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6 Reasons Why You Need to Create Your Next Travel Guide with Tiplr

Travel Guides, Travel Tips - Ross French - August 3, 2018

Travel is that intangible, transformational experience that explorers all over the world lust after. We all travel for different reasons and our travel experiences change us each in a myriad of ways. The act of traveling is fundamental to our internal development and our understanding of the outside world. This we know as humans who love to travel, who adore exploring a new destination, who live for finding unknown spots, off the typical tourist path. But how do we get to experience travel in this way, as authentically and uniquely as possible? Tiplr is reimagining what travel guides are, with smart travel tips for today’s digital age. Read on to discover why you need to be a part of the revolution.

1. Planning Travel Can Be a Chore

Planning a trip can be exhilarating and exhausting. Many of us enjoy the research of investigating a new destination and devouring every ounce of travel information out there, and the worst possible feeling is discovering that this newfound knowledge is untrue, out of date, or biased in some way. Unfortunately, this happens far too often in the review based travel industry that has sprouted up in the last 20 years with the rise of Tripadvisor and Yelp. The evolution of technology has been a blessing and a curse. While it’s great that we can connect with people all around the world, in some instances, there’s a total oversaturation of bad travel information. Weeding through the muck and finding those special nuggets that will make all the difference in your travels is a necessary evil.
One pain point of travel planning is finding quality travel information and then having an easy method to save this information. If you’re a planner like me, I’m sure you’ve exhausted yourself with Google docs, emails, iPhone notes, reminders, and lists. Last year, while planning a two-week road trip through England and Scotland, I nearly lost my mind. Imagine having everything organized in one place before you even take off for the airport. Rejoice fellow type­as! With a tool like Tiplr, this phase of planning can be truly enjoyable. One platform for all of the travel tips you need.

2. Traditional Guidebooks Don’t Cut it Anymore, Sorry Lonely Planet

Of course, you can always go the tried and true way of a travel guidebook. They’re written by talented, verified writers, who spend hours researching and experiencing their material firsthand. The downside, however, is unless you have the goal of carrying an extra bag for books, or you don’t mind using an edition from five years ago, guidebooks just aren’t as practical as they used to be. Not in the digital world anyway. Furthermore, highlighting and saving the travel tips that

you want from a book is not an easy task. Guidebooks can be fantastic resources but our society moves much faster than print media, and this traditional approach struggles to keep up.

3. The Oversaturation of Bad, Inaccurate, Biased, or Just Plain Boring Travel Content

How many times have you clicked on an article titled something like “The Coolest Things to do in New York City” and been let down? Do we need another reminder that you can ice skate at Rockefeller Center or spend an afternoon sunbathing in Central Park? Those types of travel tips are a dime a dozen, and we should expect, receive, and contribute, better.

Scrolling through Instagram can surely peak your wanderlust, but how many times do you come across an influencer staying at a hotel you could never afford to stay at? Or a beautiful photo with zero location information and a vague caption?

How about reviews that are completely misleading whether they mean to be or not? I’ll never forget reading about one hike in Arizona that I wanted to do with my sister. You would have thought we were climbing Everest by the way people wrote about it online. In truth, neither of us was in Ironman shape and we completely easily and totally enjoyed ourselves. These are not the tools we need to travel smarter and better.

4. You Want to be a Part of a Community

To expand on the last point, often you find travel tips online that are just not “you”. You find bloggers that are not your type of traveler. They’re being paid to write about the Ritz Carlton while you’re on a hostel or Airbnb budget. For one reason or another, many travel writers or authorities out there just aren’t relatable. Enter a community of smart travelers. This group of explorers thrives on traveling authentically and helping others do the same, whatever that means for them.

We’re all different travelers. Some of us wouldn’t be caught dead in a hostel, while others will try any foreign delicacy from any food cart. Tiplr can be the ultimate travel tool for both. This is because you become part of a diverse community filled with diverse travelers. You may relate to Laura, who graduated from college in the United Kingdom and spent the next year working and living abroad in New Zealand. You may love the content of Andre, who is originally from Brazil but has lived and traveled everywhere from South Africa to Russia. You may have a family of your own and relate to Crystal, who is now traveling with a toddler in tow. Whether you identify as a backpacker, budget traveler, solo traveler, a combination of all or somewhere in between, there’s content from other smart travelers to help.

While traveling, some of our best memories or experiences revolve around the people we meet, locals and other travelers alike. Those interactions and the travel tips shared are truly priceless. This community aspect is what drives Tiplr.

5. Do More Than Find Places to Eat and Sights to See

There are many sources for finding top sights and the hottest restaurants in town, but there’s more to travel than that. Not only can explorers find where to go and what to eat, but where to stay, how to get there, and what essentials they need to have a successful trip. What about the essential tips you need to understand the culture, prepare the proper documentation or find transportation? Sure, reading about booking a ferry isn’t as sexy as the newest celebrity eatery featured in Conde? Nast, but finding the right website to book that ferry will make all the difference while cruising around the Aegean Sea.

Tiplr has it all, from travel tips about secret swimming holes to tips on how to pack, to where to find the best pizza in town, and which hotel or rental property will give you the most bang for your buck

When you boil it down, the challenge is finding the best of what you come across on a blog, with reliable published travel information, and unique travel tips from fellow travelers like yourself, all in one place. Tiplr is that one place, packaging it all into one platform, accessible at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the world.

6. Create Your Own Travel Guides!

With Tiplr, planning and executing the perfect trip does not have to be painful. All of the travel tips you find can be easily saved and organized, unburdening you from shared docs and maps. Search for all of the essentials you need, the restaurants you can’t wait to try, and the places you plan to stay, then save them with one click.

Once you’ve searched to your heart’s content, you can create your very own guidebook. Forget buying PDFs of digital guides or highlighting and dog-earring guidebooks, you are fully in charge. No longer do you have to weed through hundreds of reviews to find the few sentences that will help your experience. Save a travel tip from your friend who just came from Iceland, one from a blogger you love, and a few from a professional Bradt writer. Next thing you know, you’ll be relaxing in a hidden hotpot or gazing up at the Northern Lights.

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Another Country

Travel Guides, Travel Tips - Ross French - February 12, 2018

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Another Country

Celebrating Valentine’s Day abroad can be an exciting way you and your partner can honour your love for each other. Leaving your work and home for some special alone time together can rid you of distractions, allowing you to focus your attention solely on each other.

So if you’re planning on making this Valentine’s Day extra special, follow these great tips when it comes to celebrating the day of love internationally in order to make it the best it can be.

Seek Out Romantic Destinations

A romantic holiday abroad starts with choosing the right destination. Choose a destination that will offer something you and your partner will both enjoy experiencing together.

The world is filled with great places to spend Valentine’s Day. Relaxing beach getaways and luxurious resorts offer the peace and quiet to really connect with the one you love. If however you are both adrenaline junkies, then go for the adventurous route when picking a destination. It really all comes down to your personality and what will offer the two of you the most enjoyable time together.

Look for Hotels Offering Valentine’s Packages

Many hotels offer wonderful Valentine’s Day packages for couples wanting to go all out for the occasion. These packages can include things like fancy champagne in your room, a rose petal covered bed, private limousine or luxury vehicle transfers, private tours, or couples spa treatments.

Valentine’s Day packages can not only be a great value but also a great way to have everything sorted for you on the big day so you need only show up.

Search for Local Valentine’s Events

Restaurants usually offer special dining menus for Valentine’s Day along with setting up a more romantic atmosphere for the evening. Booking in advance is strongly recommended as Valentine’s Day is usually one of the busiest nights for restaurants.

Local cinemas may offer screenings of romantic film favourites or you may be able to take in special romantic music acts. For something truly exciting, head to a Valentine’s masquerade bbal offered by many cities around the world.

Splurge on a Luxurious Activity

If you really want to make this Valentine’s Day memorable, why not plan something epic like a scenic helicopter flight. Alternatively you could opt for renting a luxury vehicle or fancy sports car for the day.
When it comes to accommodation, maybe spend the night at a winery or opt for a deluxe hotel suite. When booking flights to your Valentine’s Day holiday destination, why not upgrade to business class for the ultimate in comfort. Valentine’s Day does come only once a year after all.

If you do decide to go all out, however, make sure you are protected by travel insurance from InsureandGo. You want to be sure you are covered for your holidays should the unfortunate happen and your special Valentine’s Day holiday plans are adversely affected by unforseen events.

Keep it Simple

Love doesn’t have to be difficult, and sometimes the best things in life really are free. Many cities offer scenic and relaxing parks or botanic gardens which make for a lovely day out with your partner. Head to the local market and arrange your own picnic for much less than an expensive Valentine’s Day dinner at a restaurant.

A simple walk through the city, along a beach at sunset, or along a harbour boardwalk can be quite romantic and stress free.

Do As the Locals Do

Don’t be afraid to ask how locals spend Valentine’s Day. They will know the best restaurants or romantic areas to spend the special day. Some countries may have different Valentine’s Day traditions which may be fun to partake in for something new and exciting.

Talking to locals is a great way to avoid tourist traps in order to experience the authenticity of your chosen destination.

If Single, Seek Out Valentine’s Singles Events

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be for couples. Many cities host “Valentine’s for Singles” events where you may be able to seek out some new love. These events may include setting you up on a blind date or a speed dating type scenario.

Alternatively you can simply enjoy the day with a best friend or group of friends as you share your love for your friendship. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and love takes many forms.

Celebrate Loving Yourself

It is never a bad idea to take some time out for yourself and to do something that makes you happy. If you find yourself single and not exactly wanting to be forcibly thrown into the dating pool, take this Valentine’s Day to simply love yourself and celebrate who you are as an individual.

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India Travel Guide

Travel Guides - Eric Anderson - February 7, 2018

India has a ton of breath-taking scenery, vibrant seas and plenty of green, rolling hills for you to spread your eyes upon. This place offers some incredible India tourism. India is the 7th biggest country and brings a lot of options as far as the general population goes. It’s a dissimilar culture; that I’m sure you’ll enjoy adjusting to. You will find yourself with many diverse options and a ton of things to do in India.

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Boston Travel Guide

Travel Guides - Eric Anderson - February 5, 2018

Boston travel

Boston may be only a state capital in the United States of America but is still one of the mainly considerably wealthy and reliable in a number of things and a great place for holiday destination ideas. It also has a wealthy history and culture to boast of as different to a number of cities of America. Continue Reading

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Destinations, Travel Guides, Travel Tips - Subhajit Pramanik - December 9, 2017

Jackson Hole, the picturesque valley located in the northwestern region of the U.S. state of Wyoming, is a perfect holiday destination for people looking for an adventurous, outdoorsy getaway. The sublime beauty of this valley has been drawing travelers, skiers, mountaineers since ages. Being in close proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the vast valley, the landscape of Jackson Hole Wyoming is varied and breathtaking. From hiking trails, multiple ski areas, to national parks and many more, this beautiful place has a ton of things to offer to its visitors. That is why thousands of people every year visit this place to spend their vacation. And if you are planning a vacation to this charming place, here are the top three Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels where you can stay during your trip full of adventure.


1: The Wort Hotel


Located right at the center, The Wort Hotel is one of the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels in which you can stay during your adventurous getaway. Due to the prime location of this hotel, most of the tourist attractions in the Jackson Hole Town Square is situated only about a minute’s walk away from this hotel. Staying in this hotels ensures you get to check out the beautiful museums, boutiques and nightlife this place has in store for you. Don’t worry if you are visiting during the ski season, as the hotel provides free shuttle service to Jackson Hole Mountain Ski Resort. The rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities and luxurious furniture. You will also get to enjoy gourmet dishes prepared with local games and regional ingredients. You can expect your holiday to be beautiful if you decide to spend your days in this hotel.


2: Inn on The Creek


If you want to stay a bit away from the crowd, yet experience the luxury and authenticity provided by the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels, the Inn on The Creek may just be the right choice for you. This is one of the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels which provides you a look into the laidback attitude of this place. Fire up the barbecue and you can spend a relaxing day in the hotel itself while enjoying the views of the river. There are various outdoor activities available in the nearby area for you to enjoy. Some of the units also feature a private bathroom with a spa tub, where you can wash your tiredness away after a busy day.


3. Hotel Jackson

Hotel Jackson is another one of the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels which are located right at the center of the action. As usual, the rooms of this hotel is perfect for a luxurious vacation in Jackson Hole. Some of the rooms also have separate sitting areas where you can relax after enjoying an eventful day outside. The hotel offers free shuttle service and also has ski storage and ski equipment which you can rent, which makes it one of the best Jackson Hole Wyoming hotels where you can stay during your trip to Jackson Hole.

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