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The Evergreen Mykonos Allure – Why Visit Mykonos in the Winter

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - January 20, 2022

Mykonos is simply magical (and for many celebs and a-lists, absolutely hedonistic) in the summertime. But, it’s equally ravishing after the partying crowds are long gone. Although famous for its highly intense nightlife and luxury lifestyle, Mykonos remains the Queen of the Cyclades. And, as every blue-blooded, she maintains her appeal and natural superiority year-round, greeting guests with equal amounts of magnetism and utmost pampering, even in the off season.

Bet you haven’t thought of Mykonos as a popular winter destination. However, if getting acquainted with the charms of a Greek island while experiencing the most authentic side of a famous party mecca sounds incredibly fascinating, then winter Mykonos will leave you breathless! Here is why! Continue Reading

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Best Places to Visit in Sicily

Travel Tips - Ross French - May 30, 2016


The biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily lies at the toe of Italy’s “boot,” isolated from the terrain by the slender Strait of Messina. Home to Europe’s tallest dynamic spring of gushing lava, Sicily is a precipitous island with tough scenes tamed by hundreds of years of development and deforestation. The scope of societies that have ruled the island over its long history have left their imprint too, keeping in mind thundering Mount Etna remains a solid traveler draw, numerous guests come to Sicily to investigate its assorted exhibit of archeological miracles. The distant Aeolian Islands are likewise mainstream spots to visit in Sicily. With its extraordinary cooking, mild atmosphere and sandy shorelines, a get-away in sunny Sicily is constantly significant.


Monreale is a residential community situated close to the city of Palermo, the capital of Sicily. The city sits on a slope sitting above the Golden Shell, a valley known for its olive, orange and almond trees. The city’s star fascination, notwithstanding, is the wonderful Cathedral of Monreale, a staggering case of Norman design. In spite of the fact that the congregation has a fairly unremarkable facade, the insides are stunning. The Italian houses are extremely popular for both their size and unimaginable point of interest, however it’s the mosaics covering the dividers that make this basilica so extraordinary. Verging on each square crawl of the insides glimmers terrific mosaic pictures set against a gold foundation.



Arranged on the summit of Mount Erice, the town of Erice sits above the city of Trapani almost a half mile beneath, making a visit to Erice advantageous for the perspectives alone. Come to by link autos from Trapani, the memorable city additionally offers guests to Sicily a break from the hot summer sun as temperatures have a tendency to be cool and fresh here year round. The town’s fundamental attractions are two medieval palaces, one worked by Arabs, the other by Britons. The Norman stronghold was worked on an antiquated Temple of Venus.

Doric Temple of Segesta

Situated in the northwestern piece of Sicily, Segesta was one of the significant urban communities of the Elymians, an indigenous populace of Sicily who likewise established Erice. The Doric sanctuary that untruths simply outside the antiquated site is all around saved. It was inherent the late fifth century BC and has 6×14 Doric segments. A few things propose that the sanctuary was never really wrapped up. The Doric segments have not been fluted as they ordinarily would have been and the sanctuary likewise appears to have did not have a rooftop over the fundamental chamber. The setting of the Temple, roosted on a slope, is just wonderful with perspectives that extend directly down to the ocean.

Villa Romana del Casale

Situated on the edges of the town of Piazza Armerina in southern focal Sicily, the Villa Romana del Casale is one of the island’s must-see attractions. The fourth century Roman estate highlights one of the biggest and best-saved accumulations of antiquated mosaics on the planet. Each of the primary rooms in the estate has a mosaic floor adorned in a particular topic, incorporating an epicurean mosaic in the principle room. The mosaic portraying the Olympic Games are the most acclaimed as it components the principal picture of ladies wearing what are referred to today as two-pieces.



Otherwise called Siracusa, Syracuse was once viewed as the most critical city of the antiquated Western world. The 2,700-year-old city is specified in the Bible, in the compositions of Cicero and in the myths and legends of numerous developments. The most seasoned a portion of Syracuse is arranged seaward on the island of Ortiga and is loaded with notable sanctuaries, temples and critical archeological locales, including a necropolis that goes once again from 1270 B.C. Dramatic preparations are still organized at the fifth centry Greek Theater, which brags one of the biggest seating regions ever worked by the antiquated Greeks.

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