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Croatia – Fall in Love

Europe - Ross French - August 5, 2015

This Adriatic Sea coastal walled town is one among the foremost widespread Eastern European destinations these days. Dubrovnik’s nickname, the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, reflects each the fine arts beauty also because the gorgeous white buildings engineered vertically up from the ocean. it’shad special notice within the past few years, because the cinematography location for King’s Landing within the world-renowned Game of Thrones series. There’s abundant to be found here, no matter the sort of interest, from historic museums and cultural festivals to watersports and beaches. For those yearning for day trips from Dubrovnik, here are another nice places in Croatia and its neighboring countries to discover:



This island off the Adriatic was peopled for pretty much a millenium by Benedictine Monks, who named it Lokrum, for the exotic bitter fruits they cultivated on the island. This was followed by the creation of an oversized mansion and installation by the prince Maximilian of Austria in 1859. Today, it’s accessible by a 10-minute boat trip from Dubrovnik, and could be a must-see for garden lovers. The installation here is exquisite, and therefore the close mansion of the prince a good tour. The traditional religious residence is broken however currently used as a eating house, however still value a visit. Walking ways create the total island simply accessible, and for people who ar thus inclined, the southeastern edge of the beach is widespread for nudists.


This Dalmatian island is one in every of the larger within the solid ground, and hosts many coastal and interior cities. Korcula is a wonderful place to find a number of the foremost scenic beaches in Croatia. They’re not sandy, thus be sure to bring correct footwear. However, they are a wonderful location to snorkel and kayak, and rental locations for correct instrumentality are simple to come back by altogether of the coastal cities. The island’s main city, Korucla city, may be a historic, walled city with Venetian Renaissance design, colourful markets and many of tourer facilities. History buffs can get pleasure from visiting the birthplace of the illustrious world adventurer traveler here. Of course, merely exploring the quiet rural area and ancient Croatian lifestyles has its own rewards, and this can be a wonderful place to begin.

This near coastal city is older than Dubrovnik, and also the supply of the refugees who supported it. It’s accessible by ferry, and may be a great spot to pay every day or 2 enjoying the quiet ocean air, stunning design, and coastal atmosphere. The waterfront here is filled with a range of outlets and restaurants, and a simple and fun thanks to pay a while. Art lovers are pleasantly shocked by the massive range of items by modernist Vlaho Bukovak spread throughout the town.

Mljet National Park

This park on the volcanically created island of Mljet is one amongst the foremost spectacular nature preserves in Croatia. Immense forests, unpopulated coastlines and quiet lakes and midland seas abound with this park, and build it a beautiful place to explore by bike or on foot. A sailing boat service from city operatesdouble daily to urge here and back, and bikes square measure obtainable to rent after you arrive. There are building accommodations within the city close to the park for people who wish to pay many days exploring, because the park is just on a little of the island.

Image by  blame_the_monkeyNomadic Vision Photography under CC License.


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