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Guatemala - Ross French - September 21, 2017

travel to Guatemala

Guatemala, the most diverse tourist destination of Central America, has been enticing travelers for centuries. Considered the Mayan heart of Central America, this beautiful country offers a lot more than the Mayan wonders though. Guatemala probably has the most tightly packed must do things and must visit sights than anywhere in Central America. From archeological wonders of Mayan ruins to colonial towns, pristine jungles, endless hiking trails and ancient culture – there are simply a ton of things for you to do when you travel to Guatemala. To help plan your tour and avoid the crowd that is slowly discovering this beautiful country, here are the top four things which you must try out when you travel to Guatemala.

1. Visit Tikal National Park

The Tikal National Park is the most famous cultural and natural tourist attraction of Guatemala. Built around the largest excavated Mayan site of Guatemala, the Tikal ruins will give you a sense of adventure like no other. Visit the park early and stroll through the empty ruins, and find yourself lost in the wondrous structures of a long-lost era.

2. Visit the Yaxha Mayan Ruins

The Yaxha Mayan Ruins are much more secluded than the Tikal Ruins. Hike the serene trail through the jungle before reaching the beautiful Mayan complexes. These ruins are smaller when compared to Tikal, but they are much less commercialized and less crowded. You can spend your time looking at the marvelous structures, the ancient drawings, and the carved symbols. If you are interested in Mayan history and culture, visiting this site is a must when you travel to Guatemala.

3. Roast Some Marshmallows on Top of Pacaya Volcano

The Pacaya volcano is one of the most accessible volcanos in Guatemala, which makes it one of the most popular destination. The volcano is still active, which makes the hike to the top of this volcano a must-do activity when you travel to Guatemala. You can hike the steep trail to the top of the volcano in about one and a half hour, and you can indeed roast some marshmallows in the heat which gets eliminated from the ground of the summit.

4. Bask in the Natural Beauty of Semuc Champey

Located near the little town of Lanquin, Semuc Champey is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Guatemala. You have to travel deep into the jungle to come face to face with this massive natural limestone formation. The formation is covering an underground river, which forms a number of stepped swimming pools. There are a lot of hiking trails, lookout points and guided tours in this area. Apart from all of these, there are many tours to the Kan’Ba caves as well. There you can swim along an underground river. The place is so dark that you will have to hold a candle above your head to light your way as you swim. Visiting here is another one of the must to activities when you travel to Guatemala.

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Beautiful Cape Town, Africa

Guest Posts - Ross French - April 30, 2011

camps-bay A view of Camp’s Bay and the Twelve Apostles

“Don’t you dare set foot in Cape Town. South Africa is dangerous you know”. Cheers for the sound advice mum, but unfortunately this falls on deaf ears. Sure South Africa can be “dangerous” but I’m more likely to walk in front of a bus in London than I am getting mugged in Cape Town. Besides, my mother’s stern words were proven utterly worthless because my experience of this stunning city was anything but dangerous and risky. Like all places, if you keep your wits about you and don’t display your flashy, new iphone to the world, Cape Town is a safe and positively beautiful tourist destination.


A view of Camp’s Bay and the Twelve Apostles

The best time to visit Cape Town is in October and November in the height of the summer season and for top notch accommodation, Camp’s Bay is the place to stay. The Bay Hotel overlooks the glorious Camp’s

Bay beach and is only three miles from the famous, Table Mountain Cable Car. What’s more there are luxury rooms and suites to suit every taste. There is also an abundance of villas to rent in the area if the swish, hotel experience is not to your liking. Unfortunately, my wee budget did not stretch this far and I decided to loge in the centre of the city. I stayed in the cheaper yet comfortable Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge. Minutes away from the seafront and the impressive world cup football stadium, this is a great place to be based. Staying in the city centre is also extremely beneficial if you want to catch the boat to the famous Robin Island. This historical site is a must on any trip to South Africa (just beware of the evil monkeys that live there)! For shopping as well as culture, the Victoria and Alfred waterfront complex is simply brilliant. From designer clothes to authentic, African jewellery, this place is a haven for avid shoppers.


Entrance to the Bay Hotel in Camp’s Bay

So the monkeys, mountains and historical sites were all very well and good but what about the food? The truth is you are spoilt for choice and Cape Town’s places to eat out are just as diverse as the city itself. For truly top notch cuisine I had to return to Camp’s Bay. For a memorable and simply delicious surf and turf, the Sand Bar on Victoria Street is the place to go. Also, the Blues Restaurant and Bar can be found on the same street and serves contemporary seafood dishes (not to mention a stunning view of the ocean).

So, I came out of Africa unscathed. With its grand mountains and cosmopolitan streets, Cape Town is a friendly and beautiful city with a relaxed atmosphere. The only thing to worry about is those monkeys!

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