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Three Beautiful Seaside Places You Should Never Miss Cornwall:

Travel Tips - Ross French - December 9, 2016


Are you planning to go out for this holiday, do you want to go the fabulous seaside places then the Cornwall is the perfect answers for most of the beach lovers.

The Cornwall is the fantastic place to have a glance at it was the ceremonial county and unitary authority area of the England which is located in the United Kingdom. It is the bordered to west and north by Celtic sea.

It was an excellent place to visit you can see the fresh water touching your feet and cool breezes touching your body and very next to you can taste the fresh seafood and beside that you can do the sunbathing, and you can do more.
Here I am going say the exciting and beautiful seaside places to visit in Cornwall for this holiday season.

So, let’s start exploring the places,

Seaside Places

1. Looe and Polperro:

The Looe and Polperro area is beautiful, and it is simply an eye-catching place where the travellers and couples want to travel in their holidays. Polperro is the place which lies just a few miles along the coast from the Looe. Looe and the Polperro are having gripping histories which are filled with the tales of the smugglers and pirates and the other fisherman who has walked throughout the shore of the looe alleys.

It has beautiful places you should have a glance at in looe and polerro. You can head out to the museum to have a glance at the history of Polperro, and you can see the scenic beauty of the Looe coastal corridor. You should never miss the Talland Bay it has the two sand and rock beaches which are amazing to look at and good for swimming and fishing as well. Most of the Cornwall most popular attractions are there at the looe and Polperro.

2. Botallack Mine:

It was the former tin mining area between the St. just in pen with and the Pendeen village, the place is naturally attractive, and it has many interesting spots where you can enjoy. It is one of the spots which you love to travel. You can easily travel the 1.6 km stroll through the Cornish mining world of heritage site without spending a single penny in your pocket.

You can feel the blue water, and the stone engine houses are crumbling previously nearer to the beach surfing. You can happily surf through the water. You can even see the Botallack Count House which is another attraction to the Botallck mine.

3. Porthcurno:

Porthcurno is one of the smallest seaside valleys in the Cornwall, and it slides towards the beautiful white beach. Porthcurno is precisely a two and a half mile away from the lands’ end. This was the pocket-sized point place which is having amazing scenery to see and also this was the place which played a significant part in world war two. It is having the submarines communications cable station at that time. You can visit the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum it’s perfect for kids who will love to have a glance.

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