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Australia - Ross French - September 12, 2017

Brisbane attractions

The capital of the state of Queensland, Australia – Brisbane is the third most populated city in the country. Located inland from Moreton Bay, Brisbane is situated between two of the most popular destinations of East Coast Australia, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. Considered as a business city, Brisbane is not as culturally rich as Melbourne or Sydney, but the beautiful Brisbane attractions make up for it. Queensland is often referred as the ‘Sunshine State’ of Australia, and the all-year-round beautiful weather makes Brisbane a perfect city to visit any time of the year. Just rent one of the luxurious Brisbane accommodations, and explore the beautiful, busy Brisbane. From adventure activities along the coast to leisurely walk through the parks, there are a lot of Brisbane attractions for you to enjoy. Here are the top five places which you must visit during your trip to Brisbane. Continue Reading

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