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Enjoy Your Royal Holiday Vacation Club At Its Many Safe Travel Destinations In 2021

Travel Tips - Ross French - February 16, 2021

Park Royal Hotels and Resorts sponsors the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. Their guests, who are international travelers are required to get the Covid-19 testing to be compliant with international travel laws. Today, visitors entering the United States or Canada must bring evidence of a negative Covid-19 test result before being allowed to enter the country.

This requirement was issued by the United States’ Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as of January 26th, 2021. If traveling by air or land, to enter the U.S., you must present evidence of your negative Covid-19 test results. If upon taking the test, you are found to have Covid-19, Park Royal Hotels and Resorts will provide discounts for housing to allow for the necessary quarantine period required in two-person maximums per room.

The Covid-19 test is offered free of charge by the Royal Holiday Vacation Club to those who have booked 4 nights or more with the hotel and resort chain. Other guests can obtain the testing for additional costs. The hotel and resort chain has established alliances with certified medical centers and hospitals to ensure reduced-priced tests for all guests.

Any guests who were positive will be treated with the best possible care according to the Cristal International Standards® and Safe Guest Program. These protocols will affect both the guests and their accompanying guests. With these protocols safeguarded, the guests will remain compliant with all travel regulations in each country in which they plan to travel and in returning to their home country.

These travel standards are applicable in all destinations which service the Royal Holiday Vacation Club and the Park Royal Hotels and Resorts. The countries where the Royal Holiday Hotels and Resorts are located include Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

Many guests scheduled trips for exclusive wedding destinations, international and/or business travel. The Park Royal Hotels and Resorts have provided the venues for your specific needs making it possible for you and your guests to enjoy each moment on the hotel’s premises. Every comfort has been provided for and every luxury has been made available for your request.

In addition to your comfort and enjoyment, the Park Royal Hotels and Resorts has made every effort to accommodate the needs travelers now have due to the parameters of the Covid-19 pandemic. With testing readily available throughout your travel experience, travelers can rest assured they will not be carriers of the virus as they cross borders from country to country.

Their vigilance is effective in making safe travel destinations in 2021 include all the previously mentioned destinations for the Park Royal Hotels and Resorts. Travelers know their needs will be cared for while enjoying the hospitality of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

The hotel chain uses Safe Guest Protocol that covers four focal points:

The Room Check protocols use international hygienic rules to determine their levels of cleanliness in each room.

The Food Check is based on world government recommendations for hygienic levels of guaranteed safety.

Paying close attention to the prevention of legionnaires disease, the hotel’s aqua check maintains levels of disinfection, temperatures, and records for all that monitoring.

The Pool Check is guaranteed by the Cristal System. This system guarantees the equipment is working perfectly, and the water is clear, safe, and clean.

In effect, the Park Royal Hotels and Resorts will provide a safe disease-free environment in every way possible. Guests are asked to be compliant with the travel country’s rules and in so doing are given every advantage and assistance to comply with and maintain those regulations. All guests must do is come with the intent to enjoy themselves. Leave the rest to the Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

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New year, New you? Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Travel Tips - Ross French - February 1, 2021

Teaching English

As we enter another year, you’ve probably spent some time coming up with some new year’s resolutions – things you want to accomplish, things you want to change, things you want to stop doing. If you’re like the majority of us, you probably put travel more on your list; maybe get a new job or earn more money too.

Well, we’re already in the second month of the year now, so if you haven’t managed to tick these items off your list, now is the time to make it happen!

What if we told you, you could earn money AND travel the world? Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Travelling the world is a very real possibility if you are interested in teaching English as a Foreign Language. And if teaching English as a Foreign Language is going to allow you to travel the world, then why wouldn’t you be interested? Continue Reading

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Fabulous Swiss Gear Backpack For A Perfect Travel Plan

Travel Tips, Word Travel - Ross French - January 28, 2021

Swiss Gear Backpack

A swiss gear backpack is a brilliant option for traveling in a hassle-free manner. It is a part of the Swiss Army backpack company and is grabbing the global population’s attention. Moreover, a Swissgear laptop backpack is perfect for an office tour. Nowadays, a laptop is an all-time companion for most people. It does not depend on your age. However, you must check that the product is long-lasting enough for long-term traveling. Thus, you can keep a lot of articles necessary for your trip within a compact space. Read this content till the end for all the relevant details on the swissgear backpack. Continue Reading

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Award Hacker- Plan Your Travel & Get More Credit Card Point

Travel Tips - Ross French - January 12, 2021

Award Hacker

Are you getting ready for an upcoming flight? Get to know the correct usage of airline miles and redeem the same. The award hacker can enable you to pay substantial low costs for the flight tickets. However, most people prefer to earn credit card points instead of airline miles. There are several options among these cards that can make you win a lot of point as per the usage of the same. Moreover, these points are not for a specific purpose. You can utilize the awards for any programs involving the flights. In this content, you will get all the information regarding the award flight finder and the related benefits.

Award Policies Of Different Cards And Award Hacker

Different organizations have distinct policies as per the type of their cards. Moreover, the benefits of all the cards do not apply to everyone. It depends upon the number of times you are using the cards for various purposes. Some cards are more important for business owners. So, you must be conscious of the benefits you are entitled to. You must know the utilities of the award hacker application for a smooth journey ahead.

For using this application, you should know the different cards eligible in this respect. Therefore, let us have a look at the various options.

  • American Express Platinum
  • Citi Prestige
  • Citi Double Cash
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • American Express Blue Business Plus
  • American Express Business Platinum
  • Chase Ink Business Preferred

The cardmembers holding the American Express Platinum cards can earn five times points for the airfare. Moreover, with the Preferred cards, you have the opportunity to earn 2X points regarding travel and dining. With American Express Blue Business Plus, 2X points are there for all types of transactions. The Double Cash cardholders of Citi can get cashback up to 2% of the fare. With the award hacker, you can overcome various challenges while booking air tickets. The role of this award tracker is highly essential to guide you on the right path.

The Instructions For Using Award Hacker

Now, the best award flights are available readily in front of you for hassle-free traveling by air. Furthermore, Award Hacker is a free search engine for this purpose. It is the most beneficial to travel within the United States. The user needs to download the app on the smartphone and follow the relevant instructions. To avoid any confusion, please go through this article to the end. Here are all the rules of using the tool to avail of the maximum benefits for a happy journey.

There will be some fields on the Award Hacker app. You have to fill up those and land on the Results page. The items appearing on this page are as follows;-

  • Award program logo
  • Flight Routes
  • Number of Stops
  • Operated By
  • Transferable from

After that, you will come across a drop-down arrow of blue color. This is the last option in the whole section. Moreover, in this part, you can search for the relevant flights and check the ticket availability for the same. In the second step, you have to determine where you can transfer the required miles. Finally, Step 3 will let you redeem the miles or points for the award flight. For checking the specific routes for your journey, get help from the Show Routes button.

Limitations For The Award Hacker Tool

Besides having several advantages, the Award Hacker tool also suffers from certain limitations. Therefore, you must note these points before using them for award flights. Mainly, there are three disadvantages to Award Hacker. However, all of them are very minor ones and will not harm your journey much. The Capital One Miles is not available for transferring the points. Hence, this is a great disadvantage for the respective cardmembers.

However, this is a new addition to the family and supports several other cards. Thus, it is a good option for business card holders as well as personal ones.

Apart from this, some airline loyalty programs also come within this list of limitations. Award Hacker developers are quite aware of these issues and are trying to fix them. Therefore, keep a constant eye for more updates on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you use award hackers?

This is a simple process for using the award hackers tool.

  • In the ‘To’ tab mention the city of arrival and in the ‘From’ tab enter the departing city.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the Round type
  • Now from the Cabin option, specify your preferred class
  • Next select in the ‘Stops’ section whether your flight will be nonstop- or with 1 or 2 stops
  • Select the preferable US Rewards Program under the option ‘Frequent Flyer Programs’.

After this, you need to follow further instructions and make the selections accordingly.

2. How do I check my flight point?

At the last part of the Award Hacker tool, there is a blue drop-don list. By clicking on the arrow, you have to follow three steps. In the third step, you can check the flight points and see the process of how to redeem the same. Moreover, you also get the chance to determine where you want to transfer the points for the greatest benefits.

3. How do you get the cheapest flights?

To get the cheapest flights, you have to frequently check the updates. The award flights finder app will give all the information. Within the last week of your journey, keep checking the award prices. The tool will show you the respective airlines that you can search for.

4. What are the award flights?

Award flights are the options for booking flight tickets. This gives you the chance to utilize the miles and points in making the payment for your trip. As per the terms of the cards, you can redeem the points for the member flight tickets.


To sum it up, we can conclude that this a lovely search engine with several beneficial programs. Just some clicks and you will get the lowest price for the upcoming flight. Knowing the process of using Award Hacker is not sufficient. Therefore, you have to understand all the powerful programs for obtaining advantages.

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All you Want to Know Regarding the Solar Plexus Chakra

Travel Tips - Ross French - December 26, 2020

Solar Plexus Chakra

If you are among the yoga enthusiasts, you may already know about the chakras. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word. It means “spinning wheel.” A chakra is a spinning wheel of energy. Our bodies contain various chakras. According to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, these wheels help us maintain good health. These chakras ensure the smooth coordination between our mind, body, and soul. You may face several health problems when one chakra is out of balance. Each chakra has a different speed and color. It makes them different from one another. Now let us discuss Solar Plexus Chakra. What is it? It is one such chakra in our body. In this article, we will talk about what this particular chakra does. Continue Reading

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