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Home Sales And Highways: A Guide To International Living

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - October 5, 2023

The concept of living internationally often evokes images of grand adventure, cultural enrichment, and financial opportunity.

However, this dream comes with various complexities—especially when it involves selling your current home and investing in another abroad.

From grappling with unexpected issues related to the sale of your residence to understanding the ins and outs of luxury property investments, this guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of international living through the lens of home sales and real estate. Continue Reading

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Myths and Truths about Living Abroad in Australia

Australia, Travel Blog - Ross French - March 9, 2016

Are you considering moving abroad and seeking a new life in Australia? The Land Down Under is one of the most beautiful and exciting countries to live in and many Brits choose to emigrate there for the endless sunshine, outdoor adventures and laid back pace of life. Continue Reading

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