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Planning Your Summer Visit To Charlottesville, Virginia

Travel Blog - Ross French - May 28, 2022


Spring is in the air, and you’re busy planning all of your getaways this summer. While you may have international travel on your list and some Caribbean destinations, you’re going to get in some domestic travel this season. Studies have shown that people who take vacations regularly see a boost in their mental health and have markedly decreased chances of developing cardiovascular disease or strokes. If you’re narrowing down your list of U.S. cities to visit and are looking for a small-town feel with the perks of a big city, consider adding Charlottesville, Virginia, to your list of potential destinations. Let’s look at some of the great reasons to visit the town, which is consistently voted one of the happiest cities in the states. Continue Reading

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Best time to visit New Zealand

Destinations, New Zealand - Ross French - May 11, 2022

Best time to visit New Zealand

New Zealand is one of those places that travelers worldwide love to visit whenever the opportunity arises. However, as we all know, New Zealand is situated in the earth’s southern hemisphere. That means the seasons are the exact opposite of what is seen on most of our planet. For instance, when we have summer in our countries, New Zealand is experiencing winter. Additionally, you might experience four different seasons in a single day! Yes, we are not kidding. It’s a normal phenomenon in the country. Because of all this, travelers from other countries sometimes get utterly confused regarding the best time to visit New Zealand. So in this article, we will talk about it in-depth.

What is the Best Time to Visit New Zealand

High Season

December-March is considered the high or peak season in New Zealand. So it’s natural that these months stay crowded and finding the right lodge becomes a problem. Plus, the prices are comparatively high. So if you’re planning for a high season trip, it’s best to book your lodge, domestic transport, and flight in advance.

Shoulder Season

March-May and September-November are regarded as the shoulder season in this country. It is because, during these months, the prices would start to drop. In addition, this is a time when you can land great deals on accommodation and flight tickets. So the shoulder season is an ideal time for a New Zealand trip.

Low Season

June-October is the low or off-season here. It is no doubt the cheapest time to travel. Everything from lodging to domestic transport to flights sees a drastic price drop. Nonetheless, the resort towns with ski fields remain expensive to stay in even during this time. Also, while most major sites stay open all year, some attractions might stay closed in the low season.

Summer Season

Best time to visit New Zealand

December-February is the summertime in New Zealand. During this time, the weather remains warm and sunny, with an average temperature of 20°C-25°C. Therefore, you would see the streets very crowded. As we all know, these months signify the winters in most other countries. In contrast to that snowy and cold atmosphere, NZ offers bright, warm days. That’s why the summer here witnesses the arrival of many tourists from other parts of the world. The sun stays in the sky for about 12 hours each day, making the days longer and nights shorter. Thus, you get more time to explore the country.

Perhaps the best thing about NZ summers is that you can get fresh, juicy kiwis that you can enjoy while sunbathing. These kiwis taste awesome and will satisfy your taste buds like never before. Plus, the scenic views and the lovely sunshine make everything better. The beautiful mountains, gin-clear rivers, lush valleys, etc., are certainly a treat to visitors’ eyes. Also, if you like adventure, the summertime weather is ideal for paragliding, trekking, hiking, etc. So, you would never get bored. No doubt it’s the best time to visit New Zealand if you’re keen to experience nature to its fullest.

However, as we already said, this is the costliest time in this country. Everything from accommodation to flight tickets is so overpriced. So that could be problematic. But if you’re capable of affording them, it’s a great time to enjoy the nature and the races, triathlons, etc., that are organized in February.

Autumn Season

March-May is the time when autumn resides in this country. The average temperature remains around 17°C-23°C during this season. That means the weather is pretty pleasant as it is neither too hot nor too cold. These months indicate the shift of weather from summer to winter. So you would see leaves falling from the trees during these months.

The soothing atmosphere is perfect for engaging in some trekking, mountain climbing, biking, etc. You can also go camping if you want. It’s known that autumn here is the most ideal time to appreciate natural beauty. It is because the lovely weather keeps you from getting all sweaty. Hence, you would get ample chances to explore the country and its wildlife in autumn.

Plus, it is a beautiful time to walk the nice mountain trails as you won’t get tired easily. Moreover, since there won’t be any snow around you, you’d get an excellent view of your surroundings. Additionally, the red and orange-colored leaves on the trees and the ground create a vividly colorful spectacle around you. Hence, you can opt for some cycling through the parks to get an idyllic experience. Thus, it’s the best time to visit New Zealand for outdoor activities.

As it is the shoulder season here, you could land excellent deals on flight, accommodation, etc. So keep your eyes peeled. However, the chances are catching a cold becomes higher during autumn. That’s why we advise you to dress accordingly.

Winter Season

June-August is the winter season in New Zealand. During this time, the weather becomes cold because of the significant drop in temperature (staying around five °C in some places). On average, the temperature ranges from 7°C-13°C throughout the country, while the hilly areas experience a negative temperature. You would also witness snowfalls in many places. So there’s ample scope for snow activities too. The snowy surroundings look magnificent even though your visibility will decrease.

If you’re looking for a ski vacation, look no further than the months of winter. There are plenty of fantastic mountain slopes where you can safely opt for some skiing. Apart from skiing, you can engage yourself in other snow activities like snowboarding, sledding, heli-skiing, snowshoeing, etc. If you’re seeking more thrill and adventure, try doing some winter hiking. The ice-cold temperature makes walking the trail way more difficult than other times of the year. But the beauty and tranquil vibe that the snow-capped mountains emit would make your soul happy.

In winters, you can also experience glacier tours in Mount Cook National Park, Fox Glacier, etc. Also, the month of June sees the Queenstown Winter Festival – a grand yearly event occurring in New Zealand. All the New Zealanders gather to rejoice at the country’s first snow during this festival. Every New Zealander waits restlessly for this particular time of the year. Celebrating this extravagant event with the locals is the best way to get a taste of this country’s culture. Plus, winter is regarded as the off-season here. Thus, visiting New Zealand is the best time to get the lowest prices possible. But make sure you wear a few layers of clothes to protect yourself from the cold and stinging winter winds.

Spring Season

September to November is when spring resides in the country. During these three months, the temperature stays around 15°C-21°C during these three months, and you can feel a constant cool breeze. Plus, the days are longer and brighter than in winter. Therefore, the warm weather and the lovely, cool breeze are perfect for travelers to explore the country comfortably. Furthermore, these months indicate the arrival of summer. Thus, you would see the snow starting to melt and the sun shining brightly again. Also, the trees start gaining new leaves, and your surroundings would get a more alive and greener look.

As it provides relief from the harsh, stinging winter, spring is an excellent time for engaging in outdoor activities. These include paragliding, hiking, cycling, etc. Also, you can visit the beaches and take part in adventurous water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and so on. Besides those, just like autumn, spring is the ideal time for some trekking as you won’t get exhausted and walk more. And the lush greenery is a bonus. So you would find lots of New Zealanders sunbathing and enjoying this season.

The visibility remains excellent during these months. Therefore, they are perfect for sightseeing and exploring the country. For your information, the pleasant weather decreases your baggage by eliminating the need for bulky winter attires. Instead, wear a warm, cozy sweatshirt, and you’d be good to go.

Remember, like autumn, spring is also a shoulder season here. So it is the best time to visit New Zealand if you’re searching for the best deals for a budget trip.


As you can see, the best time to visit New Zealand varies from person to person. Why? Because it all depends on the particular needs and preferences of the traveler themselves. As our article explains each season in detail, we hope it will help you decide your ideal best time to visit this country. Adios!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the most low-priced time to visit New Zealand?

The low season (June-October) is undoubtedly the cheapest time to visit this country.

  • What are the warmest months in New Zealand?

Both January and February are months when the weather stays the warmest in NZ.

  • What is the wettest period in New Zealand?

May to August is the wettest time in New Zealand, with the most persistent rains and lowest sunshine.




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7 Tips For Quick, Easy, and Secure Travel

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - May 13, 2021

Did you know that it’s possible to feel relaxed, happy, and secure while traveling? It may seem like a wish come true. Yet, even in our new normal, you can travel with a light heart and a peaceful mind.

In our world, many people are responding to a year of lockdown, quarantine, and social distancing with a deep-felt need to travel.

Ready To Go Anywhere

Travel industry trends show that rental cottages and family-style lodges are being snapped up rapidly. Families and friends are looking for places to ‘get away from it all.’ It’s no surprise that people are longing for the tradition of summer vacation.

Families are organizing reunions. People are gathering to make up for lost holidays. Many groups are finding innovative ways to meet up with loved ones. Vacasa, a rental home-management company reports a 300% increase over last year in bookings for large family-style properties.

1. Identify Your Dream Vacation

Are you looking to escape from the maddening crowd? Have you had it with hot days, and ready to escape to snow in Crimea? Do you want to lose the winter gear and jump into the surf on Maui? Are you set on traveling to the Shetland Isles?

Perhaps your sights are closer to home. You’ll be thrilled just to do a quick get-away to a national park. Or maybe pop your ideal vacation includes an old-fashioned road trip.

Spend some time dreaming and planning. As you do this, check out travel sites for ideas that you may not have considered.

Many couples and families enjoy unique traditions for planning a summer vacation. What do you like to do?

2. Get Everyone Involved

While you may have certain habits and norms, consider doing something you’ve never done before. Include everyone in the family as part of selecting your vacation destination.

Host a dinner, party, or picnic to get everyone’s input. Share ideas, photos, and stories to show the features and benefits of each wish.

If you have any differences of opinion, appoint a moderator. This person can act as the facilitator to mediate disputes, balance emotions, and gain agreement. There’s always a way to hear from each member of your tribe. By planning together, you’re off to a great start. You’re setting the stage for a happy, harmonious, and delightful vacation.

Traveling With Ease

In our new normal, we’re all looking to make the easiest, fastest, and most secure decisions. We want to stay safe while we travel.

That’s why it will help to do a little planning. Here are a few tips to make your summer travel easy, safe, and fun.

3. Go Contactless

More and more restaurants, hotels, and stores are using a contactless system. You can use a platinum debit card to tap to pay. This is a fast way to go where you want and enjoy secure checkout.

4. Get Theft Protection

No one wants to think about theft. But the last thing you want is to have your vacation plans upset by a loss or theft. To be proactive, sign up for enhanced ID Theft protection. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing you have credit monitoring, high-risk transaction monitoring, and real-time alerts to your mobile phone. In addition, if a theft does happen, you’ll get white-glove restoration.

5. Set Up Easy Pay

You can securely store and use your debit card on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Play. This allows you to navigate the world, make secure payments, and get what you want at your fingertips.

6. Travel Safely

Keep up to date with the CDC safety guidelines and protocols. Travel with your mask, hand sanitizer, and safety wipes. Organize your travel gear with all the hygiene essentials closes to hand. A little preparation can help you and your family stay safe while traveling.

7. Encourage Healthy Habits

As much as we’re ready to get out and about, we are still within a fluid environment. Encourage everyone in your group to practice physical hygiene habits. You may want to nominate different people to be the coach or encourager of healthy hygiene. This can include finding fun ways to remind each other to wear masks, wash hands, avoid touching their faces, and maintaining social distancing.

Sum Up

Summer is on the horizon. As you’re planning your next trips and vacations, keep your family safe and secure. With a little advanced work, you can have a happy, healthy, and safe summer adventure. Have fun!

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