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5 Ways to Remember Your Travels When You Get Home

Travel Tips - Ross French - July 29, 2021

It can often feel as if your vacation never happened as soon as you land back in your home country, with your memories of your trip quickly fading. Then, to make sure that you can remember your travels vividly for years to come, here are five suggestions of what you can do to keep your travel memories alive.

5 Ways to Remember Your Travels When You Get Home

1. Buy Rare Antiques

Once you get home, you should consider searching for rare antiques from the country that you have traveled to or antiques in the style of the country that you love. Many people struggle to bring antiques back from abroad due to their size, weight, and fragility, especially if they are flying back home. However, many websites can allow you to shop for rare antiques and ensure that you can have these delivered straight to your home.

2. Create a Memory Box

If you want somewhere to store your travel memories so that they do not clutter your home, you should consider investing in a storage container or even a suitcase that you can transform into a memory box. This will help you to keep photos, souvenirs, and ticket stubs in one place and can allow you to revisit these items whenever you are feeling nostalgic for your trip.

3. Make a Photo Wall

However, if you want to be reminded of your vacation every single day of the year, you should consider creating a photo wall within your home. This collage of photos can look great in a living room or hallway and can ensure that memories of your vacation can put a smile on your face whenever you pass this wall. You might also consider pinning up a map of the world or the country that you visited and placing pins in the locations that you have been to.

4. Make the Best Recipes

The element that you remember from your vacation the most is not always the sights, though, and certain foods can send you straight back to the moment that you first tried them. Then, you should consider taking home recipe cards for your favorite foreign dishes when you go on vacation to ensure that you can replicate the best dishes that you tried when you are feeling down in the dumps or tired of the monotony of your everyday life.

5. Take Home a Perfume

Lastly, you should consider remembering your vacation when you get home by purchasing a perfume reminiscent of a scent that you loved when you were abroad. For instance, this could be a type of fruit that grows in your travel destination or a certain flower. Smells are known to trigger memories more than any other senses, and so buying a perfume that reminds you of your trip can help you to indulge in vacation memories whenever you want to. If you do not wear perfume, you should consider buying candles or room sprays with this same scent to really make the vacation memories last.

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