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Vote for The Traveller’s New Banner!

Travel Tips - Ross French - January 19, 2011

As many of you have seen, I changed the theme of The Traveller. The old one had lots of back end issues and this one is more SEO friendly. I need to fix it up and one of the first steps towards doing that is a new banner. And as per request by Bacon is Magic, I have spent a few hours in paint and accumulated these works of art. Although they aren’t as awesome as my paint essays, I can’t decide which one of the banners below is the one. So I’ve decided to let YOU choose for me. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Just write a comment below telling me which banner and slogan you like the most. I can switch up the slogans with the different backgrounds because I’m so f%^&ing talented.

Yes mom. Yes Dad. This is what 4 years of University level fine arts training has got me.


Banner #1


Banner #2


Banner #3


Banner #4

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