High five! And WELCOME to The Traveller World Guide

Officially created January of 2010, The Traveller WG is not your typical travel site. We need humor to live and try to implement it while sharing sweet travel tips from our first hand experiences. Although attempts to stay out of trouble are made, this is not usually the case…

Another important voice of The Traveller WG is the ramblings of Kyle and can be found “In the News”. Here, Kyle shares an array of emotions about travel, world news and other travel writers.Why? Because it’s funny… and that’s how we roll!

The Traveller WG specializes in long term travel, but much of the knowledge provided can be applied to short term travellers as well. From how to protect your laptop – to the top attractions in Australia. We also highlight some helpful tips on how to deal with travel douchebags – to making friends travelling. We want to bestow you with valuable tips and information that can not only help you prior to your departure, but during your travels as well. And everything else is to help keep you amused while navigating through the site.

A Little Bit About Ross French

Ross French grew up outside Toronto, blah blah… he went to the University of Western Ontario for fine arts and like any degree, has since done nothing in that field.

More seriously, Ross French is a travel junkie & a tech nerd with a slightly concerning love for beer & wine. he a has a great awareness of life outside the 9-5 and hopes to aspire to be a hammock bum one day.

Some of his favorite activities include: happy hour, spooning, racing people on the elliptical, random treks, drinking coffee, chasing squirrels, battles to the death, pimpin hoes, sweet high fives, poking dead stuff with a stick, giggling, pillow fights, naps outside and campfires. BAM!

A Little Bit About Kyle

Kyle grew up outside London, Ontario and also graduated from The University of Western Ontario…blah blah.He is a teacher and part time traveler who, from time to time, dabbles in writing.

He stole 8 sets of chopsticks from his favourite Japanese restaurant because he wanted a complete dinning set – then stole 12 more sets so he had spares.

He believes the only thing calories are a measurement of is taste awesomeness.

Some of Kyles favorite activities include: cat hunting. That is all.