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8 Life Skills Your Kids Learn from Being Outdoors

Travel Blog, Word Travel - Ross French - November 24, 2021

We all want our kids to grow up to be well-adjusted people who have the life skills necessary to thrive as adults. The experiences we give them in childhood can shape the people they become, and there are few greater childhood experiences than enjoying the great outdoors.

Some kids might enjoy hiking, while others may enjoy camping, kayaking, mountain biking or all of the above. Whatever their preference for outdoor activities, they’re sure to pick up some life skills that will help mold them into stronger people ready to make their mark on the world. Here are eight of the greatest benefits that kids can pick up from excursions in nature. Continue Reading

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Top Tips for Relaxing Vacation

Travel Blog, Word Travel - Ross French - September 16, 2021

When you are planning a vacation, most of the time, you want it to be relaxing. Vacation is one of the only times throughout the year that you can take a break from work and completely escape from everyday life. However, vacations can often be stressful in themselves, especially if you have children or if you intend to visit many places at once. Here are some of the top tips that you can follow to have a relaxing vacation. Continue Reading

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6 Things To Consider Before You Pack Up And Travel The World

Travel Blog, Word Travel - Ross French - July 14, 2021

Travel The World

If adventure is calling you out of the normal daily routines of life, there are several things to consider before you pack up and go. None of them are deal-breakers, they just need your attention. Traveling for a vacation is much different than travelling for long-term adventures. You don’t necessarily need a long-term plan, but you should think through all these to ensure you have the best time possible no matter where you go in the world.

How Will You Earn An Income?

Not everyone is independently wealthy. While you may have some money saved up to take an extended trip, it’s vital that you think about how you will make money and still live the travel lifestyle once that savings runs out. There are so many different ways to earn money even when you are abroad. Whether you take to the internet to write for businesses, create graphic designs, or drop ship products online, a good online business or side-hustle will help you on your quest. Additionally, some people offer English classes when they get to a foreign country to help supplement their income.

What Will You Do With Your House?

If you already own a home or you live in an apartment you need to decide what you will do with it. IN some areas you can offer monthly apartment rentals for other travelers. When renters are only in an area for a short amount of time, large deposits and buying furniture is unrealistic. And living in an apartment or home is a better option. You may consider selling your home if the market is right for it. This would give you more cash to help fund your trip. Just be aware that if and when you return to your home area, it might be difficult to get a place if the market shifts.

What Are Your Goals?

Some people just want to see the world and go on adventures wherever the wind takes them. Others have specific locations in mind. Some want to learn about new cultures and experience different foods. Other people want to learn a new language and immerse themselves in an area for a long time. Before you step out on your travel journey, it’s important to have some goals in mind. This will help you find the right places to go and visit while you’re away. You wouldn’t want to have a goal of hiking the tallest mountains in the world and only spend your time at the beach. Goals help you decide where to go and what to do based on your desires.

What Will You Do With All Your Stuff?

Owning a home or living in an apartment means you probably have a lot of things you’ve acquired. Before you leave, you need to plan for what to do with these items. Will you sell off the unimportant things? Will you store items with your family? Will you get a large storage unit and throw everything in it? Selling off many of your belongings can help you earn some money and also give you less items to store away. Having a storage unit means you’ll need a way to pay it every month, which adds to your overall expenses. This includes your car if you have one. Do you want to keep it and pay for storage, or sell it and live off the proceeds?

What Will You Do For Travel and Health Insurance?

The good news is that medical costs in many nations are much lower than they are in the USA. The bad news is that they still cost money. A good travel health insurance plan will help cover many catastrophic injuries and illnesses even abroad. Travel insurance can also help you in the event you need to cancel a trip due to illness or injury.

Where Will You Go First?

This is probably the most important question for anyone who wants to travel the world. Where do you want to start? Do you need a relaxing vacation in a villa on the beach? Or are you ready to explore ancient ruins? Pick your first destination and start packing. Just make sure you have your Passport ready to go.

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4 Top Tips for Funding Your Dream Vacation

Travel Blog, Word Travel - Ross French - June 16, 2021

Everyone has a bucket list destination they want to visit. For example, you may have always wanted to experience the buzz of New York’s Times Square, watch the sun go down on a Caribbean island, or explore historic Rome.

Yet, if you do not organize your finances, you might never step foot in your desired destination.

If money is preventing you from jetting off, check out these four top tips for funding your dream vacation. Continue Reading

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Rafting is Something That Rowers and Non-Rowers Can Enjoy

Travel Tips, Word Travel - Ross French - May 18, 2021


People who have never tried rafting before might be curious about it. This is an activity that’s certainly different from many other types of water-related activities. Controlling and using a raft is still different from using a canoe or something similar. However, people who have any rowing experience will usually find it relatively easy to pick up recreational rafting of any kind.

Modern Rafting

People might picture a simple wooden raft when they imagine rafting. However, rafting enthusiasts today will use inflatable rafts that aren’t so different from many similar structures. These rafts will usually be large, and several other rafting enthusiasts will be in the same raft rowing at the same time.

Individuals who are used to rowing in boats or canoes actually might find rafting easier in a lot of ways. Canoes are long and narrow. They can be difficult to control, which is one of the reasons why it can take a lot of practice to be skilled at canoeing. Only a couple or a few people can use a canoe at any given time, meaning each person has a lot of responsibility when the boat is in motion.

Rafting can be easier, since so many people will be making the structure move. There are smaller rafts available, but there are usually more than two or three people using the raft at any given time. This means that each individual person can spend a little less energy since this sort of rafting is very much a group effort. Colorado rafting is a great option for many people.

Rowing Activities

Lots of people will also feel that these sorts of vehicles are more comfortable than a lot of the wooden boats that they might use otherwise. People who have a lot of rowing experience are used to getting accustomed to the feel of a long wooden boat, even though it can be difficult at first. Inflatable rafts are much easier to use.

Some people do go rafting competitively. However, for a lot of people, it’s a purely recreational activity, and it should feel like one. The people who try rafting for the first time might not have a lot of rowing experience, and they might not necessarily need it. As long as they stick to areas that are not especially challenging, this is an activity that a lot of people should be able to pick up and enjoy fairly easily.

However, a lot of people who have spent more time rowing might like rafting even more. They will have developed the skill for it over the years. These people might miss using those particular muscles and creating those motions. Rafting can give them the chance to engage with the skills that they have picked up in the past in a way that is more relaxing than it would have been otherwise.

Some rowers might even decide to do rafting on days when they want to maintain their skills without actually doing something that is as challenging as possible. It’s an activity that will help them achieve a degree of balance. People who are interested in rowing might decide to start there.

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