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Canada, Travel Guides - Ross French - August 15, 2017


Being the second largest country in the world, Canada attracts thousands of tourists every year with its diverse landscape and rich history. The culture and the people of this great country is as diverse as its landscapes. From tundras to forests to deserts to huge mountains to rocky beaches, Canada is a country where each and every traveler is in for a treat. It is such a huge country that at least a few months should be spent exploring the beauty and culture this country has in store to offer. This extensive Canada travel guide talks everything Canada – from accommodation costs to food to daily budget to must do activities – so that you can plan the perfect trip to this Great White Northern country. Continue Reading

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My Entry for Travel Photography Roulette: Urban

World Photos - Ross French - February 8, 2011

urban_portrait_toronto Urban Portrait - Toronto, Canada


Living the Dream RTW has proposed a Travel Photography Roulette game among travel bloggers. This weeks theme is URBAN, proposed by Ken Kaminesky I have nothing fun to say because I have to go to a job interview… BOOOO

Wish me luck!


Urban Portrait – Toronto, Canada

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