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Best Time to Visit Maldives in 2022

Asia, Destinations - Ross French - March 1, 2022

Best Time to Visit Maldives in 2022

The “Treasure Island” is known to the world for its extraordinary natural splendor. Besides having all this scenic beauty, it maintains comfortable temperatures all year long. It is the reason why the island has become one of the most popular tourist spots ever. However, while planning a trip to this archipelagic country, people get confused about the ideal time to visit it. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. This piece will inform you about the best time to visit Maldives.

What is considered the best time to visit Maldives?

But before we explain that, it’s important to know a few things about the country. Doing so will help you plan your MV visit more efficiently.

Importance and uniqueness of Maldives

The “Treasure Island” is a gigantic island nation in the Indian Ocean. The water surrounding the island is famous for boasting many pelagic species like manta rays, whale sharks, etc. The country’s channel and pinnacle systems prove to be helpful to most dive sites. It is the reason why the waters here have become a paradise for scuba divers. The island country is a vital member of SAARC. It has a strategic position for countries like India along major sea lanes via the Indian Ocean. All the energy supplies arriving from Gulf countries to these countries pass through this region.

Alif Atoll

Let us now see some of the unique features of this country:

  • Out of the 1190 islands here, only 200 are inhabited. Eighty other islands are known for hosting private, lavish resorts. The rest of the islands are either too tiny or too remote to live in. In addition to it, about 99% of the Maldivian territory is nothing but water. So, there are more than enough opportunities for exploring probable dive sites.
  • It is the flattest nation on the planet. It has its highest point on Villingili Island, which is only 7 feet and 7 inches above sea level. Remember that this is the highest point of the country we’re talking about. The average ground level across the nation is only 4 feet and 11 inches.
  • It is also the tiniest Muslim nation in the world. Please keep in mind that being a Muslim nation has certain rules you got to follow regarding modesty. In Male and on public islands, both men and women have to wear dresses that cover their knees and shoulders. You can only wear a bikini on liveaboards and private islands. Also, you can get alcohol only in resorts and lodges.
  • It is the first nation on the planet where a governmental meeting happened underwater in 2009. The country’s cabinet held a meeting on scuba and talked about climate change. Many citizens here fear that they will go underwater if the sea levels rise too much because of climate change.
  • Unlike any other nation in the world, Friday and Saturday (contrary to Saturday and Sunday) are considered weekends here.

Maldives Flights and Accommodation:

maldives resortsIt is unfortunate that you won’t be able to avail any direct flights from the US to reach MV. So, it’s quite an unpleasant experience. But if you still want to visit the country, be ready to spend a big amount of time and cash. It would take 30+ hours and about 1,200 USD (from major international hubs like NY, LA, etc.) to reach there. If you’re on a tight budget, this might be a problem. In that case, try to go there during the low season rather than the peak season when things get cheaper.

Hotel prices in the island nation see a substantial decrease when the month of May begins. As we have observed, the weather remains good enough till that time. It is because the monsoon typically arrives in the second half of May. Plus, if you have a specific resort in mind, the off-season will surely make it more affordable. Two months are the cheapest here – May and June. It is only during these two months when you can get even over-water bungalows 50% cheaper than high season prices. However, you got to compare prices, including airfare, as they usually increase during summer breaks.

The most famed islands here get booked in advance when the high season starts. You can find flash sales and last-minute offers popping up all year long. However, they will usually be for commercial mass-market lodges. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are flexible in terms of lodging and travel dates. If you’re capable of dropping everything and traveling at any time, you can surely get an incredible deal. It is because resorts here often adjust their prices throughout the year to maximize occupancy rates. So it would be best if you make a list of your desired resorts and frequently monitor them. Maldivian resorts are scattered over numerous islands. That’s why you’d never find them too crowded, even during the high season.

Weather in Maldives throughout the year

In order to figure out the best time to visit Maldives, you should know about the weather here.

January – April

It is certainly among the nicest times to visit this country. During this time, the rain stays minimal, and you will see a bright blue sky. The tepid sunny days would feel so good. FYI, the temperature stays around 28°C that sees a slight increase to 29°C by April. Also, the ocean will be clear and calm. This makes it perfect for both snorkelers and those who just want to chill. That’s why many individuals and families prefer this time to come here.

May – September

While May – September is when the monsoon reigns supreme in this island nation, don’t be discouraged. You can still come here during this time. It’s true that rain and humidity boost over these months but remember that the island has a low ground level. That’s why rain clouds subside very fast and make the rain last a short time. While monsoon is not the best time to visit the Maldives for some, it can be for you, especially if you’re looking for the best deals and peace of mind.

October – December

The monsoon here ends in October, and the warm, dry weather comes back. During this time, the temperature stays between 30°C (low) and 20°C (high). You would also get long days of radiant sunshine. Visiting this country during this time can help you spend a nice Christmas holiday. However, it is a popular time here. So, it would be best if you opt for an early booking.

Peak season

December – March is the peak or high season in this island nation. The weather remains dry this time. So, there’s less chance that you will see rain. On the other hand, bright summer days ensure a happy and fruitful trip. However, it all comes with a price. It’s a known fact that this country is very costly no matter what time of the year. But it is nothing compared to prices that skyrocket manifold during the high season. Also, you would see the resorts being very crowded around the holidays.

Shoulder season

Both April and November are regarded as shoulder seasons here. It can be the best time to visit the Maldives for travelers wanting to get cheaper deals. Once December begins, prices will again see a boost. Also, there are high chances of rain if you travel outside of these two months.

Low season

May – October is considered the low season in this country. It’s a wet season. So, there are high chances of rain during this time. However, as we already mentioned, this season can be beneficial for you if you’re looking for cheaper airfare and lodging. While it might rain at any time, you can still enjoy it. Remember that rain will have no impact on diving, snorkeling, or marine life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Peak and Off Seasons:

Both peak and off seasons have their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of them:

Peak season


  • The weather remains dry during this season. Most of the time, the blue sky and bright sunny days would be your friend. So, there are fewer chances of rain spoiling your plans.
  • The ocean waters stay calm and are very clear, resulting in excellent visibility. This can be very helpful to divers and snorkelers.
  • The average water temperature stays around 30°C. Therefore, it is the finest month for swimming.


  • The airfare, lodging, and other prices see a manifold rise during the high or peak season.
  • This is a very popular time. So, it is natural that the area remains crowded, and there’s less scope for spending a tranquil time.



  • As it is not a popular time and many people like to avoid it, you’d get flight tickets and lodging at much cheaper rates.
  • The waves in the sea become bigger this time. So, it proves to be beneficial for surfing, of course, in the presence of the right gear.
  • As the area does not stay too crowded, you can enjoy the tranquility and have peace of mind.


  • The weather remains wet and humid during this time. So, there are more chances of rain ruining your plans and you being forced to stay indoors.
  • As the sea no longer stays calm and the waves become bigger, the off-season is inimical to swimmers.

Best Time to Visit Maldives for Diving and Water Sports

CoralApart from the wet and dry seasons, there’s a certain time of the year when water sports are most popular. These include scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and so on. If you are a sucker for adventure, it would be better if you plan your trip between February and November. During this time, the waters get choppier and wave bigger. However, if you’re looking for calmer waters and slower activities, the better time would be between December and January. This time is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, etc. Also, the visibility is best between December and January for activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

Best time to visit Maldives of bioluminescence

As we all know, the ‘Treasure Island” is famous for bioluminescent plankton. These organisms naturally glow in the dark and make the entire beach light up. This creates a magical sight that is sure to enchant all viewers. This wonderful natural occurrence is best viewed between the months of June and October, when more plankton is around. That is true in the case of Vaadhoo Island, which is the abode of the glowing beach.

The worst time to visit

We have told you about the best time to visit the Maldives above. So, what’s the worst time? Many travelers feel that August is the worst because of its position in the exact middle of the monsoon. Also, October is regarded as the wettest month here. Thus, avoiding these two months could prove beneficial for your trip.


Best Time to Visit The Maldives IslandsIn November, hundreds of manta rays and whale sharks gather to eat the plankton found in Baa Atoll. Also, you can witness the natural bioluminescence event between June and October on moonlit nights. Besides that, two unique festivals that provide great cultural insights also happen between October and November. These are National Day (17th to 18th October) and Republic Day (11th November). While National Day sees military parades, flag hoisting, etc., Republic Day is celebrated with numerous Maldivian Dishes. Some of these dishes are Masroshi, Huni Hakuru Folhi, etc. Try to be a part of these events to boost your overall trip experience.


As you can see, the best time to visit Maldives varies from person to person. Hence, identify your needs and refer to this article to decide what time is perfect for you. Then, plan your trip accordingly. Happy journey!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which month is the best time to visit the Maldives?      

November and April are the finest months to get cheaper deals as December – March is the high season here. But remember, you should decide your most ideal time depending on your specific needs.

Both August and October months are known for being awfully wet. So, try to avoid these months for a more fruitful trip.

  • What is the cheapest month for a Maldives trip?

The wet season, especially May to August, is the cheapest as most people dislike coming to this country.

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Best 6 Baguio Tourist Spot – Attractions and Historical Places

Philippines - Ross French - April 12, 2021

Baguio Tourist Spot

If you like to travel, you may have heard the name Baguio. Baguio is a city in the Philippines. It is famous by two other names – the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” and the “City of Pines.” The city is known for its chilly atmosphere and abundance of pine trees. If you want some relief from the scorching tropical heat, you should check out Baguio. It is a perfect tourist spot for people like you. Now, you might think about which places you should visit during your Baguio trip. Well, don’t worry. In this article, we will give you a Baguio tourist spot list.

Places to visit in Baguio

Here is a list of tourist spots in Baguio

Baguio tourist spotCamp John Hay

Camp John Hay is one of the most popular tourist spots in Baguio. It was an R&R for US soldiers once. But now it is a private resort. The resort resides in the mountains and offers a countryside feel despite the visible development of the city. If you want to escape the bustle of your daily life, Camp John Hay is the perfect Baguio tourist spot.

From staying at the lavish Manor Hotel to visiting the nearby restaurants, you can do a lot of things here. Plus, the place has many picnic spots. Sounds great, right? That’s why a visit to Baguio is incomplete if you don’t come to Camp John Hay.

La Trinidad Strawberry Fields

Everyone needs some strawberries in their life. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell and taste of fresh strawberries? That’s why, if you are in Baguio, don’t forget to visit La Trinidad. This place is only 3 kilometers away from Baguio and has many strawberry fields. You can visit these fields and pick strawberries.

However, the rates vary from field to field. Also, you can get strawberries at a cheaper price in the local markets than you can get here. But, you must remember that you are not only paying for the strawberries but also the memorable experience. So, it’s all worth it.

Baguio Tourist SpotThe Valley of Colors

Since you are in La Trinidad, there’s another great Baguio tourist spot nearby. Along the main highway of La Trinidad, you will find the Valley of Colors. This path is great to take aesthetic pictures while you are on your way to the strawberry fields. The Valley of Colors resides in Barangay Balili. In case you didn’t know, the valley covers three sitios – Stone Hill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap. Thus, the locals call it StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork.

The Valley of Colors looks like a giant colorful mural when you take a look at it. All the houses here sport vivid paintings and unique patterns. All the world’s a big canvas, isn’t it?

Session Road

Session Road is located in the Downtown area of Baguio. It is a major thoroughfare of the city. But what makes it a tourist attraction anyway? Well, the street is filled with many buildings having artistic exteriors. These exterior designs draw huge inspiration from the 20th century American, especially Art Deco, styles. This is one of the main reasons why Session Road has become an awesome Baguio tourist spot.

You can meet your friends or loved ones and have fun on this street. Or, you can meet new people while exploring various bazaars, cafes, eateries, old theaters, cafes, etc. here. No matter what you do, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Baguio Cathedral

While you are at Session Road, don’t forget to check out Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. People also know it as Baguio Cathedral. The church is elegant and located on top of Mount Mary Hill. It is among the most iconic landmarks in the city and a great Baguio tourist spot. The church is a majestic building you would not want to miss. Also, the view of the Session Road from the hill is a sight to behold.

To get to the Baguio Cathedral, you have to climb roughly a hundred steps on a staircase. It can come in handy if you wanna burn some calories after eating a bit too much at Session Road. Haha, just kidding. Anyway, if you are reluctant about taking the stairs, don’t worry. There’s an escalator system at the Porta Vega Shopping Mall. So, what’s your excuse now to not visit the Cathedral?

Wright Park

Wright Park is another amazing Baguio tourist spot. It is a massive park with a long rectangular pool, known as the Pool of Pines. As you can understand from its name, the pool is surrounded by pine trees.

Apart from this pool, the place contains an observation deck as well. Climbing the deck and enjoying the view of the tranquil pool is among the best things to do in Baguio. And yes, the place is family-friendly. So, come here with your family and spend a great day.


How is Baguio as a city?

Baguio is a great city. It welcomes every tourist with open arms and makes them feel at home. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, the city of Baguio would win your heart with its incredible hospitality.

What can you do in Baguio?

Well, you can do a lot of things in Baguio. From visiting the Session Road to observing the beautiful surrounding and horses at Wright Park – the list is huge. One thing’s for sure: you would never run out of things to do while you’re in Baguio.

Is Baguio a chilly place?

Yes. It is. The cold northeast monsoon or “amihan” is the principal reason behind its being so cold. In 2020, the coldest temperature at Baguio was 9.4 degrees Celsius. The city has also seen a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius – the coldest temperature ever at Baguio. So, yes, it’s pretty chilly.


To conclude, Baguio is a great place for those who want to spend a few days and relax. In this article, we gave you a detailed Baguio tourist spot list. Visit them all as soon as you can. Happy Holidays!

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batangas beach

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A happening nightlife to soothing beaches, Thailand has everything to offer you. The ruins of ancient kingdoms tell you the history that the small piece of land bears. The jungles echo the sound of nature. Your Thailand vacation will be full of surprises. Thailand has a unique culinary skill that is induced within its people and culture. Thai food is something to die for. The best part is, all these you get without draining out a lot, Thailand is best for budget travelers as well. Continue Reading

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