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Spend More Time Together With These Creative Day Trip Ideas For Couples

Travel Tips - Ross French - August 19, 2021

They say couples that travel together have stronger, happier relationships than those that don’t. There’s something therapeutic and almost magical about vacations that reduce stress, improves mood, and creates an environment where you can connect on a deeper level. Though it makes sense to take a break with the one you love more frequently, it’s not possible for every couple. When you have families, homes, and careers, the responsibility of keeping up with these things often leaves little time and money for couples to plan a vacation.

Day Trips Are Just As Meaningful

You don’t need a week or even a weekend to experience the benefits of vacationing as a couple. If you can find one day to get away from everyday routines, it’s an opportunity to discover new things and connect with your significant other. Day trips are very popular options because they’re affordable but just as fun. If this is something you feel like you and your partner need, consider these ideas to make the moment memorable.

Visit A State Park

State parks are large, beautiful, and packed with activities for couples that simply want to enjoy each other’s company. If you like the outdoors and nature, a day at the park is right up your alley. The two of you can go for an early morning hike, take a swim in the pool or lake, go for a boat ride, participate in water sports, ride bikes, skate, or have a romantic picnic. Some state parks even host free community events like outdoor concerts, movies under the stars, and carnivals. So, you can spend some time alone and then interact with other activities and people for an enhanced experience.

Art Gallery & Museum Hopping

If you prefer learning about art, history, and culture, you can spend the day visiting art galleries and museums. Most of these establishments are free or affordable to enter, but the experience is priceless. Seeing the different forms of expression and learning about various cultures and historical moments is educational and inspiring. You can finish the day with a nice dinner for two at a fancy restaurant as you talk about the many things you saw.

Beach Trip

Couples that are fortunate enough to live in a coastal state have the option to spend the day at the beach. The fresh breeze from the open water and the warmth from the sunshine is healing to the mind and body. You can lounge on the sand, get a tan, and enjoy a meal and a sweet treat like alcohol ice pops for dessert. If you’re looking for more adventure, you can always go for a swim, surf, paddleboard, or jet ski. Most beaches also have boardwalks where you can shop, eat, play, and explore.

Explore A New City

You’d be surprised how many things there are to see and do in a neighboring town or city. Choose somewhere you’ve never been before and plan to spend the entire day exploring. Go to popular tourist attractions, sign up for a city tour, eat the local cuisine, experience the nightlife, or head to a mall or shopping center and shop until you drop.

An Old-Fashioned Road Trip

Sometimes, all you need to rekindle the flames in your relationship is the open road. You don’t need a destination. Just pick a day, pack some snacks, download a killer playlist, hop in the car, and drive. You can spend time taking in the sights, grooving to your favorite music, playing games, and having intimate conversations.

Life has a way of taking us away from the things we love and care about most. While it comes with the territory, too much time apart can create distance and friction in a relationship. If it’s been a while since you and your significant other have taken a vacation, perhaps a day trip is what you need to reboot. You’ll be surprised to see how beneficial a few hours together can be in strengthening your relationship.

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