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Explore Sälen: A Year-Round Paradise for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Relaxation Seekers

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - May 19, 2024

Sälen, Sweden

Nestled in the heart of Sweden, Sälen is more than just a popular ski destination; it’s a year-round haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Known for its stunning landscapes and family-friendly atmosphere, Sälen offers a unique blend of excitement and relaxation that captivates visitors from around the world. Whether you’re gliding down snowy slopes or basking in the summer sun, Sälen provides an unforgettable experience for all. Continue Reading

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Luxury Liners and Exotic Destinations

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - April 29, 2024

luxury cruise destinations

The allure of luxury liners and exotic destinations has never been more potent. From the opulent amenities and world-class service offered on board these floating palaces to the captivating ports of call that await passengers in far-flung corners of the globe, the experience of sailing on a luxury liner to exotic destinations is nothing short of extraordinary. Embark on a journey of elegance, sophistication, and unparalleled luxury as we uncover the enchanting allure of luxury liners and the exotic destinations that beckon to the discerning traveller. Continue Reading

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Emergency Travel Tips for Every Type of Trip

Travel Tips - Ross French - April 25, 2024

emergency travel tips

Introduction: Traveling can be an exhilarating experience, filled with new sights, sounds, and adventures. However, unforeseen emergencies can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Whether you’re embarking on a solo backpacking adventure or a family vacation, being prepared for emergencies is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore emergency travel tips tailored to different types of trips, ensuring that you’re equipped to handle any unexpected situation that may arise. Continue Reading

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Ready for Paradise? How SoCal Vibes Meet Island Dreams in Fiji

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - March 14, 2024

SoCal to Fiji travel

Craving an escape that blends the laid-back luxe of Southern California with the exotic allure of tropical paradise? Look no further than Fiji, a destination that promises adventure, relaxation, and a cultural experience. As a Los Angeleno, you know the value of sunshine, scenery, and the perfect blend of activity and leisure. This journey from the bustling streets of LA to the serene beaches of Fiji is more than just a trip; it’s an experience that elevates your travel game to new heights. Let’s dive into this unforgettable voyage, where the Pacific Ocean connects two worlds in ways you’ve never imagined. Continue Reading

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Top 10 Beachfront Hotels in Clearwater Beach

Travel Blog - Ross French - March 12, 2024

The beauty of Clearwater Beach cannot be denied. Imagine your feet sinking into the sugary white sand as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink This is a place where every day brings Mother Nature a nap comes to a spectacular show and vibrant local culture breathes life into this Florida paradise.

Why The Wright Hotel matters

Choosing a place to stay is more than just a bed, to choose a place to take in the splendor of the sea, a place to retreat to that feels like a part of home, a portal to experiences that stick to your memory like sand and cling to your flesh eyes after a day at the beach. It’s a special thing. Your hotel is the starting point for your adventures and a welcome respite after a day in the sun and local culture.

Top 10 Beachfront Hotels in Clearwater Beach

Serenity Beachfront Resort

  • Overview and Unique Selling Points: Nestled directly on the pristine sands of Clearwater Beach, Serenity Beachfront Resort boasts an award-winning spa, featuring holistic treatments and an ocean-view relaxation room. The in-house gourmet dining experience highlights locally sourced seafood with a modern twist.
  • Key Amenities: Guests have unlimited access to infinity pools that seem to blend into the horizon, private beach cabanas for an exclusive seaside experience, and a state-of-the-art fitness center with classes overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Notable Accolades or Awards: Serenity Beachfront Resort has been recognized as the “Best Spa Retreat in Florida” for three consecutive years and received the prestigious “Golden Palm Award” for sustainability practices within the hospitality industry.

Ocean’s Embrace Family Resort

  • Family-Friendly Features: Designed with families in mind, Ocean’s Embrace offers an engaging kids’ club with daily activities tailored to different age groups, spacious family suites equipped with kitchenettes, and a splash pad area for the little ones.
  • Special Packages: Adventure tours including dolphin-watching excursions and pirate ship adventures can be booked directly at the front desk. Romantic getaway packages offer private sunset cruises and candlelit dinners on the beach.

The Sunset Haven

  • Overview and Unique Selling Points: The Sunset Haven is celebrated for its panoramic sunset views from every room, direct beach access with complimentary watersports equipment, and rooftop dining that offers a scenic backdrop of Clearwater Beach.
  • Key Amenities and Offerings: A beachside infinity pool, nightly live entertainment featuring local artists, and eco-friendly initiatives like coral reef restoration projects, make this hotel a sought-after destination for both leisure and eco-conscious travelers.

AquaMarine Palms Resort

  • Overview and Unique Selling Points: With its modern design and vibrant atmosphere, AquaMarine Palms Resort stands out for its adult-only infinity pool with a swim-up bar, DJ-hosted pool parties, and custom-designed suites that reflect the aquatic beauty of Clearwater Beach.
  • Key Amenities and Offerings: A private marina offering yacht rentals, an oceanfront fitness center, and a culinary program that focuses on fusion cuisine, combining local and international flavors.

The Clearwater Cove

  • Overview and Unique Selling Points: Known for its traditional charm and elegance, The Clearwater Cove offers a tranquil retreat with a private stretch of beach, garden courtyards with hidden alcoves for relaxation, and afternoon tea served with a view of the Gulf.
  • Key Amenities and Offerings: Victorian-inspired décor, an on-site museum showcasing the history of Clearwater Beach, and moonlight cinema evenings on the lawn.

The Gulfside Grandeur

  • Overview and Unique Selling Points: The Gulfside Grandeur lives up to its name with an emphasis on grandiose experiences, from opulent ballrooms to a grand staircase leading directly to the beach. Ideal for opulent weddings and events, it pairs luxury with impeccable service.
  • Key Amenities and Offerings: Spacious suites with oversized balconies, a championship golf course accessible for guests, and a signature restaurant headed by a Michelin-starred chef that overlooks the Gulf.

Ocean Whisper Boutique Hotel

  • Overview and Unique Selling Points: Intimate and chic, Ocean Whisper Boutique Hotel is a favorite among couples and solo travelers seeking serenity. Its focus on creating a peaceful retreat is evident in the meditative gardens and soundproofed rooms.
  • Key Amenities and Offerings: A spa with aromatic therapy sessions, a library filled with classic literature and overlooks the sea, and sunrise yoga sessions to start the day with mindfulness and beauty.

Harbor Light Family Resort

  • Overview and Unique Selling Points: Harbor Light Family Resort caters to creating a memorable family experience. With its own mini-water park and family-oriented entertainment, it’s designed to make every family vacation both fun and relaxing.
  • Key Amenities and Offerings: Rooms with built-in kids’ bunk areas, a game room with the latest video and arcade games, and themed family activities every evening under the stars.

Hotel J: The Clearwater Sanctuary Spa & Resort

  • Overview and Unique Selling Points: This resort is a paradise for those who want to focus on health and wellness while enjoying the beachfront scenery. The Sanctuary offers holistic wellness programs, including detox retreats and personalized health coaching.
  • Key Amenities and Offerings: An organic menu featuring farm-to-table dishes, a comprehensive wellness center with hydrotherapy and cryotherapy, and exclusive adult-only pools for tranquil relaxation.

Seabreeze Coastal Retreat

  • Overview and Unique Selling Points: Seabreeze Coastal Retreat stands out for its commitment to providing a cozy, intimate setting that feels like a home away from home. Nestled directly on the beach, its modest size allows for personalized service and an atmosphere of quiet relaxation, making it perfect for couples and visitors seeking a peaceful retreat.
  • Key Amenities and Offerings: Private balconies with stunning ocean views, a heated outdoor pool surrounded by lush gardens, and access to secluded beach areas with hammocks strung between palm trees. The on-site café specializes in fresh, locally sourced cuisine, offering both indoor and outdoor dining options where guests can enjoy the sea breeze.

Comparison of Hotels Based on Key Criteria

When it comes to choosing the perfect beachfront hotel in Clearwater Beach, various factors come into play. Below, we compare hotels based on price range, amenities, and accessibility to help streamline your decision-making process.

Price Range Comparison for Budget Planning

  • Economy Options: Starting at $100 per night, these hotels offer basic amenities and are a short walk from the beach.
  • Mid-Range Picks: With prices ranging from $150 to $300 per night, expect more spacious rooms, ocean views, and additional hotel facilities.
  • Luxury Stays: For those willing to splurge ($300+ per night), luxury hotels provide top-tier amenities, including beachfront access, gourmet dining, and spa services.

Recap of Amenities for Easy Comparison

  • Pools and Spas: Most mid-range and luxury hotels feature heated pools, with some offering infinity pools or rooftop options. Look for spa services for an extra touch of relaxation.
  • Dining Options: From on-site gourmet restaurants to casual beachside bars, dining amenities vary widely. Luxury hotels often boast multiple dining choices.
  • Fitness and Recreation: Fitness centers, yoga classes, and water sports rentals are common. Some properties also offer kid-friendly activities and game rooms.

Accessibility Features for Travelers with Special Needs

  • Room Accessibility: Look for hotels offering roll-in showers, grab bars, and widened doorways.
  • Facility Accessibility: Ensure public areas, pools, and beach access points are wheelchair-accessible.
  • Service Accessibility: Inquire about available hearing-accessible rooms or visual alarm/alert systems.

What to Do Around Clearwater Beach

Embracing the natural beauty and vibrant culture of Clearwater Beach extends beyond your hotel stay. Here are attractions and activities to consider:

Highlight Nearby Attractions and Activities for Guests

  • Pier 60: Known for its daily sunset celebrations, it’s a hub for artisans, musicians, and performers.
  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium: A must-visit for animal lovers, offering glimpses into the world of marine rescue.
  • Caladesi Island State Park: Accessible by ferry, it’s perfect for a day of hiking, picnicking, and beachcombing.

Recommendations for Dining and Shopping

  • Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill: Famous for its seafood and beach views, it’s a culinary landmark.
  • Surf Style: A mega-souvenir shop for all your beach gear and memorabilia needs.
  • Cleveland Street District: Offers a variety of shops and restaurants, adding a local flavor to your shopping and dining experiences.

Tips for Booking Your Stay

Making the most of your visit to Clearwater Beach begins with booking the right stay. Here’s how to secure the best deals and accommodations to fit your needs.

Best Time to Visit Clearwater Beach for Hotel Deals

  • Off-Peak Seasons: Late spring (April to May) and late fall (October to November) usually offer comfortable weather and better hotel rates.
  • Avoid Busy Times: Rates tend to spike during winter months, spring break, and summer vacation. Planning outside these periods can lead to significant savings.

Advice on Booking Directly Through Hotel vs. Third-Party Sites

  • Direct Bookings: Often guarantees the best rates and availability. Hotels may offer exclusive perks or free upgrades to direct bookers.
  • Third-Party Sites: Comparison shopping can help snag a deal. However, be mindful of cancellation policies and hidden fees.

Contacting Hotels for Special Requests or Accommodations

  • Special Needs: If you require specific accommodations, contacting the hotel directly ensures your needs are met.
  • Special Occasions: Mentioning a birthday, anniversary, or other celebrations might lead to complimentary upgrades or services.


Clearwater Beach has several beachfront hotels, each offering a variety of amenities and amenities. Whether you want luxurious, family-friendly or budget-friendly accommodation, there is something for everyone.

  • Luxury hotels: Offer unparalleled service, fine dining and luxury amenities.
  • Family-friendly hotels: These establishments offer activities, children’s groups and family-friendly amenities.
  • Budget hotels: Ideal for travelers who prioritize savings, offering basic amenities without compromising on comfort or location.

Choosing the right hotel is important for a memorable Clearwater Beach experience. The options are endless, from spacious resorts with every amenity imaginable to luxury boutique hotels with personal service.

A final tip or advice for planning a visit to Clearwater Beach

  1. Book early : Especially if you are visiting during peak times to get the best price and room options.
  2. Read reviews: Past guest experiences can provide valuable insight into what to expect.
  3. Consider location: Decide if you want to be in the middle of the Clearwater Beach action or in a more secluded location.

A well-chosen beachfront hotel in Clearwater Beach is more than just a place to relax; It’s the backdrop to your entire vacation experience. With the right preparation and attitude, your getaway can be as relaxing or adventurous as you like. Clearwater Beach awaits with open arms and sun-kissed beaches, ready to make your stay unforgettable.

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