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Can’t Sleep in a Hotel? 5 Easy Tips to Help You Fall Asleep

Guest Posts - Ross French - February 5, 2024

Imagine this: You just had a wonderful day soaking up the Destin sunshine. Skin tanned and salted, you arrive at your luxury beach hotel room ready to dream of pelicans and sea shells. But despite the sweet song of the waves in the distance, sleep slips through your fingers like invisible sugar sands. Sounds familiar to you? Welcome to the sand dunes of hotel insomnia, my beach-loving friends! You’re not alone: ??58% of cool beach holidaymakers are lost in this notorious desert.

But fear not, fellow daydreamers, we’re here to get through these dunes faster than a seasoned sandpiper! Our mission, if you choose to swim with us, is to provide 5 simple, foolproof tips that will send your dreams back into the peaceful harbor of sleep, even in unfamiliar hotel rooms. Get ready for valuable, beach-inspired, hypnotic wisdom that will have you ready to explore Destin’s creamy beaches after a restful night’s sleep. Then, you will hold the peace of the stars gently buried in a bed of sand at the bottom of the sea.

Tip #1: Make a quiet routine before bed

Oh, the beach trip! You know what combines the silence after a wave crashes, the sea breeze, and the peaceful sunset landing? They are Destin’s bedtime songs, nature’s own bedtime routine! And just like this soothing rhythm, your body craves stability, even as you move on to another amazing experience that you’ll keep in your hotel room

Creating a beach-inspired, relaxing sleeping routine is as important as having a reliable sunscreen in your beach bag, even when (and especially) when you’re heading to the sea of ??hotels in the unknown fabric. Your job is easier than a beach vacation at low tide:

Find peace in the chaos: Imagine your routine is the constant receding of the waves. Incorporate relaxing activities into your day, such as the salty sea breeze blowing through the palmettos. This can be a warm lavender-scented bath as if you’re drowning in a sea of ??sunshine or diving into a good book as the excitement of the day subtly fades

Mash the mute button on electronics: Now this tip is as important as a life preserver during a rip current. Avoid watching TV or scrolling through your phone for the precious hour before your head hits the pillow as hard as you bite the jellyfish! The blue glow of electronics is more stealthy than a cat watching your picnic. It tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, and throws your sleep cycle off course faster than a sand castle at high tide.

Remember, the appeal of this bedtime routine is its simplicity and repetition. Let the sound of the waves distract you from sweet, peaceful slumbers, turning those sleepless nights in the hotel into nothing more than a forgotten ocean story. Now, you’re about to meet an interesting player in the sex game – ever mesmerizing sex, day after day.

Tip #2: Make your hotel room as comfortable as a beach vacation

Remember digging your toes into the fine, powdery sand of Destin, enjoying the warm embrace of the sun enveloped by the sound of playful waves? That, my fellow beach fanatics, is relaxation at its finest! Let us recreate that beach tranquility in the center of your hotel room to help you capture those elusive Zs.

Like creating the perfect sandcastle location, it’s all about crafting an environment that sings a lullaby to your senses.

Dial in uniform temperature

Your hotel room should be as calm as a gentle sea breeze. Play around with the thermostat, and aim for a cool 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature for sleeping.

Expose the room to the night sky

It’s not just sea corals that rely on nightwear to work their magic – your body does too! Your sleep-wake cycle grows in the dark, much like a sea turtle lays its eggs on the beach in the moonlight. Our tip: Turn off all lights and snuggle under the covers, and if moonlight or city lights are streaming in, consider a sleeping cover or dark blanket.

Sail into a sea of ??white noise

Bring the tranquility of Destin’s shoreline into your hotel room with a mini beach concert: the melodious rustling of palm leaves, the quiet distant crashing of waves, or the gentle hum of a ceiling fan. At the very least use an app or white noise machine to drown out the sounds of a luxury hotel.

A sneaky trait to avoid

Now, even the most delicious shrimp and grits are ruined by over-seasoning. When it comes to a good night’s sleep, our secret antagonists are caffeine and alcohol. Drinking this beverage before bed is like inviting a fiddler crab into your plush beach blanket – it’s disturbing and it ruins sleep!

Making a sleeping sanctuary from a hotel room is as easy as taking a stroll on the beach at low tide. With these simple tweaks, you can awaken the power of Destin’s serene beach vibe wherever you go, ensuring every night is as relaxing as the stars basking in the morning sun Up next? How to navigate the afternoon waves of sleep!

Tip #3: Get through the sleep test of the day

Beach lovers, ever remember being lazy under a beach umbrella, the warm summer breeze tugging you right in the middle for a sweet slumber? That’s the siren’s sleep call. Unstoppable, right? Except when your eyes are wide open at night, when you’re in your hotel bed falling through the waves like a seashell.

You see, daytime naps and dreaming about the Destin dolphin show and beautiful ocean views may feel as natural as pearling in a clam shell but it can really mess up your body’s internal compass, for you the sleep-wake cycle is as much agitated as stepping on the deck of an early ship The earth dweller was launched!

Use solar energy

Embrace the refreshing energy of the afternoon. Stay active, explore your surroundings, indulge in every little beach activity like a restless dolphin riding the waves of Destin. Not only does this make your vacation memorable, but it also keeps tiredness at bay until it’s time for a night of rest.

Lead the sand dance

The key here is to get enough sleep at night so that the afternoon feels like a series of blissful moments rather than a painful abyss of exhaustion. Like an active seabird chasing a cat out of a picnic, give up sleep until night calls.

Wander off the road? Keep it short!

If you must buy the siren call of an afternoon napper – no worries shipmates, we all do it sometimes! Keep it shorter than the Hermit Crab Race – no more than 30 minutes. Aim for early afternoon to keep your leisurely evening stroll free of distractions.

In practice, shifting your focus away from daytime sleep will sincerely contribute to peace at night. Reveal like a calm low wave at night in your hotel room, wash away the day’s activities and transport you to a dream world as colorful as a beach sunset We’ll paddle to find more hidden grooves of sleep wisdom in our next tip–stay tuned!

Tip #4: Embrace the Sunshine Like a Beach Week Vacationer

What’s as irresistible as the sight of Destin’s glistening emerald waters under the sun? Well, it’s inviting the sunshine itself into your day! Let me enlighten you a bit (pun intended), beach wanderers. Sunlight isn’t just there to give that lovely golden hue to your beach-front selfies; it doubles as an essential ally for your sleep!

Simply put, sunlight exposure helps align your body’s internal clock—your circadian rhythm—much like a compass pointing north. Our mission, fellow sun worshipers, is to bask in this natural guide to improved sleep while looking fabulous in our beachwear.

Keep it Sunny and Bright

Think of sunlight as nature’s energy drink – rejuvenating, invigorating, and free of caffeine! Usher in the sun rays into your day. Start with a window-side breakfast or a walk around town. Drink in the light like a chilled coconut water on a hot beach day, my friends. Just don’t forget your sunnies!

Sunset: Nature’s Sleep Countdown

As the setting sun paints the Destin skyline with hues of orange and pinks, it’s also nature’s subtle cue that it’s nearly time to retreat under the covers. Ipso facto, rein in on bright light exposure an hour before bedtime – think of it as leaving your beach blanket just as the sun dips behind the horizon.

Bringing sunlight into your day to guide the sleep-wake cycle is as invigorating as taking a dip in the clear turquoise waters of Destin. Remember, beach people, a good sunny beach day is the gateway to a calm night. Next? We indulge in a fun twist on a consistent sleep schedule–stay tuned!

Tip #5: Leave bed for 20 minutes

Beach comrades, have you ever felt like an enthusiastic sea turtle, rolling around on a hotel bed, struggling to drown in a sea of ??sleep? Here’s a little treasure trove of wisdom for you: If sleep evades you longer than it takes to swing a palm tree 20 times in the wind, it’s time to abandon ship—or in our case, sleep!

Cocooning up in beach themed hotels is as inviting as shaking in the Destin sea breeze, but the minutes, hours and hours add to the frustration! It’s like trying to catch sand with a net!

Maroon the electronics

In this little haven outside the docks of your dreams, there’s a sneak hole pirate you must dodge. It’s your sleep hostage — TVs and smartphones and other blue-light devices. This enemy can interrupt your trip to sleep faster than a riptide! So, my nautical exploration discovery friends, let’s force these sleep-destroying pirates on a lonely island in the corner of the room!

Trading a game of chase sleep for a lighter, more mentally challenging activity can be like switching from a competitive game of volleyball to a gentle sunset walk on your favorite Destin desert Road peace in which to sleep better. So, get ready to start your next sexual enhancement with our next exclusive tip—check it out!

And so comes our afternoon trip to the beach to the sweet land of dreams in the hotel room. We went through the science of sleep like advanced sailors, chased sleepless sea monsters, and received valuable tips for relaxing in peace.

From mastering the beautiful waves in consistent days, navigating the treacherous siren calls of daytime, to harnessing the sleep-directing power of sunlit days we have learned too, the beach dear friends, what to do when sleep is as elusive as buried treasure – get out of bed, change the scene! Each of these tips shines like the precious crystal of a good night’s sleep.

So for you, oh brave explorers of the science of sex, spread the word like a flying cat and share this wonderful tip with every beach lover battling sex in hotels. come on! Let’s help turn every beach vacation into a great story of sunshine filled days and starlit nights sleeping beautifully!

Remember to dream your dreams on a sandy beach in front of my friends, and get on with our next adventure as we dig up more beach-related tips and tricks!

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