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Top Things to do in Mexico City to Experience the Nightlife

Mexico - Ross French - August 10, 2020

things to do in Mexico City

If you are thinking nightlife in Mexico City is not that big a deal, you are wrong. Mexico City nightlife is an unforgettable experience. There are many things to do in Mexico City. It is a city that hardly gets to sleep. Once the day tours are done, you do not need to head back to the hotel room right away. Keep yourself awake for an amazing nightlife in Mexico City.

Mexico City is one of the best cities for nightlife. The locals are friendly. You get to meet them and see them up-close if you head to one of the happening places at night. The locals here love to party. The more you hop around at night, the more you will know about their life and culture. It is an amazing experience. Continue Reading

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10 Things you must do in Thailand

Thailand - Ross French - August 5, 2020

Thailand Vacation

Thailand is one of the most preferred tourist locations in the world. One can easily spend a lifetime, here in Thailand. You will fall short of days on your Thailand vacation, no matter how long the itinerary assures. That is why they say, one trip is not enough to completely soak into the beauty of Thailand.

A happening nightlife to soothing beaches, Thailand has everything to offer you. The ruins of ancient kingdoms tell you the history that the small piece of land bears. The jungles echo the sound of nature. Your Thailand vacation will be full of surprises. Thailand has a unique culinary skill that is induced within its people and culture. Thai food is something to die for. The best part is, all these you get without draining out a lot, Thailand is best for budget travelers as well. Continue Reading

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Places to Visit in Turkey for the First-Timers

Turkey - Ross French - July 24, 2020

places to visit in turkey

Turkey is crowned as one of the most beautiful countries in Asia from rugged high mountains to the blue Mediterranean coast. You may not have heard much about the beauty of the country that connects Asia with Europe. But be rest assured, even one whole month will not be enough for exploring Turkey.

There are many historical places to visit in Turkey. Turkey’s rich heritage comes from different groups of people who have ruled the country at some point in time. From the Byzantines to the Ottomans, to the Greco-Romans, each of them has a share of its story inscribed in the big book of Turkish History.

Ankara is the country’s capital. However, Istanbul has always remained one of the most significant cities in Turkey. Istanbul used to be the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. It is the same Constantinople that your history teacher taught you while talking about the Roman Empire.

There are a few things that you cannot miss on your first trip to Turkey. It is best to give at least fourteen days, if not more, to experience the country’s beauty. Here are a few places to visit in Turkey where you must go on your maiden trip. Continue Reading

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10 Thai Dishes You Must Taste If You Are in Thailand

Thailand - Ross French - July 16, 2020

Thai Dishes

Traveling is therapy, and so is food. The pleasure of exploring local food and experimenting with new dishes is beyond comparison. If you are planning to visit Thailand on your next vacation, get ready for culinary exploration. Thai dishes are famous worldwide. But Everywhere you look, you will see the Street Food in Thailand for tourists. The Thai dishes available on the streets are the yummiest.

Thai cuisine has a significant influence from the food culture of the neighboring countries. Thai food history is as intriguing as the dishes that they have to offer you. They learned the use of spice from the Indians. Some Thai dishes have originated from China. Some have a western influence on them. Thai cuisine has made its way to the world’s busiest cities. Almost every big city has restaurants with Thai cuisine on their menu.

The street food in Thailand has become very popular among travelers. From ready-to-eat meals to drinks to snacks, the streets of Thailand are always bustling with hawkers and vendors. All the famous Thai dishes are available on the road. Checking them out has become one of the popular activities for travelers.

10 Thai Dishes You Must Taste without Fail

Here are a few Thai dishes that you must try when you are visiting Thailand. Remember, the streets of Thailand have a lot to offer, the more you dive in, the more satisfying the experience will be.

1. Som Tam

One of the healthiest in the Thai food list, Som Tam, is a delicious Green Papaya Salad. The salad tastes sweet, sour, hot, and salty all at once, although the hotness quotient might seem a tad bit heavy for a non-Thai palate. Som Tam is one of the essential salads in Thai cuisine, especially in Laos and northeastern Thailand. Thai people often consume this salad as a casual light dinner or even during lunch or brunch.

2. Tom Yum Goong

If you are in love with shrimp, you cannot leave Thailand without tasting the yummiest Tom Yum Goong. It has become quite popular in recent times. Originating from the classic broth, Tom Yum Goong or a Thai Shrimp soup is one of the most popular Thai dishes. It has branched out to different varieties. However, lemongrass, galangal, chilies, kaffir lime leaves, are some necessary ingredients in addition to shrimps.

3. Pla Pao

If fish soothes your appetite, then Pla Pao will be your favorite among the Thai Dishes. Pla Pao or Thai Grilled Fish is a stuffed whole fish, grilled to serve you hot. The stuffing is generally done with kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass. The stuffed fish is then grilled over charcoal. Pla Pao tastes best when served with chili garlic sauce.

Authentic Thai Dishes to Try

4. Boat Noodles

Traditional Thai food recipes are not just delicious but are also very addictive. Thai boat noodles top the list when experiencing the explosion of flavors in a simple dish. There are two versions of Boat Noodles. The pork-based version is called Kuay Tewo Reua Moo and the beef-based version called Kuay Teow Reua Neua. With additional toppings of fried pork, the after taste of Boat Noodles will remain forever.

5. Pad Ka Prao

Walk down a random Thai street, and you will see a Pad Ka Prao corner filled with street food lovers. You can make your customized Pad Ka Prao with a meat of your choice stir-fried with an overpowering smell of holy basil. A dash of garlic and chilies is all we need to make Pad Ka Prao one of our top favorites in Thai cuisine.

Heritage Thai Dishes:

6. Goong Pad Sataw

The famous Thai dish, Goong Pad Sataw, is made with stink beans and shrimp. Almost all the rice and curry stalls will have Goong Pad Sataw on their menu. Stir-fried stink beans and shrimp with chili paste is a natural competitor in your top favorite Thai dishes.

7. Hor Mok

It is a type of fish curry custard popular among the locals. Hor Mok or Steamed Thai Fish custard is a tricky dish, and if gone wrong will not suit your taste buds. Hor Mok is cooked in banana leaves. Galangal and thick coconut cream are two critical ingredients of Hor Mok. You will get Hor Mok in almost all rice and curry stalls.

Famous Thai Dishes:

8. Boo Pad Pongari

Boo Pad Pongari or Thai Crab curry is one of the most unique Thai dishes available on the streets of Thailand. The yellow Thai curry is delicious and is one the lower side of the usage of spices. You can also taste the same dish with chicken and squid if you wish to avoid crabs. However, if you ask about personal recommendations, try them with crab.

9. Nam Prik Kapi

Nam Prik is Thai chili dipping sauce, and the best variety is Nam Prik Kapi. Of all Thai Chilli Sauces, Nam Prik Kapi has made its way to become the most popular chili dipping sauce. The shrimp paste added here adds the twist, making it stand out from all the other Thai chili sauces.

Thai Dishes and Sauces

10. Sai krok Issan

Sai Krok Issan or fermented sausages are made with pork and rice. It originates from Northeastern Thailand and is one of the popular snacks of the locals. It is served with sliced ginger and raw cabbages. Some also add chili to the serving plate. It is as delicious as it can be.

Thailand food culture is enriched with heritage and history. Not just that, Thailand offers one of the healthiest and tastiest street foods available all across the streets. Places like Yaowarat, Sam Pharend, Bang Lamphu, Nang Loend, Pratu Phi are famous for street food. Here is complete Thai cuisine information that can come handy when you visit the paradise land for foodies. Thai dishes are going to top your favorite dishes of all time if you are fond of chilies and spices. Thailand will give you an experience of high-end Michelin Star restaurants to old food carts, all in one.

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Travel Smart – Tips to Enjoy your Travels

Europe, Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - July 13, 2020

Wasted travel is unforgivable. Far too many people take a trip to somewhere that would easily be in the top ten of many people’s bucket lists, and they return home with almost nothing to say about the place. As someone who loves to travel, I find this to be among the most outstanding failures of grownups everywhere. The conversation typically goes a little something like this:

“Oh, welcome back, nice trip?”
“ – Yes thanks, lovely weather”
“Did you get out into the old town at all? Or see the famous bridge or the…”
“ – Mmmm no, not really, we don’t really like that kind of thing”
“So, you didn’t see the Cathedral or…”
“ – Oh, yeah, you mean that church thing? We had an ice cream near there. Looked nice.”

And you feel like screaming “WHY DID YOU BOTHER”, but, sadly, if you did scream at people for doing travelling wrong, you’d be screaming most of the time. Part of the problem is that travel, I suppose, isn’t straightforward. There’s a lot of planning. There can be overseas money transfers to navigate (read up all about wire transfers), and you might feel like no matter what you do with your travel time, it could have been spent better by someone else, so, why panic, and just enjoy what comes your way. Let’s look at how to do it right.

Read read read

In the days before the internet (I’m showing my age – but I was very young), people going on vacation had to rely on travel brochures and word of mouth. Information was scarce. And what you got when you arrived was never as advertised. Fast forward to modern day access to all the information in the world at your fingertips, and you really have no excuse not to read up on your travel destination – or else you could miss out on something extraordinary.

For example, everyone has heard of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, right? But what you may not have heard about is the catacombs, deep underground, where the walls are made of human bones. There are daily tours and everything. And visitors to Disneyland theme parks will know all about the rides, but may not know about the secretive “Club 33”, where for tens of thousands of dollars, members may walk through the handful of Club 33 doors (visible inside the park but plain and unassuming looking) and experience 5-star luxury dining etc. The more you know, the more you’ll enjoy yourself.

Mix it up

Being a tourist is day one stuff – as the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, yeah, I get it, take the guided tour, sit on the open top bus, sail down the river while a guide points out the various historical buildings. But on day two… this is where you need to explore a little. Find restaurants off the beaten track, etc. Don’t leave having not seen the “real” people of wherever you’ve visited.

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