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Top Destinations to Visit in the Middle East

Middle East - Ross French - May 7, 2020

Most people think of the Middle East as just a place with sun, sand, and shriveled land, but there is much more in this enchanting land. From majestic historical ruins, magnificent architectural treasures to exquisite beaches, man-made marvel, and gastronomical delights, the Middle East is a treasure trove of beautiful destinations that should definitely be a part of any traveler’s bucket list. And what’s more, travel to most of the places is easy with frequent flights operating through Saudi Airlines. Here is a list of places that you should definitely consider while planning your next vacation to this mystical, ancient region of the Middle East.

Top Destinations to Visit in the Middle East

1. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The historic city of Jeddah was the capital of Saudi Arabia till 1982 when it was moved to Riyadh. Today, this culturally rich and beguiling city is the melting pot of all the races of the Red Sea. Often dubbed as the gateway for pilgrimages to Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina, the city has a lot to offer to tourists. Take a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Gate to Mecca, be mesmerized by King Fahd’s fountain, claimed to be the tallest fountain in the world, or simply soak in the balmy weather at the beach resorts up the coast.

2. Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Madinah, also known as Medina, is part of Saudi Arabia’s expansive desert terrain. It is second only to Mecca in terms of religious significance for Muslims, but it is one of the best to showcase the culture and traditions of Saudi Arabia. The city has a lot to offer to travelers – from ancient monuments to the cultural traditions of the land. A must-visit is the Masjid-e-Nabawi, where the Prophet has been laid to rest. The 7-mosques is also a place worth visiting. A small complex of six small mosques, it depicts the history of the place.

3. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, one of the most traveled destinations in Turkey, is straight out of a fairy tale where natural beauty blends beautifully with stunning historical monuments. Most popular for unique geological features called fairy tale chimneys, these swirling volcanic-rock landscapes swoon in tourists from all over the world. Some of the must-see places in this enchanting city are villages carved out of the hillsides, Byzantine-era rock-cut churches with magnificent frescoes, and a labyrinth of underground cities. A must-do while here is the hot air balloon ride to get a bird’s-eye view of the valleys and the incredible rock formations.

4. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo has millions of visitors all year round, tempting them with breathtaking architecture, grand historical monuments, and myriad archaeological sites. The Sphinx and the iconic Pyramids are a must-do when you are in the sprawling capital of Egypt. A visit to the vast Egyptian Museum, treasure trove of antiquities is a must-visit too. Also, be ready to be charmed by Midan Tahrir, called the “Paris on the Nile” and enchanted by Old Cairo, home to Egypt’s Coptic Christian community. The best part is that there are many cheap flights operating from all over the world to Egypt, making traveling easy.


Whenever traveling to the Middle East, remember to carry the required travel gear to make your holiday comfortable and hassle-free. The Middle East is a cradle of civilizations, home to some of the most spectacular places. Here, history is not written in books but littered in places all around. From the ancient relics found in Cairo, to the tombs and mosques in Madinah and Jeddah, and the volcanic-rock landscapes in Cappadocia, here is where you will find that the past is always present as history and is the heart and soul of the land.

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Most Peculiar Streets in the World

Destinations - Ross French - September 6, 2016


It’s difficult to envision what was experiencing the psyches of the planners that outlined a portion of the accompanying roadways, however they surely give an uncommon point of interest to muddled sightseers.

9 de Julio, Buenos Aires

This mammoth road is named after Argentina’s National Day of Independence and holds the qualification of being the world’s most extensive road. Bold people on foot need to cross 300 feet and nine paths of activity to get the opposite side. The center of the road offers splendidly manicured greenhouses, landmarks and squares where people on foot can rest and accumulate their nerves before proceeding to the opposite side.

Parliament Street, UK

Claustrophobics ought to avoid one of the world’s tightest road that measures 50 meters in length and is only 0.64 meters at its tightest point. Already known as Small Street, it was renamed after a development of the agents of the House of Commons. The real littlest road can be found in Reutlingen, Germany and measures only 0.31 meters in a few sections.

 Putrajaya, Malaysia

The world’s biggest circuitous does not feel like an indirect to drivers because of its sheer size. Ariel photographs demonstrate the genuine size of this tremendous circuitous that has a timberland at the inside. It is roughly 2.11 miles the distance around and is near the Malaysian Prime Minister’s office.


The Road to Giza, Egypt

The Road to Giza is more than 4,600 years of age and is the world’s most seasoned known cleared street. It was worked to permit the entry of building materials from quarries in Southwest Cairo to Lake Moeris. It covers an aggregate separation of seven and a half miles and has turned into a national historic point.

Gravity Hills, Various Locations

Gravity slopes are astounding areas were the laws of gravity don’t appear to apply. Autos left out of rigging will mystically move tough, and water will stream up the slope making no sense. In spite of their fame and apparently enchantment powers, gravity slopes are simply optical illusions where the encompassing scene makes a tough incline show up as is whether it is indicating downwards.


Each nation around the globe has its own style of laying out its city lanes, with a couple tossing out the principle book by and large. Irregular engineering is enormously engaging both vacationers and local people, and the majority of the previously mentioned avenues have earned themselves a spot ever.


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