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6 Super Ideas for a Pet Friendly Holiday

Travel Tips - Ross French - September 28, 2017


Cornwall, UK

Cornwall is a country that is located on the stunning Southwest coast of England and it is known for being very pet-friendly. You and your dog can travel along the South West Path that goes along the cliffs above the beaches and towns and has trails that take you down into the villages or through forests.

Many of the pubs, cafes, and restaurants will also allow you and your pet. There are many campgrounds, hotels, and other affordable options that are also quite pet-friendly.

Relax in Umbria’s Countryside

Umbria is a region in Italy known as “the green heart” and it is famous for its medieval towns, exquisite cuisine and tasty wines. In terms of accommodation, the best option is probably to stay in a dog-friendly villa, and there are plenty in Umbria.

Perugia is a pretty dog friendly place and there are several cafes, wine shops and even bars that allow them. Assisi has places that you can visit with your dog. The Abbey of Monte Casino is a rock terrain hilltop sanctuary where dogs are not allowed inside but the natural surroundings of the sanctuary are dog friendly.

You can take your dog anywhere in the town of Assisi including the Basilica of San Francesco. Don’t forget if you’re planning on taking your dog abroad that your four-legged friend needs to have a pet insurance policy which covers travel, the correct vaccinations and an up-to-date pet passport.

Explore the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands are comprised of five islands: Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney. There are dog friendly beaches and accommodations available so that your dog can be a part of your vacation. These islands are a walker’s paradise and there are many sandy beaches or open fields for your dog to play.

Trek In Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a pet friendly county in northern England that is filled with amazing scenery, small villages and it is filled with historical sites. You can take your dog to the Yorkshire Dales National Park on a leash as you explore the lush green meadows, plunging valleys, Viking heritage sites, Roman ruins, historic family estates and fortifications. There are plenty of accommodations that are pet friendly and you can easily rent cottages and villas with your pet.

Go on a Canal Journey

Canal Boating is a great way to travel with your dog and you can easily find boat rentals that allow pets. There are three thousand miles of waterways to explore in England. You could start in Cambridgeshire on the River Cam and then branch off into the smaller canals.

You can stop in historic towns like Bath, Avon or anywhere else that you can tie your boat up to. The boats come equipped with toilets, showers, sleeping cabins and you can even get kitchens on some of them.

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Aberdeenshire, Scotland is the home of Castle Trail where there are plenty of pet friendly castles to visit. If you do not have your own vehicle you can rent a car and easily follow the trail which is about 500km long. You can also find lots of accommodation and restaurants that are pet friendly.

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Three Beautiful Seaside Places You Should Never Miss Cornwall:

Travel Tips - Ross French - December 9, 2016


Are you planning to go out for this holiday, do you want to go the fabulous seaside places then the Cornwall is the perfect answers for most of the beach lovers.

The Cornwall is the fantastic place to have a glance at it was the ceremonial county and unitary authority area of the England which is located in the United Kingdom. It is the bordered to west and north by Celtic sea.

It was an excellent place to visit you can see the fresh water touching your feet and cool breezes touching your body and very next to you can taste the fresh seafood and beside that you can do the sunbathing, and you can do more.
Here I am going say the exciting and beautiful seaside places to visit in Cornwall for this holiday season.

So, let’s start exploring the places,

Seaside Places

1. Looe and Polperro:

The Looe and Polperro area is beautiful, and it is simply an eye-catching place where the travellers and couples want to travel in their holidays. Polperro is the place which lies just a few miles along the coast from the Looe. Looe and the Polperro are having gripping histories which are filled with the tales of the smugglers and pirates and the other fisherman who has walked throughout the shore of the looe alleys.

It has beautiful places you should have a glance at in looe and polerro. You can head out to the museum to have a glance at the history of Polperro, and you can see the scenic beauty of the Looe coastal corridor. You should never miss the Talland Bay it has the two sand and rock beaches which are amazing to look at and good for swimming and fishing as well. Most of the Cornwall most popular attractions are there at the looe and Polperro.

2. Botallack Mine:

It was the former tin mining area between the St. just in pen with and the Pendeen village, the place is naturally attractive, and it has many interesting spots where you can enjoy. It is one of the spots which you love to travel. You can easily travel the 1.6 km stroll through the Cornish mining world of heritage site without spending a single penny in your pocket.

You can feel the blue water, and the stone engine houses are crumbling previously nearer to the beach surfing. You can happily surf through the water. You can even see the Botallack Count House which is another attraction to the Botallck mine.

3. Porthcurno:

Porthcurno is one of the smallest seaside valleys in the Cornwall, and it slides towards the beautiful white beach. Porthcurno is precisely a two and a half mile away from the lands’ end. This was the pocket-sized point place which is having amazing scenery to see and also this was the place which played a significant part in world war two. It is having the submarines communications cable station at that time. You can visit the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum it’s perfect for kids who will love to have a glance.

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5 Places You Have To Visit On A Luxury Tour Of The UK

Europe - Ross French - October 3, 2015

If you are traveling to UK anytime soon, you’d best start planning the specific places that you should visit. For the luxurious traveler, this post identifies five of the best places that can be taken into account. From sumptuous accommodations to world-class restaurants, high-class shopping to top-notch bars these places will surely offer you with the most luxurious holiday.


For travelers who are looking for the most opulent accommodations in Edinburgh, some of the choices that can be considered include Rocco Forte Balmoral Hotel, The Scotsman Hotel, The Edinburgh Residence and The Caledonian. You can also opt to book with a luxury travel consultant who can organize your accommodation, itinerary and experience. If you want to try award-winning restaurants, visit The Kitchin or Castle Terrace. Of course you must complete your luxury holiday with a visit to the Edinburgh Castle, which is highly reflective of the lifestyle of the rich.


For the shopaholics, Cornwall is not to be missed because of the presence of different specialty shopping and high-end boutique shops. From black truffles to gourmet cheeses, designer bags to jeans from top brands, you can find them at Rock, amongst other high-end shops in Cornwall. When it comes to accommodations, you will be confronted with a wide array of five-star hotels or opt to stay in a self-catering luxurious cottage. If you really want to splurge, stay at The House in the Sea, a house situated on its own island and connected to the mainland with its own bridge.


When in Liverpool, there are many activities that can reflect luxury in ways more than one. For instance, you can book a yacht cruise during sunset and sip some champagne, fine wines, or cocktails. If you are going to do a Beatles Tour, take out the hassle of having to plan for everything by booking a luxurious chauffeured private vehicle on your way there. You can also visit open-air shopping malls with some of the most luxurious brands in the world. Do not forget to have dinner at Panoramic 34 or Chaophraya.


Considered as a cultural epicenter, London has gained reputation as one of the most extravagant destinations in the UK. The city is home to some of the best museums, art galleries and theaters in the world, making it perfect for the sophisticated traveler. To have an experience fit for a king you should hire a chauffer service, book a helicopter tour, stay in one of the many designer hotels, have a treatment in a lavish spa and eat in one of its many celebrity chef restaurants. There is no better way to explore the capital of England than book with a tailor made holiday expert.


This cosmopolitan city has a lot to offer for every lavish traveler. Head over to Granite Mile and you will be confronted with more than 800 shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. It also has a sandy beach, which is home to some extravagant accommodations to provide you with a more memorable holiday in the city. It is also a place with an abundance of preserved museums and world class art galleries with fine artwork collections. Whether you would like a chill or active holiday, Aberdeen offers the perfect retreat to travel in extravagance.

Image by Moyan_Brenn August Brill under creative common license


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