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Hit The Road! Road Trip Tips For Your Queenstown Vacation

Travel Blog - Ross French - July 12, 2016


There are a few ways to describe a road trip. Like, exciting, full of adventure, and of course, memorable. When you add in a location like New Zealand? These words become all too accurate. The scenery alone will make the trip feel extraordinary. Once you add in all of the unique stops along the way…. it will definitely be a vacation to remember. Want to make it even better? Better than better? Then keep reading. These tips and tricks will make your Queenstown road trip a one of a kind experience. For you and your travel companions.


Take Care Of Your Car Rental First. The most important element of any road trip? The car. You need a reliable vehicle before you can hit the open road. Be sure to choose a reliable rental company that offers affordable rates. That alone can help you save money on your vacation – and make it easier to stick to your travel budget. It doesn’t matter if where you are headed. You can find a car rental Queenstown that works for you. Once you have your vehicle all ready to go? The world is yours to discover. Load up the car with essentials like food and water. (Oh, and don’t forget your luggage!) Then it will be time to start exploring.

Plan Out Your Route Accordingly. There is an awful lot to discover in New Zealand. That includes both populated areas and remote landscapes. What you want to see (you might want to experience a bit of both) is totally up to you. Just make sure you plan out your route before you head out. This is essential if you are a visitor to the area. For starters, you do not want to get lost. But more importantly? You need to consider your length of stay. Maybe you are spending two weeks in New Zealand. Perhaps you are staying for three weeks or a month. What you are able to see – and where you are able to go – depends largely on the amount of time you have available. So factor in your return ticket home. Then find a route that works within that time limit.

Think About Where You Will Sleep. Have you ever wanted to camp out underneath the stars? New Zealand is a great place to do just that. Especially when you make Queenstown the starting point. There are many camping grounds nearby – and further out as well. So be sure to think about where you will sleep at night. It might be a campground (these can be booked ahead of time or even using your phone), a hotel, or a small inn. Having an idea of where you will stay? Will save you a major headache as your road trip takes you from place to place. You can book ahead or just keep your eyes peeled for available accommodations.


Factor In Weather Conditions During Your Trip. The next thing to consider is the time of your trip. The weather conditions can vary based on the season. Winter on the south island, for instance, can be quite cold. Especially at night. Look into average temperatures and expected weather conditions during the time of your road trip. This will help you plan for the weather accordingly. (Things like blankets and emergency supplies will come in handy!) Once you know what to expect? You can ensure that your New Zealand road trip is everything you have been dreaming of.

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