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Turkish Men – How are they in Reality?

Travel Tips - Ross French - April 19, 2021

Turkish men

If you are a woman visiting Turkey for the first time, there might be many things running inside your head. But the chances are that your foremost curiosity is about the men in Turkey. If you don’t know how Turkish men really are, you are not the only one. The majority of women who have never visited Turkey before don’t know about them either. They also don’t know what to expect from the men in Turkey.

Well, the men in Turkey are known for being gentlemen, suave, and experts in flirting. They are also very romantic. Frankly speaking, the men in Turkey are bound to steal your heart by their appeal and charisma. Also, the treatment and hospitality they will offer you may be overwhelming. No wonder why it is so difficult not to fall for them. That is why you see lots of foreign tourists coming to the country and sparking a holiday romance. But these qualities of the men in Turkey are sometimes superficial. Because you cannot expect every man you come across in Turkey to be like how they apparently seem. So, you need to proceed with caution. Some of the men here can put you in trouble before you even know it.

Thus, it would be better if you knew certain truths about Turkish men. In this article, we will discuss those truths.

Top truths about Turkish men you should know

In the majority of cases, foreign women visiting Turkey have no clue about what to expect from Turkish men. So, you may wonder whether the men here would be like the ones in your country. You may also wonder whether another culture is going to affect their personality to some extent. You might have heard about the stories about blonde or redheaded ladies getting lots of unnecessary attention from the locals. These incidents could be a result of a distinct foreign look. Nonetheless, most women have a major body blow about the Turkish men during the first few months of their stay.

Now, you might ask yourself, “What could go wrong with going on a coffee date with a new male friend”? Seems pretty harmless, right? Well, sometimes it is. Other times it is not. However, we are not defining all men in Turkey. We don’t believe in false generalization. Neither we would be happy in doing so. Therefore, we urge you not to get any wrong ideas out of this article. We only want to give you a rough idea about the features of the men in Turkey. Let us take a look:

Typical Turkish men are obstinate

The primary feature of the men in Turkey is that they are quite obstinate. Imagine a Turkish man asks you for a coffee date. But you don’t want to go out with him. So, you graciously decline. You have all the rights to do so. As a matter of fact, it’s harmless. Nonetheless, it would not end things then and there. He would most likely ask you out again after some time.

For the first few minutes, he won’t bug you. Now, you might want not to give him any attention. But the truth is, some are so desperate that they would start taking even the most trivial things seriously. And, that includes you laughing at their jokes or making casual eye contact. They would consider it as a hint.

It may seem odd to you as most men, regardless of their country, are not like that. After facing rejection, they wouldn’t try again. A Turkish man, however, is different. So, be a bit patient and bear with their tenacity. Soon they will give up and find another woman to ask for a date.

Average Turkish men are jealous

Another feature of the men in Turkey is that they tend to be jealous. Nonetheless, it’s not a men-only feature. Turkish women are also as jealous as the men here. Jealously is pretty normal here. It is a big part of Turkish culture. Once you start dating a Turkish woman or man, no other woman or man matters anymore.

In the US or UK, jealousy is seen as a fault in character. In Turkey, however, it is a sign of a healthy relationship. Here, you must be jealous about your partner interacting with other men or women. Not doing so could be a sign that you don’t love them anymore. No matter how weird it sounds, you got to accept it. If you can’t, you should stay away from dating altogether.

Everyone likes to talk in Turkey

It is another annoying aspect of Turkish people. Suppose you are having a cup of coffee with a guy after class and somebody sees you two together. Pretty sure that before the day ends, everyone in your school would’ve known about it. There are several instances where a teacher unexpectedly met her student and had a little chat. Eventually, someone asked her if the two of them are dating nowadays. That is irritating.



Is it possible for me to date Turkish men?

Yes. You can date men in Turkey. Turkey is not like average Islamic nations where dating is a sin. However, Turkish society hasn’t made any significant progress regarding premarital relationships. You can kiss your partner or hold hands. But unmarried couples should not expect to get a hotel room in Turkey.

Is kissing allowed in Turkey?

Yes. Kissing in public is perfectly fine everywhere in Turkey. In not-so-crowded places, you can even lip kiss if you want.

Is Turkey a dangerous country?

No, it’s not. In fact, Turkey has a pretty good record of being a safe country. However, like any other country, you should remain cautious while visiting Turkey to avoid any unfortunate event.


Here, we have discussed some important truths about Turkish men and what to expect from them. Keep these things in mind and you would be ready for your first-ever Turkey visit. All the best!

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Where to Party Outdoor With A View in Washington D.C.

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - March 18, 2021


From iconic monuments to stunning natural scenery, Washington D.C. has some pretty spectacular views. Why not enjoy those views at your next party? Whether you’re planning a sophisticated cocktail party, a big birthday bash, or a casual do, holding it at a great rooftop space will help elevate your event, literally and figuratively. Make your next party one to remember at one of these rooftop party venues in Washington DC with a view.

10 Best Rooftop Party Venues with a view in Washington D.C.

1. Top of the Gate

Located on the 15th floor of the historic Watergate Hotel, Top of the Gate is one of the premier rooftop bars in D.C. and can host private parties for 20 or 300. Enjoy 360-degree views of the Potomac River, Key and Arlington Bridges, the Kennedy Center, and the Washington Monument.

The bar serves handcrafted cocktails paired with delicious small bites. In the winter, there is even an ice skating rink you can party at.

2. Vela Rooftop Terrace at The Line DC

Situated in a 110-year-old historic neoclassical church in the artsy Adams Morgan neighborhood, The Line DC Hotel offers a spacious rooftop ideal for large private parties.

The fully landscaped, 5,590-square-foot space with room for up to 220 guests offers panoramic views and can be customized for your event for the ultimate party experience. The venue provides all drinks and catering, making it easy to plan your party.

3. Penthouse Pool Club

For the ultimate pool party for up to 100 guests, hold it at the Penthouse Pool Club. The private members-only club can be rented for private events and offers two convenient locations to choose from, in Dupont Circle and Navy Yard.

The Penthouse Pool Club is perfect for spring and summer parties. Your guests can cool off in the pool or lounge around in the cabanas, day beds, and sunbeds. Food and drinks can be provided.

4. Terrace Bar at La Vie

Enjoy spectacular water views and a Mediterranean-inspired bar and menu for your next party at Terrace Bar in La Vie. Set in a prime location at The Wharf, the spacious rooftop offers nearly 10,000 square feet of space. A waterfall backdrop adds an extra touch of elegance. A private penthouse space is another option and comes with a built-in DJ booth and access to the rooftop.

Aerial view of Capitol Building and surrounding area at dusk

5. The Capitol View at 400

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, the Capitol View at 400 offers 300-degree views that pan from Union Station to the Library of Congress and the Capitol Dome. Glass railings offer an unobstructed view.

A retractable awning, plus heating and air conditioning, makes it perfect for parties year-round. There’s space for 470 guests, or 300 when the space is enclosed. Preferred vendors provide catering and drinks.

6. Charlie Palmer Steak

Located off the National Mall, this refined steakhouse has a large rooftop terrace with fantastic views of the Capitol. This is the place to throw a big bash, as there’s room for up to 500 guests for cocktails (or 250 seated).

The rooftop space can also be tented, and heated or air-conditioned, so you can have your party whenever you want, whatever the weather forecast. Food and drinks are provided in-house.

Two cocktails set on a table

7. Whiskey Charlie

For a sophisticated event with nautical vibes and fantastic waterfront views, plan your next party at Whiskey Charlie, the rooftop cocktail lounge of the Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf.

Available for complete buyouts only, there’s room for up to 60 guests. Your guests will enjoy signature cocktails of reimagined classics, made from all types of liquors, and a variety of clever finger foods.

8. Top of the Yard

For a baseball-themed party, Top of the Yard Bar & Bites is the obvious choice. Located on top of the Hampton Inn Washington DC Navy Yard, you and your guests will enjoy great views directly into Nationals Park, as well as views of the Capitol Riverfront and Downtown DC.

Comfortable sofas, lounge chairs, and Astroturf make it a great venue for that casual party, with a ballpark-inspired menu to match.

9. Ellipse Rooftop Bar

Located downtown, just a few blocks away from the White House, Ellipse Rooftop Bar is a chic and stylish venue for your party. This classic rooftop lounge features comfy sofas and table seating.
A retractable canopy and fire pits allow you to hold your party without a concern for the weather. Enjoy a wide range of cocktails, beers, wines, and a selection of appetizers and small bites.

10. Top of the Town

Although it’s actually in Arlington, Top of the Town offers some of the best views of Washington D.C., making it a great setting for your rooftop party. The penthouse private events venue offers an outdoor terrace that will wow your guests with panoramic views of the nation’s capital. Choose from an approved list of vendors. You can even bring your own alcohol to be served by an approved caterer.

Planning ahead to book the perfect party venue in Washington D.C.

A little planning goes a long way to ensuring the perfect party. If you plan to hold it somewhere other than your home, make sure you pick your venue and book it as soon as possible, as the best venues book up far in advance.

The list above is a good starting point for rooftop party venues in Washington D.C. that offer a great view. They’re also popular spots, so if you want to hold your party at one of them, start your planning today!

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Enjoy Your Royal Holiday Vacation Club At Its Many Safe Travel Destinations In 2021

Travel Tips - Ross French - February 16, 2021

Park Royal Hotels and Resorts sponsors the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. Their guests, who are international travelers are required to get the Covid-19 testing to be compliant with international travel laws. Today, visitors entering the United States or Canada must bring evidence of a negative Covid-19 test result before being allowed to enter the country.

This requirement was issued by the United States’ Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as of January 26th, 2021. If traveling by air or land, to enter the U.S., you must present evidence of your negative Covid-19 test results. If upon taking the test, you are found to have Covid-19, Park Royal Hotels and Resorts will provide discounts for housing to allow for the necessary quarantine period required in two-person maximums per room.

The Covid-19 test is offered free of charge by the Royal Holiday Vacation Club to those who have booked 4 nights or more with the hotel and resort chain. Other guests can obtain the testing for additional costs. The hotel and resort chain has established alliances with certified medical centers and hospitals to ensure reduced-priced tests for all guests.

Any guests who were positive will be treated with the best possible care according to the Cristal International Standards® and Safe Guest Program. These protocols will affect both the guests and their accompanying guests. With these protocols safeguarded, the guests will remain compliant with all travel regulations in each country in which they plan to travel and in returning to their home country.

These travel standards are applicable in all destinations which service the Royal Holiday Vacation Club and the Park Royal Hotels and Resorts. The countries where the Royal Holiday Hotels and Resorts are located include Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

Many guests scheduled trips for exclusive wedding destinations, international and/or business travel. The Park Royal Hotels and Resorts have provided the venues for your specific needs making it possible for you and your guests to enjoy each moment on the hotel’s premises. Every comfort has been provided for and every luxury has been made available for your request.

In addition to your comfort and enjoyment, the Park Royal Hotels and Resorts has made every effort to accommodate the needs travelers now have due to the parameters of the Covid-19 pandemic. With testing readily available throughout your travel experience, travelers can rest assured they will not be carriers of the virus as they cross borders from country to country.

Their vigilance is effective in making safe travel destinations in 2021 include all the previously mentioned destinations for the Park Royal Hotels and Resorts. Travelers know their needs will be cared for while enjoying the hospitality of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

The hotel chain uses Safe Guest Protocol that covers four focal points:

The Room Check protocols use international hygienic rules to determine their levels of cleanliness in each room.

The Food Check is based on world government recommendations for hygienic levels of guaranteed safety.

Paying close attention to the prevention of legionnaires disease, the hotel’s aqua check maintains levels of disinfection, temperatures, and records for all that monitoring.

The Pool Check is guaranteed by the Cristal System. This system guarantees the equipment is working perfectly, and the water is clear, safe, and clean.

In effect, the Park Royal Hotels and Resorts will provide a safe disease-free environment in every way possible. Guests are asked to be compliant with the travel country’s rules and in so doing are given every advantage and assistance to comply with and maintain those regulations. All guests must do is come with the intent to enjoy themselves. Leave the rest to the Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

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New year, New you? Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Travel Tips - Ross French - February 1, 2021

Teaching English

As we enter another year, you’ve probably spent some time coming up with some new year’s resolutions – things you want to accomplish, things you want to change, things you want to stop doing. If you’re like the majority of us, you probably put travel more on your list; maybe get a new job or earn more money too.

Well, we’re already in the second month of the year now, so if you haven’t managed to tick these items off your list, now is the time to make it happen!

What if we told you, you could earn money AND travel the world? Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Travelling the world is a very real possibility if you are interested in teaching English as a Foreign Language. And if teaching English as a Foreign Language is going to allow you to travel the world, then why wouldn’t you be interested? Continue Reading

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Fabulous Swiss Gear Backpack For A Perfect Travel Plan

Travel Tips, Word Travel - Ross French - January 28, 2021

Swiss Gear Backpack

A swiss gear backpack is a brilliant option for traveling in a hassle-free manner. It is a part of the Swiss Army backpack company and is grabbing the global population’s attention. Moreover, a Swissgear laptop backpack is perfect for an office tour. Nowadays, a laptop is an all-time companion for most people. It does not depend on your age. However, you must check that the product is long-lasting enough for long-term traveling. Thus, you can keep a lot of articles necessary for your trip within a compact space. Read this content till the end for all the relevant details on the swissgear backpack. Continue Reading

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