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Enjoy Your Royal Holiday Vacation Club At Its Many Safe Travel Destinations In 2023

Travel Tips - Ross French - February 16, 2021

Park Royal Hotels and Resorts sponsors the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. Their guests, who are international travelers are required to get the Covid-19 testing to be compliant with international travel laws. Today, visitors entering the United States or Canada must bring evidence of a negative Covid-19 test result before being allowed to enter the country. Continue Reading

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Richest Cities in the World

Travel Tips - Ross French - January 18, 2016


Check out the following places and include it in your bucket list:

Paris – France

Also considered as the fashion capital of the globe, this town is trendy and also the sixth richest economy of the globe. Capital of France, this town could be a primary rail, highway as well as air-transport hub that is served by two international airports. Continue Reading

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Interview With the Boys from Trourist

Travel Tips - Ross French - January 7, 2011

By: Lindsay Hogg

Find Out How the Amazing Interactive Site, Trourist, Got Started!

For those of you unaware, Trourist is an interactive site for travellers. You sign up, add friends, share travel destinations and read others tips on what to do when you go somewhere. Trourist also has sweet ass projects going on all the time that you can get involved in.

1. Firstly tell us a bit about Trourist. Where did the idea for your interactive site come from? It wasn’t just a hoax to make online friends was it?

The idea of Trourist came up while we were drinking a few beers. We were discussing what our plans for a university exchange program were going to be and we discovered while surfing on the Net that no web site existed where people could check out travel experiences with an international slant.

You could say that Trourist is more than just a mere travel social network; it’s a meeting point for those who want to link up with persons and those cultures and destinations they are travelling to.

2.  Who works at Trourist? Share an embarrassing fact about each employee… I don’t know if that’s legal, but do it anyways!

I have a pretty poor sense of direction. In big cities, even when I have a good map handy, I still get lost. Several times I’ve passed the same place I was at 20 minutes before. Even though … I won’t admit it …I prefer telling people I was just trying to keep in shape  ; ) -Imanol-

During a trip to Mexico I was arrested by local police, an experience which allowed me to spend a long night in a Monterrey jail getting to know a motle crew of inmates. The worst part? They took my beer.  😉 -Mikel-

Any time I’ve had a couple of beers and there’s a djeme (drum) handy, I won’t hesitate to leap on stage and jam with the band that’s playing.  -Jokin-

3. What is your new project ‘My Story to Tell’? Did you know there was going to be so many awesome people contributing?

“My Story to Tell” is an initiative launched by Trourist aimed at creating a collection of anecdotes describing cool journeys which represent a before and after in people’s lives. A Moleskine notebook published by Trourist will travel around the world for four months and record the anecdotes of 26 travellers.

We’re thrilled with the response we’ve gotten and the group of people who will be participating in this initiative. We all share a passion for travelling and are convinced that these anecdotes will be shared by people writing straight from their hearts.

4. What will you do if someone runs off with the Moleskine book? Will you break their legs? Or just write profanity on their blog?

Losing this small treasure would be a pity for everyone. We’re taking steps to prevent this from happening, but no one can guarantee against a notebook full of memories being left behind or forgotten at customs.

5. If I could buy you a beer anywhere in the world, where would it be? (This is a hypothetical question, don’t show up at that bar expecting a free beer, you might get kicked out for not paying).

I think I would head straight for that pub in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand where you’ve been serving up some pretty inviting drafts. Everyone I know who’s travelled there has come back raving so it’s in my Top 5 of places to visit. I’m particularly interested in crossing “Abel Tasman National Park” in a canoe.

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Travel News: Margyle on Foreign Relations

Travel Tips - Ross French - November 12, 2010


travel_newsBy: Margyle

I know it seems like every time I write it has something to do with Canada and I’m sure our readers probably get tired of hearing about it, but it should stop doing so many stupid things. I love my country but that doesn’t mean I can’t yell at it from time to time.

Take recent international boners for example. Over the course of a few weeks, Canada has managed to piss off the United Arab Emirates over letting some of their planes land in Canada more often. Whether in direct retaliation or ‘unrelated’, the UAE then nixed the free Canadian base used by the military for the Afghanistan war and now required Canadians to get a visa before traveling here. Be it a wee smidge of an overreaction on the part of the UAE or a justifiable response, I won’t engage in the finger pointing game.
Some experts near to the issue say ‘who cares… UAE is fading fast and it will hurt them by losing Canada as a friend and economic partner’ but this completely misses the point.

The bigger issue comes down to how a country and its people are perceived on the world stage. When your government makes some decision that affects trade or travel conditions for its citizens, you have to be aware that other countries might automatically assume certain things about you. Some people hold the attitude that you shouldn’t care what others think and do what makes you happiest but those people tend to be jerks oblivious to social propriety. With that segue in place, look at the way Americans are popularly perceived – pretty craptastically, which is often unfair and incorrect. You can say this is because of actual interaction with people, but a lot has to do with what their government has done.

It doesn’t mean every tiff with a country will lead to closed borders and prejudice, but it does mean you should keep yourself informed of what is going on in the world. As I write this, Canada is also mulling closing some of its embassies in Africa… a scary thought considering if something goes wrong, where are you to turn for assistance – not to mention a symbol of friendly relations between countries. You can’t control the jackassery of your government or the hissy fits of other countries, but you can be aware of what could await you before you get on a plane – because it can happen overnight.

In regards to it being harder to get into the UAE for Canadians, I personally don’t care. There are tons of other places higher on my list to visit. Besides, the initial snub by Canada was probably in response to the CN Tower being dethroned by Burj Khalifa. It’s all we have!

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