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Honduras - Ross French - September 26, 2017

travel to Honduras

The Central American country of Honduras has been slowly but steadily crawling out of its violent reputation and emerging as a paradise for travelers from all over the world. With its varied wildlife, abandoned Mayan ruins and beautiful national parks, Honduras is one of the best off the beaten path tourist destinations in Central America. The country is noticeably cheaper than the other destinations of Central America which makes it a great budget travel destination for backpackers. However, the low prices do not mean that Honduras has anything less for you in store. In fact, there are a lot of Honduras tourist attractions which should be counted as must visit attractions of Central America itself. To help you navigate through the lesser-known paths of Honduras, here are the top three things which you must try out when you travel to Honduras.

1. Explore the Copan Ruins

The ruins of this Mayan city is the most popular tourist attraction of Honduras. The Copan Ruins Archeological Site is, in fact, the most studies Mayan city in the whole world. Dating back nearly 2000 years, these ruins have been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are a lot of things to see in this Honduras tourist attraction. Explore the stelae and altars which surround the huge plaza, stand in awe in front of the ball court, or see the longest Mayan text ever known at the Hieroglyphic Stairway. There are so much to see, that it is impossible to explore the ruins in a simple visit.

2. Visit Roatan

Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands is also the most developed of the lot. This well-kept secret of Honduras has now become a really popular tourist spot due to its beautiful landscapes and diving opportunities. The beaches of this beautiful island especially make this destination one of the must visit Honduras tourist attractions. The West Bay Beach is particularly worth mentioning. Explore the mountainous interiors of the island, spend some relaxing days by the beach or dive into the colorful coral reefs – a trip to Roatan is must when you travel to Honduras.

3. Bird watch at Lago de Yojoa

It doesn’t matter if you are a birder or not. A trip to Lago de Yojoa should certainly be a must in your Honduras itinerary. Lago de Yojoa is the largest natural lake in Honduras, and it is just the perfect spot to watch some birds. More than 480 species of birds have been spotted in this huge lake. You can enjoy the beauty of the lake from the shore, or get into the water on a canoe. There are quite a number of hiking trails, waterfalls and even an underground cave system located in the nearby area, which you can explore. A lot of guided tours are also conducted to the nearby coffee plantations or the archeological sites. The lake also shares its borders with two national parks, namely Santa Barbara National Park and Cerro Azul Meambar National Park.

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Top 10 Mesmerizing Destinations in Central America Must Visit Once in Life

Central America - Ross French - July 24, 2017


Central America probably won’t attract many travelers to visit all time. But in fact, you wish to explore the nature and outdoor activities then visit Central America as the best destination to visit earlier. In this Central America, you can find many tourist destinations and activities such as relaxing on beaches, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, touring ruins of ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures. Still, touring Central America is a big dream for everyone and named as must visit spots once in life. Here, the top 10 destinations in Central America are listed, and you have to visit them once.

• relaxing on beaches
• hiking
• snorkeling
• scuba diving
• windsurfing

1. Roatan, Bay Islands

Roatan Bay Islands are a Caribbean Vacation Paradise which located off the North Coast of Honduras and well known for pristine white sandy beaches. Besides, the travelers can enjoy amazing tropical jungle covered hills and various unique reef system.

• Coxen Hole
• French Harbour
• Tranquilseas Eco Lodge and Dive center
• Seagrape Plantation Resort
• Splash Inn Dive Resort

2. Ambergris Caye, Belize Cayes

Ambergris Caye is an eye-catching island in Belize which is known as leading destination for tourists to visit in Central America. The place has beautiful and azure water surface of the Caribbean. You can visit the Maya Mountains and the Pink Ridge to excite many things in this area.

3. Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara is the best destination which has oldest expat town and familiar in the midst of a mini Renaissance such as fresh restaurants, hotels, and shops. You can explore a budget friendly travel to this destination which is a serene atmosphere for you.

4. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The booming surface village of Santa Teresa offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to enjoy a lot. The beaches of Santa Teresa are soft, sandy, and consistent surf break to enjoy with families. It is familiar for sleepy seaside hamlet which is a neighborhood place of Costa Rica.

5. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

It is a prime spot for surfing and sports fishing, diving, and sunning. This place is a must destination for the travelers who need to enjoy a lot with family members. It has gorgeous beach houses, B&B, and luxury hotels in the sunny sands.

6. San Ignacio, Belize

San Ignacio is a heart of Belize which is recognizable for vibrant travelers to spend time here. This destination remains rustic and making significant challenges for budget friendly adventure travel for everyone. Macal River is a famous spot to visit and have rejoice anytime.

7. Antigua, Guatemala

This is a place of rare beauty and considers the major historical significance and vibrant culture. It is a must visit destination and boasts excellent spots to visit by the travelers. The magnificent setting is an attractive one and unfolds beneath of three volcanoes.

8. Boqute, Panama

In Boqute, Panama the many rainbows are the comfortable, eye-catching place that decides to visit the spot by north winds that blow down the admiring features for all. You can see the valley of flowers and eternal spring to rejoice you on a day.

9. Isla Colon, Bocas Del Toro Province

It is a most populated island which has amazing vegetation and gets lots of amusement and amazing activities in this destination. The accommodation in this destination is pleasant by offering fresh foods for the travelers.

10. San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

This destination is known for a beautiful fishing village that suits for magnet for surfers and sunbathers. At night time, the beach explores with activities, and few popular beachfront bars are the major attractions for you.

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