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Travel Blog - Ross French - February 11, 2010

By: Lindsay Hogg

It was a rough week preparing for my departure, mostly because I like to leave things to the last minute. I was not finished packing until 2 minutes before I had to head to the airport. And although I have an amazing digital SLR, I managed to loose my little bar camera on Saturday night at my going away party. I bet whoever finds it will be quite entertained by the pictures on it. Sad Face.

I spent the night at the airport because I had an early flight, which did not do me much good since I didn’t sleep at all. By the time I got through all the lines and was on the plane I was READY to sleep (and possibly quite grumpy). The plane took off, I closed my eyes and started passing out… but that did not last long. The small child beside me decided it would be a great time to continuously poke me with is elbow, and the odd kick too. By the time I gave up on sleeping he stopped, so instead of throwing him out the window I calmed myself down and ate the rock hard muffin given to me by the flight attendant who liked to run into me every time she walked by. Then the line up for the bathroom started. There was at least 10 people at all times lined up at the front to go to the washroom. Of course I was sitting at the front and it is obviously okay to hold onto the back of my seat and shake it as you talk to people around me right? Ahhhh!!!! (Okay, I am being a little dramatic but I had not slept for a week and I just want to share my experiences on this trip with everyone to the fullest extent).

All the grumpyness from the plane ride melted away the minute I walked off the plane into the sweltering heat. FINALLY! First Stop: Margarita Island, Venezuela
I am staying at a resort for the first week with friends to attend a wedding. The minute we arrived to the resort we were handed some rum punch and I haven’t stopped drinking it since.

Open bar = awesome
Buffet at every meal = uhh ohhhhh!!!

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