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What Should be in Your Suitcase for a Summer Vacation in 2021?

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - July 19, 2021

Summer Vacation

If you are planning your first summer vacation for a while in 2021, then you might be completely out of practice in terms of deciding what to pack into your suitcase for your upcoming trip. Then, this guide includes everything that you need to remember to pack on your summer vacation to ensure that you can avert disaster.

What Should be in Your Suitcase for a Summer Vacation in 2021?

Bikini or Swimsuit

If you are planning a trip to a beach destination this summer, taking a bikini or swimsuit on your trip is essential, especially if you love to sunbathe or swim in the ocean. A bikini will allow you to fully indulge in seaside activities without worrying about getting your clothes wet. To find fashion forward and flattering options, you should look at the designer bikini swimwear that ViX Paula Hermanny has to offer. Made with hand crafted details and high end fabric, ViX Paula Hermanny’s designer bikinis are a timeless option for anyone.

Sun Accessories

However, if you are planning to spend days lounging in the sun, you need to make sure that you are protected from its rays first. To do this, you should look into investing in the right sun accessories. For instance, before heading to the beach, you should always make sure that you invest in a sunhat to keep your face from burning and your skin from peeling. This can also help to prevent heatstroke. You should also take along a pair of sunglasses to make sure that your eyes see no permanent damage.

Important Documents

You will not be able to get to the beach if you do not have the right documents, though. Then, you should make sure that you have packed your vaccination certificates, your passport, your visa, and copies of your travel insurance policy before you jet off. You might also consider printing photocopies of these and storing them in a separate place in your luggage in case of loss.

Sun cream and Bug Spray

Beach vacations are not always relaxing, and lounging by the sea can often be more trouble than it is worth. Then, you should make sure that you pack supplies of sun cream and bug spray to protect your skin from the sun and to keep pesky bugs like mosquitos away. You should ensure that you apply these creams and sprays every morning and top them up throughout the day.

Beach Towel

To make sure that you create the perfect spot to sunbathe throughout the day, a beach towel is essential to your enjoyment of your summer vacation. However, you should take into consideration that beach towels can be incredibly heavy if you are flying to your destination. If you are going on a flight, you might consider buying a beach towel as soon as you land at your destination or in duty-free, although you should be careful about the cost of this.

Smart Water Bottle

You must be able to stay as hydrated as possible if you are spending all of your time in the sun. If that is the case, you should consider hunting for a smart water bottle that can remind you when you need to drink more water and can ensure that you can avoid the health risks of dehydration while you are away.

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6 Things To Consider Before You Pack Up And Travel The World

Travel Blog, Word Travel - Ross French - July 14, 2021

Travel The World

If adventure is calling you out of the normal daily routines of life, there are several things to consider before you pack up and go. None of them are deal-breakers, they just need your attention. Traveling for a vacation is much different than travelling for long-term adventures. You don’t necessarily need a long-term plan, but you should think through all these to ensure you have the best time possible no matter where you go in the world.

How Will You Earn An Income?

Not everyone is independently wealthy. While you may have some money saved up to take an extended trip, it’s vital that you think about how you will make money and still live the travel lifestyle once that savings runs out. There are so many different ways to earn money even when you are abroad. Whether you take to the internet to write for businesses, create graphic designs, or drop ship products online, a good online business or side-hustle will help you on your quest. Additionally, some people offer English classes when they get to a foreign country to help supplement their income.

What Will You Do With Your House?

If you already own a home or you live in an apartment you need to decide what you will do with it. IN some areas you can offer monthly apartment rentals for other travelers. When renters are only in an area for a short amount of time, large deposits and buying furniture is unrealistic. And living in an apartment or home is a better option. You may consider selling your home if the market is right for it. This would give you more cash to help fund your trip. Just be aware that if and when you return to your home area, it might be difficult to get a place if the market shifts.

What Are Your Goals?

Some people just want to see the world and go on adventures wherever the wind takes them. Others have specific locations in mind. Some want to learn about new cultures and experience different foods. Other people want to learn a new language and immerse themselves in an area for a long time. Before you step out on your travel journey, it’s important to have some goals in mind. This will help you find the right places to go and visit while you’re away. You wouldn’t want to have a goal of hiking the tallest mountains in the world and only spend your time at the beach. Goals help you decide where to go and what to do based on your desires.

What Will You Do With All Your Stuff?

Owning a home or living in an apartment means you probably have a lot of things you’ve acquired. Before you leave, you need to plan for what to do with these items. Will you sell off the unimportant things? Will you store items with your family? Will you get a large storage unit and throw everything in it? Selling off many of your belongings can help you earn some money and also give you less items to store away. Having a storage unit means you’ll need a way to pay it every month, which adds to your overall expenses. This includes your car if you have one. Do you want to keep it and pay for storage, or sell it and live off the proceeds?

What Will You Do For Travel and Health Insurance?

The good news is that medical costs in many nations are much lower than they are in the USA. The bad news is that they still cost money. A good travel health insurance plan will help cover many catastrophic injuries and illnesses even abroad. Travel insurance can also help you in the event you need to cancel a trip due to illness or injury.

Where Will You Go First?

This is probably the most important question for anyone who wants to travel the world. Where do you want to start? Do you need a relaxing vacation in a villa on the beach? Or are you ready to explore ancient ruins? Pick your first destination and start packing. Just make sure you have your Passport ready to go.

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Eco-Friendly House – Benefits of Establishing it

Travel Blog - Ross French - July 10, 2021

Eco-Friendly House

Global warming is continuously increasing in modern times. Therefore, we must be more careful and constructive. An eco-friendly house can be a great example in this scenario. The thing is not very tough. Moreover, it does not require any additional effort. Just concentrate on a few important aspects. These will let you turn a house into an environmentally one. The secret is in the construction methods. Also, you need to use eco-friendly materials for the purpose. All your hard work will result in a marvelous eco-friendly house. To learn the process, take a look at the content coming up.

Eco-Friendly House

Necessities For An Eco-Friendly House

There are some specific articles to turn your house eco-friendly. Some of the best ways are hereunder.

  • Renewable Energy: To build an eco-friendly house smartly, one of the best ways is renewable energy sources. The application of such materials will make your house energy-efficient. You can use wind power or solar panels. Also, install advanced heat pumps for a great cooling effect.
  • Use More Of Wood: Use more wood or bamboo for the eco-houses. The bricks can produce a carbon footprint. Moreover, it is very harmful to our health. Hence, use some natural resources to protect the environment. The best move can be the use of timber and wood. They are sustainable products with a low carbon footprint. Show your creativity by appropriate solutions out of these resources.
  • Roof Gardening: Plant more trees to save your planet. What can be best than starting with your own house. A roof garden is a beautiful technique for conserving nature. Therefore, an eco-friendly house with such a great place will attract more visitors. Reduce the pollution level of the urban areas with the help of these amazing constructions. Moreover, the floral decoration can improve a dull mood too. Sit and relax in this colorful garden. Forget all the tensions and embrace nature in a new way.
  • Recycling: Plastic is the most hazardous product of the modern era. However, too much of this substance is ruining Earth’s health. We have to chalk out some alternatives to minimize the impact. The best way is recycling. You can use the worn and damaged plastic for meaningful purposes. One such innovative technique is using plastic concrete bricks. Also, you can give beautiful shapes to the bottles and utilize them for plantation. There are many such ways to recycle plastic most fruitfully.

  • Start Harvesting: On our planet, water is now facing a crisis. It is not desirable. However, we need to fight the situation together. One of the brilliant ways for making your house environmentally friendly, try to hold the rainwater. Thus, improve the irrigation system through rain harvesting. These days, you cannot afford to waste a single drop of water.

    During the harvesting time, utilize the stored water mainly. Be a little attentive towards water conservation. Start by using less water during flushing in the toilet. For this purpose, the installation of a toilet bowl can be a good idea. It can store water. With the help of this technique, you can use fresh water for washing. On other hand, it will let only the soapy and greywater flow while flushing. As a result, you are going to consume lesser water. Recycling water can save significant amounts of water.

  • Passive House: For an eco-friendly house, this is also a fantastic approach. However, this concept came from Germany. A combination of the best quality materials can provide the highest level of comfort. Moreover, the cost is also minimum. Invent creative ways to give proper direction to the sunlight. Is the scorching heat disturbing you? Instead of the air-conditioner or cooler, use some natural methods. As per the Passive House technique, you can cut the direct sunlight. Build window shades for a cooler room.

The direction of the wind is also important for a comfortable living. To enjoy the calm breeze, go for ventilation. Hence, design the windows accordingly. Similarly, for the cold regions, there should be a perfect sun path. For best results, build a solarium.


An eco-friendly house will be friendly to your pockets too. Only the best ways are there in the above lines. You can also utilize some more techniques for a better living. Help the surroundings to be fresher. Therefore, install energy-friendly systems and plant more trees. A beautiful and smart design will surely give a wonderful effect. Teach your kids about the importance of such a house. Let them be aware of the importance of energy-renewable resources. A cleaner and greener world is awaiting.

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From Private Jets to Economy Class: Airline Service Classes Made Easy and How to Know Which is Right for You

Travel Blog - Ross French - June 25, 2021

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to fly on a plane before, you are lucky. Whilst some people think that travelling in the air is a rite of passage, not everyone has had the same blessing that most of you have had. Of course, there will be some people amongst you who won’t mind what airline class they find themselves in as long as it gets you to where you need to go.

From chartering a private jet from companies like Jettly to flying business class and first-class, many different brackets make up the airline industry. If you want to try something new the next time you go on vacation or business trip, then read this article to understand more about which service class is the best one for you.

First Class

One of the most popular airline classes that you will have heard of is First Class. Described as a category of luxury seating on a plane that has more space, comfort, and service than other seats, many people who want to go all out for their trip may decide to buy tickets in this section. Whilst First Class comes with a lot of benefits, it is very unlikely that everyone will have the opportunity to experience this leisure in their lifetime. This is because the tickets can be very expensive. If you are up to date with your celebrity culture, you will know that most of them decide to buy first-class tickets when they are required to travel to a specific destination. This is a type of luxury that you won’t experience with any other class, so if you have the opportunity to do so, then you should.

Business Class

Next in line, you have Business Class. Business Class commonly falls under First Class but is above Economy Class. By selecting this service, you will experience upgraded amenities, service, and seating. Unlike the economy, where you must make do with the seating arrangements that you have been given, in business class, you can decide to upgrade to wider seats if you see fit. This could be particularly beneficial if you are going to be travelling on a long-haul international flight where comfort is key to your relaxation. Not only is maximum comfort guaranteed, but like First Class customers, you will be able to board the plane first, in front of those who are in economy. This means that you won’t need to wait in queues at the security line or baggage claim. So, if you want to make sure that your vacation gets started on the right foot, then Business Class could be the way to go.

Economy Class

Otherwise known as a third class or coach class, economy class is probably the category that most people use when it comes to air travel. One of the reasons for this is the price. You will find that economy has cheaper flights and deals than what you would expect from First Class and Business Class. Many of these deals will be provided by low-cost airlines, and these types of trips will likely either take place domestically or on short-haul international flights. Some may say that this is the easiest way to travel, though you won’t have access to most of the benefits that you could be expected to see in the other two categories. In summary, their price plans are what draw more people into this class.

Private Jets

Finally, we have private jets. Whilst it is still considered to be a newer way to travel, more people are now opting for this solution. If you take all the combined benefits of First Class, Business Class, and Economy, you will find private jets. They provide everything you could ever need and more. Schedules to suit you and your needs, quality time with your colleagues or loved ones, and all the privacy you could ever want, this is an option that is becoming more and more popular amongst travellers. You will mainly see businessmen or women using this option when they have a business meeting or conference to attend that is across the country. Private Jets could be the perfect travel method for anybody, anywhere.

So, how do you know which service class is the best for you? Well, it all comes down to your personal needs and wants. If you have the money that allows you to try First Class, and this is something that you want to do, then why not give it a go? If you’ve travelled via economy and business class and have enjoyed the experience, then stick to what you know. But if you want to get your trip off to the best start, then private jets may be something that you want to consider instead. All in all, the decision falls to you, and remember, any decision that you make won’t be a bad one. It will be the best one for you.

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4 Top Tips for Funding Your Dream Vacation

Travel Blog, Word Travel - Ross French - June 16, 2021

Everyone has a bucket list destination they want to visit. For example, you may have always wanted to experience the buzz of New York’s Times Square, watch the sun go down on a Caribbean island, or explore historic Rome.

Yet, if you do not organize your finances, you might never step foot in your desired destination.

If money is preventing you from jetting off, check out these four top tips for funding your dream vacation. Continue Reading

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