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Tips for Traveling With Your Glasses and Keep Them in one Piece!

Travel Tips - Ross French - August 5, 2020

Traveling with your Glasses

Making travel plans for when air travel is fully available again? It makes sense to start planning now, rather than rushing everything at the last minute and forgetting the essentials. While many backpackers struggle with what they should take with them abroad and what they should leave behind, if you’re a glasses wearer, then you already know that one of the essential items you’ll need is right on your face! If you’re looking for a new frame before you leave, check out this selection of retro glasses here, to ensure you look great on your trip.

It’s easy to feel a little apprehensive about traveling with your glasses. What if they get broken? Or lost? Being stuck on the other side of the world and unable to see properly doesn’t exactly bode well for the rest of your trip…

Thankfully, if you’re a glasses wearer, you don’t need to worry. Here I’ve compiled some simple tips for traveling with your glasses and keeping them in one piece!

Tips for Traveling With your Glasses

Check your prescription

Maybe you’re heading overseas for a few months, or just a week or two. Either way, if you want to avoid headaches and discomfort throughout your overseas trip, visit your optician before you travel to ensure you have the right prescription in your glasses.

Pack them in a hard case

A hard case is the best solution for your glasses. Whether you’re relaxing by the sea, taking them off to go swimming, or you’re just swapping them for your prescription sunglasses, always place your glasses in a hard case. It’s the safest way to prevent them from getting bent, crushed, or broken.

Always bring an extra pair

Sometimes accidents happen, or you could have your bag stolen. This is when having a spare set of glasses comes in handy. That way, if anything happens to one pair, at least you’ll have a backup. If you wear contact lenses, always bring your glasses with you!

Learn how to repair your glasses

Knocks, bumps, scratches, or general wear and tear can leave your eyewear wonky, or unwearable. Knowing how to repair your glasses ensures you won’t be stuck overseas with compromised vision. Pack a glasses repair kit in your rucksack!

Keep your glasses in your carry on

Always keep your glasses and your spare pair in your carry-on. That way they’re readily available when you need them. Also, if your luggage is lost by the airline or stolen, you won’t be left stranded without your glasses.

Make a note of your eye prescription

Ask your optician to write down your prescription and keep it handy with your other medical/first aid supplies. That way if there is an optical emergency when you’re overseas, you can try to get replacements ordered.

And finally, look after your eyes and glasses

UV rays, long haul flights, extended time staring at screens, and tiredness. Your eyes go through a lot when you’re traveling. So, make sure you look after them. Invest in some high-quality sunglasses with UV protection, rest your eyes as much as possible and if you wear contact lenses, switch between your contacts and glasses to give your eyes a break.

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