significance: Explore the remains of the ancient church and monastery that once stood on Mount Nebo, as well as the memorial commemorating Moses’ biblical journey.

  • Insider Tip: Visit at sunrise or sunset for the most breathtaking views and atmospheric lighting. The soft hues of the rising or setting sun cast a magical glow over the landscape, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Umm Qais: Ancient Decapolis City

Explore the ruins of Umm Qais, once a thriving member of the Decapolis league, and admire panoramic views of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.

  • Overview: Umm Qais, also known as Gadara in ancient times, is a historical site located in northern Jordan near the borders of Israel and Syria. It was one of the cities of the ancient Decapolis league, known for its prosperity and cultural significance.
  • Key Features:

?          Archaeological Ruins: Wander through the well-preserved ruins of Umm Qais, including ancient streets, theaters, temples, and Byzantine churches, which offer insight into the city’s rich history and architectural heritage.

?          Panoramic Views: Admire panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside, including the Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias) and the Golan Heights, from strategic viewpoints within the archaeological site.

  • Insider Tip: Combine your visit to Umm Qais with a culinary experience at Beit Al Baraka, a local restaurant and cultural center where you can savor traditional Jordanian dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy authentic flavors while taking in the stunning views of the surrounding landscape, immersing yourself in both the history and the cuisine of the region.


In conclusion, backpacking in Jordan offers a unique and rich experience for adventurers who want to explore its rich history, stunning scenery and vibrant culture and through the top 10 tips mentioned in this guide a you will be well prepared for the journey of a lifetime in the Jordan. So pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and get ready to discover the wonders of this amazing place.

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10 Must-Visit Beaches in Seychelles for Adventure Seekers

Travel Blog - Ross French - March 19, 2024

Baie Beau Vallon - tropical beach on island Mahe in Seychelles


Welcome to the Seychelles archipelago of over 100 islands scattered like jewels in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. A post office-worthy beach, this paradise was a sanctuary with adventurous journeys through the veins of the land.

Imagine powdery turquoise waves, granite cliffs guarding an isolated sail, lush forests whispering ancient trails and Seychelles soothes the soul with its peacefulness just the no; It motivates itself with opportunities for unlimited adventure.

The Unmatched Beauty of Seychelles Beaches

The Seychelles archipelago, a shimmering collection of islands nestled in the Indian Ocean, is synonymous with the quintessential tropical paradise. The allure of its beaches extends beyond the visual feast of azure waters, ivory sands, and emerald foliage; Seychelles is a celebration of nature in its purest form.

  • Geography: Seychelles comprises 115 islands, each boasting its own character. The geography is diverse, ranging from granitic boulders to coral atolls, creating a complex ecosystem.
  • Biodiversity: The islands serve as a sanctuary for an extraordinary array of biodiversity. Virtually unspoiled habitats flourish with unique species both on land and in the surrounding seas.
  • Coral Reefs: The coral reefs are underwater rainforests, home to a kaleidoscope of marine life. They offer an underwater spectacle for snorkelers and divers—colorful, intricate, and teeming with activity.
  • Clear Blue Waters: The clarity of the waters makes Seychelles a top destination for water sports. Every plunge into the ocean is a revelation, with visibility that unveils the depth of the marine world.
  • Diverse Marine Life: From the smallest nudibranch to the grandest whale shark, the marine inhabitants of the Seychelles ocean are as varied as they are numerous, delighting researchers and visitors alike.

Top 10 Must-Visit Beaches in Seychelles for Adventure Seekers

Seychelles, a paradise archipelago, offers crystal-clear waters and lush landscapes that beckon adventure enthusiasts from around the globe. Here’s a guide to the top 10 beaches that promise both beauty and thrill, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

1. Anse Source D’Argent

  • Location and Unique Features: Nestled on La Digue Island, Anse Source D’Argent is famed for its pink sand beaches and massive granite boulders. It’s one of the most photographed beaches in the world.
  • Adventure Activities: The clear waters offer excellent snorkeling opportunities amongst rare fish and coral formations. Rock climbing on the ancient granite boulders adds a dose of adrenaline.
  • Best Time to Visit and Entry Requirements: The beach is accessible year-round, with the best conditions from May to September. Access is through L’Union Estate, requiring a small entry fee.

2. Anse Lazio

  • Location and Unique Features: On the northwest tip of Praslin Island, Anse Lazio is a postcard-perfect beach with turquoise water, golden sands, and takamaka trees.
  • Adventure Activities: This beach boasts some of the best diving and snorkeling spots, populated with vibrant coral reefs and the chance to swim alongside turtles.
  • Access Points and Safety Tips: Accessible by road, Anse Lazio has parking near the beach. Visitors are advised to heed local advice about currents and should ideally swim within designated areas.

3. Anse Georgette

  • Location and Serene Environment: Also located on Praslin Island, Anse Georgette is a secluded beach surrounded by lush vegetation, offering pristine sands and clear waters.
  • Adventure Activities: Visitors can kayak to more secluded areas or participate in guided nature walks around the beach, discovering unique flora and fauna.
  • Entry Permission and Times: Access is typically reserved for guests of Constance Lemuria Resort but can be arranged for outside visitors with prior permission. It’s recommended to visit during daylight hours for the best experience.

Adventure and Beauty Combined

These beaches represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring the natural wonders and adventurous offerings of Seychelles. Each location combines the serene beauty of untouched nature with the thrill of exploration and activity, making them must-visit destinations for any adventure seeker venturing into this tropical paradise. Whether you’re climbing the ancient granite formations, snorkeling among colorful reefs, or kayaking to hidden coves, the beaches of Seychelles promise an experience brimming with adventure and awe.

4. Petit Anse

Petit Anse is a hidden gem for those willing to venture off the beaten path. Its challenging access is part of the adventure, encouraging a sense of discovery.

  • Challenging Access Adding to the Adventure: The journey to Petit Anse involves a hike through lush trails, adding excitement and a sense of accomplishment upon arrival.
  • Activities:
    • Hiking trails offer breathtaking viewpoints and the chance to explore Seychelles’ unique flora and fauna.
    • Surfing is a popular activity, with waves catering to various skill levels.
  • Best Periods to Visit for Optimal Surf Conditions: The ideal time for surfing is from May to September, when the southeast trade winds create the perfect waves for an unforgettable surfing experience.

5. Anse Major

Anse Major boasts not only stunning beauty but also offers a rewarding adventure to those who reach it, mainly through an exciting hike.

  • Location and How to Get There, Emphasizing the Hike: Accessible mainly by boat or a scenic hiking trail, Anse Major is situated on Mahe’s northwest coast. The trail starts from Danzil, passing through granite rocks and dense vegetation, offering a rewarding challenge to trekkers.
  • Adventure Activities:
    • Snorkeling in the clear, calm waters where aquatic life flourishes.
    • Bird watching on the hike, where one can spot some of Seychelles’ rarest birds.
  • What to Bring on Your Adventure: Essential items include water, sunscreen, snorkeling gear, and a camera to capture the picturesque surroundings and wildlife.

6. Anse Intendance

Anse Intendance is a perfect blend of wild nature and thrilling athletic activities, suitable for the more adventurous souls.

  • Description of Wild Nature and Strong Currents: This beach is celebrated for its untamed beauty, with tall palm trees, white powdery sand, and strong waves coming from the open ocean.
  • Adventure Activities:
    • Surfing is sought after due to its challenging waves, especially loved by the experienced surfers.
    • Yoga on the beach, offering a tranquil setting amidst the raw nature.
  • Caution about Swimming Due to Currents: Visitors are advised to be cautious when swimming, as the strong currents can be challenging, especially for inexperienced swimmers.

7. Grand Anse on La Digue

Grand Anse, located on La Digue island, sets the stage for an epic journey and memorable adventure activities.

  • The Spectacular Journey to Get There: The journey to Grand Anse could be a part of your adventure, with biking routes providing stunning scenic views.
  • Adventure Activities:
    • Mountain biking across vibrant landscapes opens up magnificent views of lush vegetation and crystal-clear waters.
    • Photo safaris offer photography enthusiasts a chance to capture captivating visuals of the island’s wildlife and nature.
  • Best Time of Year for the Visit to See the Turtle Nesting: November marks the beginning of turtle nesting season, providing a unique opportunity for wildlife lovers.

8. Baie Lazare

Baie Lazare, named after the French explorer Lazare Picault, is rich in natural beauty and historical significance.

  • Historical Significance and Natural Beauty: Baie Lazare carries historical importance, being the first landing spot of Lazare Picault. Its pristine beach and calm waters continue to charm visitors.
  • Adventure Activities:
    • Paddleboarding on its tranquil waters allows exploration at your pace.
    • Historical tours provide insights into the region’s fascinating past and culture.
  • Details on Guided Tours Available: A variety of guided tours are available for those who wish to dive deeper into the local history, nature, and folklore.

9. Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon stands as the most popular beach among visitors, known for its safe waters and active vibe.

  • The Most Popular Beach Among Visitors: With its clear waters, beautiful sand, and availability of various water activities, Beau Vallon secures its spot as a tourist favorite.
  • Adventure Activities:
    • Jet skiing offers a thrilling experience across the expanse of the beach.
    • Parasailing promises an eagle’s-eye view of the environs.
  • Information on Rental Facilities and Safety Measures: Numerous providers offer equipment rentals for water activities. The beach also houses lifeguard patrols, ensuring a safe environment for visitors.

10. Anse Cocos

Located on La Digue, Anse Cocos offers solitude and adventure, accessible via a trail.

  • Accessed Via a Trail, Offering Solitude: A scenic trail leads to Anse Cocos, revealing a secluded beach that promises solitude amidst nature.
  • Adventure Activities:
    • Natural pool swimming gives a chance to enjoy a refreshing dip in nature’s lap.
    • Exploration activities invite the more adventurous to discover the surrounding habitats.
  • Recommendations for Guided Tours for a Safe Adventure: For a safe and enriched experience, several guided tours lead groups to Anse Cocos, ensuring a secure journey while divulging the area’s intriguing facets.

Section 4: Safety and Conservation Tips

Importance of Respecting Nature and Local Guidelines for a Sustainable Visit

The beaches of Seychelles are not only stunning but also delicate ecosystems. As visitors, it’s our duty to preserve their natural beauty.

  • Respect Local Wildlife: Disturbance to wildlife can have long-lasting negative effects. Always observe from a distance.
  • Follow Designated Paths: Stick to marked trails to prevent erosion and protect plant life.
  • Leave No Trace: Dispose of litter properly and avoid taking shells or coral.

Safety Tips for Adventurous Activities in the Sea and While Hiking

Adventures are fun yet they carry risks, so safety is paramount.

When Engaging in Sea Activities:

  • Wear life jackets and appropriate safety gear.
  • Check weather conditions before heading out.
  • Always go with a buddy or in groups.

While Hiking:

  • Wear suitable footwear to prevent slips and injuries.
  • Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun.
  • Inform someone of your plans and expected return.

Section 5: Planning Your Adventure to Seychelles

Recommendations on Travel Insurance

Travel with peace of mind knowing you’re protected from unexpected events.

  • Medical Coverage: Ensure it includes activities you plan to do.
  • Gear and Trip Cancellation: Look for policies that cover loss or damage to gear and trip cancellations.

Best Time of Year to Visit Based on Activities of Interest

When to visit can make a big difference in your experience.

  • For Snorkeling and Diving: April to May and October to November offer the best visibility and calm seas.
  • For Hiking: May to September features cooler temperatures and less rainfall.

Advice on Local Guides and Adventure Tour Organizers

Local expertise can enhance your adventure.

  • Certified Guides: Choose guides with local certification for informed and safe tours.
  • Reputable Companies: Select tour operators with positive reviews and a solid safety record.


The fascinating beaches of the Seychelles come from their stunning landscapes and exciting adventures.

  • Immerse yourself in your surroundings: Trips range from tranquil snorkeling to heart-pounding rock climbing.
  • Responsible travel: Always remember to travel responsibly, respecting nature and local customs.

Explore beyond the beach for the most fulfilling experience in Seychelles. Explore the lush forests, unique wildlife and rich Creole culture that make these islands a wonderful destination for adventure seekers.

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The SoCal Housing Market in Nutshell

Travel Blog - Ross French - April 26, 2022

The housing market exploded nationwide a couple of years ago. Experts predicted the high demand and cost of real estate would be more stabilized by now. Although it’s no longer at its peak, demand and prices haven’t quite fallen to where they were before the surge. Continue Reading

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Interesting Things to do in Colorado

North America, Travel Blog - Ross French - December 16, 2017

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the United States of America. Named after the River Colorado, this states is packed with the Rocky Mountains. Just like the River Colorado carries some Ruddy silt from the mountains, the state also delivers a feeling of Refreshing Happiness to her visitors. Noted for its diverse geography, the city is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the country. Packed with tourist destinations all year round, this state has never disappointed its tourist. If you find the hotels to be too expensive, you can always go for the cheap but high-quality Colorado Rentals.

Fasten your seatbelts and we will take you on a brief ride to the highest altitude state in the USA.

• Hotels:

In Colorado, plenty of hotels and lodging facilities are available, from Star hotels to budget-friendly inns. You have the options to choose between the most prominent international chains of hotels to cabins. The City of Grand Junction is a major commercial and transportation hub of Colorado. Junction refers to the confluence of the Colorado and Gunnison rivers. A Quick search of Grand Junction, Colorado hotels will give you plenty of popular and pet-friendly ideas for places to stay.  Most of the famous hotels are with pools. It has premium lodgings from favorite inns to modern boutique hotels. They provide a luxury blend with service and hospitality, which makes them unique.

• Museums

Colorado is one of the states in the country housing various types of Museums. If you ever plan to go on a family trip along with your kids never ever miss a Single Museum. The state has been recently funding a lot of Museums which are dedicated to kids. The state houses a wide range of museums including Science Museums, State-of-the-Art Museums and History Museums. Engineers should never miss the Forney Transportation Museum which has a collection of almost everything with wheels. The National Mining Museum is another must visit spot for engineers at Leadville, the richest mining town in America. The Denver Art Museum and the Aspen Art Museum top the list of most visited art museums in the country.

• Hiking

Hiking is the most adventurous activity which could pump your adrenaline. Hiking is the activity which has been known to mould a person’s character within a short span of time. If you ever had an overstressed month and if you are looking for some time to stretch your legs, hiking is your medicine. Colorado has got a lot of picturesque hikes worth visiting. Stacked with Alpine lakes, waterfalls and wildflowers the four pass loop is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in Colorado. The aesthetically appealing La Plata will definitely give you the unforgettable hiking experience with the view from the peak and its refreshing Twin lakes.

• Nightlife

If you are going to Colorado on a business trip or on a bike trip with your adult friends, then you should not miss the state’s crazy nightlife. If you have been churning out quite a lot of cash recently, you could brag about it here. Packed with a lot of nightclubs and bars, this might turn out to be the place where you would meet the person with whom you would be sharing your apartment bed and couch.

If you are a music lover you should pay a visit to the Black box which has got two rooms with bass couch sound. The La Rumba is one of the popular adult Latin Dance Clubs where you could test your dancing skills in Salsa, Bachata. If you are planning for a Collegemates reunion you should try the Beta Nightclub.

Colorado is one of the awesome states in the country where you will get a once in a lifetime chance to rediscover yourself.

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5 Most Interesting Outdoor Activities You Can Check Out in The UK

Travel Blog - Ross French - August 9, 2017

When you think about visiting the UK you might think only about exploring London, the museums, and other historic sites. However, you’ll probably never imagine taking part in any outdoor activities. Well to change your mind, here are some great outdoor activities the UK has available for visitors to take part in, whether it’s your honeymoon or a family break.

White Water Rafting

Wales has an amazing landscape and rushing rivers that perfectly suit outdoor activities in the UK including the adventurous activity of White water rafting. Tour operators offer trips and tours for those of varying levels of ability and offer all the safety equipment and advice required for your activity. Navigate your way through rapids, drops and ledges as you make your heart-pumping way down the river.


Stretching coastlines, rocky mountains and sprawling green valleys are some of the reasons the UK is the perfect for a hiking break. Good trails are well signposted and are graded from beginner’s routes to more difficult ones. Whether you only have a few hours to spare or a few weeks, there are trails to suit your needs. Popular activities include walking the South West Coastal Road in Cornwall and climbing the mountain Ben Nevis in Scotland. Check with local guides who can advise you on the right kind of route to be taken for your ability.

Photo from


Another fun filled family activity that can be enjoyed in the UK is cycling and mountain biking. In many holiday parks, you can take part in a family cycling activity or take cycling tours over a variety of routes across the country. The great thing about cycling is that you don’t need much equipment or a lot of experience. You can hire your bikes and helmets and go at your own pace.

Horse riding

The UK countryside dwellers as known as horse lovers and there are many opportunities for visitors to share in this passion and have a go at horse riding. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family and you can also learn how to look after the horses too. Qualified instructors will lead your group through the forest, along the beach or whichever terrain the tour has to offer. Safety instructions will be given and equipment provided so you will have both a safe and enjoyable ride.


The Peak district is a great destination to try an underground activity called caving. It’s not an easy thing to do especially if you are afraid of the dark or small places. However, for adventure seekers it is an exciting thing to do. Abseil down rock formations pass underground waterfalls and pools and watch out for drops and holes in the cave floor. Not for the faint hearted but a great achievement on completing the course and navigating it to the end.

These are just a few of the great outdoor activities that the UK has available to do on your visit. It might not have the activities that some European Ski resorts have to offer, but there are many different things to try. Once you have discovered the great UK outdoors, there are endless possibilities for you to enjoy your time in the countryside.


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